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one-man company

  • On the establishment of the one-man company in China and its future Posted:2009-03-17

    Paper Keywords: one-man company; established; ке Abstract: around one-man company established legislative sector has always had two different voices. The one-man company experienced a from the prohibit

  • The new amendments of the Companies Act and its impact Posted:2007-11-22

    On ABSTRACTOctober 27, 2005, 18 of the Tenth National People's Congress Standing Committee meeting examined and adopted the new amendments to the Law of the People's Republic of China. The amendments

  • Free and forced a company Posted:2007-11-22

    Company law amendment passed in October 27, 2005, increased the relevant provisions of one-man company, it is enjoy popular confidence.Before the amendment of company law, many scholars have advocated

  • On the transfer of equity and one-man company Posted:2007-11-21

    Abstract: between the shareholders equity transfer caused shares are concentrated in a shareholder, is the equity transfer contract is invalid or no company to survive?This is a difficult problem in j

  • On the "company" Posted:2007-11-21

    Abstracts: analysis of a company's concept, characteristics and classification. Combined with social realities parse the difference between one company and related enterprises. Such as: company and in

  • Research on the legal status of value analysis and regulation of one-man company in China Posted:2007-11-21

    [Abstract]: at present, all the countries in the world have revised Company Law, recognized by the establishment and the existence of one-man company.While in China the company legislation, in additio

  • On the one-man company challenges the traditional theory of company law Posted:2007-11-21

    Abstract: In this paper, from the history and legislation of the countries in the world to talk about, a brief exposition of the one-man company to the traditional theory of company law in the legal c

  • Regulation of a Swiss company Posted:2007-11-20

    [Abstract] this paper based on a brief introduction and comments on the history and current situation of regulation on a Swiss company's indirect support, from different aspects, theory and legal prov

  • Talk about a limited liability company system Posted:2007-11-20

    Abstracts One company is the company's shares or the assets attributable to the single shareholder company. It was originally based on a de facto rather than the statutory corporate form appears. As o

  • Analysis of the drawbacks of the one-man company and its system Posted:2007-11-20

    [Abstract] the vast majority of countries in the world have recognized the existence of the one-man company also has a great value. Departure from its basic theoretical analysis of the one-man company

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