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Break through the bottleneck of human power to create employment

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Abstract: the existence of the current employment environment: Economic and employment capacity atrophy, strong capital and weak human, the prominent problem of lacking distribution discourse right, forming a serious bottleneck in employment.Good employment environment is an important prerequisite for citizens to make a living and national development, is the population peak. Key problems of family and national development.Human resource limitation, low-quality low-priced abuse of human resources, will miss the workers' life development and national development opportunities.In order to solve the employment problem suggestion: to carry out sports activities.The development of intelligent industry. Labor activation of education, education to promote employment, improve labor quality; the use of information technology, dredge the channel of employment, efficient allocation of human resources; the human advantage, there is no exchange international, open up the international employment opportunities. Achieve national jump jump of world economy development, win-win.
Keywords: employment; human; education; intelligence; development of
The employment problem of the reflection of
Employment is the process of workers to actively participate in social and economic activities, share the survival development environment.Poor employment environment, the fruits of labor workers expected uncertainty, no long-term hard work motivation, induced by the pursuit of high profits in the capital, to the pursuit of short-term interests will be speculation, residents happiness index and the quality of the national economy will be reduced.
Good employment environment is an important prerequisite for citizens to make a living and national development, is the key problem of our country population peak personal, family and national development.The land reform, the countryside, enterprise restructuring and the recruitment and employment dilemma of our major social and economic problems are focused on employment.
Analysis of the employment problem in our country at present, the three aspects of pressure is very prominent:

Economic capacity of employment atrophy, employment policy not to build good employment platform.

80's of last century, China's economic growth rate of 9.3%, employment growth rate of 3%.The 90's of last century, the economic growth rate of 10.4%, employment growth rate has dropped to 1.1%, with the growth of the economy, the economic capacity of employment declined by 2 / 3.
In recent years, all levels of government introduced a number of preferential policies to promote employment, such as government purchase of jobs, to hold free recruitment, encourage entrepreneurship, employment unemployment relief workers, especially network.These policies play an assistance and soothing effect on the unemployment of workers.But, not expanding the capacity of employment from the source, the government promotes the employment policy is high voice, a weak effect in market economy. Only by the policy aid unemployment, employment difficulties personnel, is an utterly inadequate measure.Therefore, China's employment situation is still grim.China's population and labor force size, economic growth can not be ideal to promote employment growth, the unemployment population peak of the scale is too large, not only affects the economic development and social stability. Also inhibits the improvement of people's living standard.

Two strong capital and weak human situation. To promote the inhibitory effect of human resources for development.

In the market economy, the capital owner and enterprise operators powerful alliances, to obtain most economic results.The workers as the economy vulnerable groups, government and policy without support and protection, polarity will promote severe repression of human resources for development.Expensive medicine to bring pressure to survive, high prices will bring living pressure, educational high consumption brings development pressure, in the embezzlement of development to their survival and development rights.Education, housing, medical care insurance before, after, the stock market, the housing market will. Inhibition of the employment motivation and entrepreneurial idea.
The capital and inducements, managers and workers to pursue short-term wealth maximization, rather than labor efficiency maximization, social development direction deviating from the ideal of human.Human resources only decades aging, not in time to play an active role in the development of workers, in decades young period of die.According to the prediction of 20L 5 years Chinese labor population will reach the peak, then gradually reduced.The world's population aging country, human resources are scarce, our eyes have been facing recruitment difficulties, labor population peak in the past, manpower supply problems will be more serious.Three workers lack weights. Returning migrant workers formed "shortage of migrant workers".

China has been "shortage of migrant workers", and the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Bay and other economically developed areas, recruitment difficult problems appear even the Midwest labor output big province..Shortage of migrant workers "has become the bottleneck of human resources in the economic development of our country.
Workers without income security without discourse right, is the major reason for "migrant worker shortage".In recent years, many enterprises are the rapid development of economy in China, more than 10 years the average monthly wage growth of less than 100 yuan, has been hovering in between 600-1000 yuan, a lot of work time beyond the provisions of labor law, wages are much lower than workers psychological bottom line, do not sign labor contract, the labor environment is bad, the wage is serious, many due to the lack of basic social security, resulting in a large number of migrant workers, the formation of "shortage of migrant workers".
The employment foreground how from the source to protect the labor rights and interests, increase the power to promote employment, is for China to break through the bottleneck of major initiatives to create employment, human resources power.

(a) to carry out sports activities, improve the quality of employment.
Labor-intensive industry while expanding the capacity of employment, but the labor-intensive industry extensive, slash-and-burn cultivation, low-quality low-priced, will waste the scarce material resources, low-skilled, low wages, inefficient use of human resources, leading to low quality product dumping and "shortage of migrant workers", seriously undermine economic development.Intelligence intensive industry can improve the economic benefit and can improve the quality of employment.The development of intelligent industry, is China's social and economic development by leaps and bounds.
The development of intelligent industry, first of all to guide people such as education, advocating the creation.The government in the policy of income distribution and social status determine the machine, family, school and enterprise develop labor experts and technical personnel, encourage workers to improve production efficiency and product quality.Strengthen the government fiscal and social capital, such as the Olympic action at the same place, invention and labor skills competition activities, carry out the national mass, people echo labor skills contest, invention and innovation rating and other intelligence activities.Through the improvement of labor skill enhancement employment ability. Through the deepening employment levels to improve the quality of employment and labor income, improve our products and service quality.A virtuous cycle to achieve the depth of high quality production and employment, between economic efficiency.

(two) labor activate education, improving labor quality.
In China, the shortage of construction funds, per capita less material resources, human resources has great potential.Extensive economy of our country with cheap labor, high material costs of support, bring technological stagnation, the waste of resources, inferior products such as dumping negative effects.Foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses only, to strengthen the human resource development, improve the quality of workers and skills, turn the population pressure into motive force, can continue to benign economic development.
Improve their employment skills, to reform the exam-oriented education system, eliminate the monopoly of education and education consumption.Break from school to go to school jingyuanshi supply pipe of the teachers, from the labor practice first line selection teacher. A national chain school promotion labor skills, fast popularization of labor skills and innovation, labor skills combined with production practice.Science and technology to the practice of athletics, improve the effectiveness of education, labor skills and labor performance evaluation of the social status of the workers and the value of life. The formation of the spontaneous voluntary education to accept the social fashion.With labor activate education, education to promote employment, improve the labor quality and national economic quality.

(three) the use of information technology, efficient allocation of human resources.
The era of knowledge economy, the economic competitiveness of enterprises no longer depends on enterprise assets and business scale.The transformation of international competition is competition from material resources competition to the human resources.
Therefore, dredge the channel of employment, expanding the capacity of employment, to set up base social interactions of human resource matching, measurement, evaluation and public system, the use of modern information and network technology, the establishment of national and regional human resources information center, improve human resources information network. Ensure the symmetry of information between human and capital, investment and profit the.Break the space limitation, use the website, TV or text messages and other forms of publishing job recruitment information - government. Job seekers, enterprises and training institutions through information networks. Higher education collection, analysis and use of labor market information and reduce employment cost of recruitment, efficient allocation of human resources.
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