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Application of TRIZ theory in the innovation of computer science and technology professional talents in

Author: LiuXinSheng From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-12 08:03:38 Read:
Abstract: in order to train IT talents with innovation, Heihe University, Department of computer science and technology from a theoretical innovation in the process of teaching, the specific implementation measures for raising the innovation consciousness, innovation ability, research from the medium range of innovative talents ability, obtained certain result.
Keywords: TRIZ; innovative consciousness; innovative ability of

Entered in twenty-first Century, technical innovation of our country is very important, a country to strong, must master a number of core technologies, due to historical reasons for the generation and development of the computer, computer technology center of culture in Europe and America, we want to quickly master the core of computer technology, a pressing matter of the moment is to cultivate innovative talents in computer science, innovation ability, therefore I culture to make some new attempt in the aspects of creative talents: to cultivate creative consciousness, creative ability, we must first cultivate students innovation consciousness, improve the students' ability of creative thinking, to enable students to master the innovation system theory and method, skilled use of innovation tools etc..
To cultivate a sense of innovation, professional and technical personnel of innovation ability, rely on a few times innovation technology lectures, do a few times report will not play a big role, to form a long-term mechanism to innovation education, forming a good atmosphere, so in the aspect of training innovative talents, we mainly from the following on key to catch:

A choice theory innovation, cultivation of innovative teachers

TRIZ theory is the former Soviet inventor Archie Schuler in 1946, the 2500000 extraction of invention patent in 2000000 summed up the 40 inventive principles, 39 general engineering parameters, thus establishing the.Theory of inventive problem solving ", is currently recognized as the intelligent theory, it is the solution tool, is actually to solve the contradiction between the tool.The 40 TRIZ in the theory of inventive principles applicable to theory innovation, management innovation, technology innovation, in Microsoft, Samsung, NEC and other large companies repeatedly see outstanding service, and the theory of innovation to improve and expand further in the United States of america.Heilongjiang province in 2007 by the national Ministry of science and technology innovation as the pilot province, Heihe city is the innovation of science and technology demonstration city, take the lead in the base country held the first TRIZ theory seminar, in our hospital from 2008 April also established the theories of national level TRIZ.And TRIZ innovation theory training to all teachers, improve every teacher using theory tools of TRIZ and application of TRIZ innovation theory in practical work, so we in cultivating students' innovation ability is chosen on the basis of theoretical tool TRIZ based application research, exploration.

Two understand the innovation content, stimulate the students' enthusiasm for innovation and

The mention of innovation, the students tend to understand the manufacturing for the design of new technologies and new products of the invention, think that scientists, see the words', we in the "Introduction" course in computer science and technology to increase the "computer and innovation of science and technology" content, enhance students' understanding of innovation includes understanding.In the teaching process, we put the theory of TRIZ system in five levels of innovation includes one one lectures to students, let students understand the innovation is not only the new technology and new products of the invention, innovation, some small technical innovation, product appearance design optimization, software interface optimization belong to innovation, at the same time, we list a lot innovation example, guide the students understanding of innovation.Such as the use of "local characteristic" principle of usB interface, ergonomic keyboard, maintenance toolbox, use "combined" inventive principle to produce CD Po, computer anti-virus software system, using the "multifunctional" principle of invention invention remote controller with infrared (to do pointer), printer with scan, fax and copy function etc., these have innovation, in addition, to make the students understand the innovation aspects of innovation, not only the production of new products, both the original innovation, there are theoretical innovation, project innovation, application innovation, improvement and innovation, technology innovation, integrated innovation, method innovation, the introduction of digestion using the innovation.
"To have opened this course students of computer and technology innovation" content of the seminar.
To declare the necessity of patent innovation proportion data indicates that the innovation of China's 2007 using in the lecture, arouse students' enthusiasm for innovation.For example: DVD technology is a Japanese technology patents, and we Chinese are the production of DVD in the world, but our company last year exported to Europe and the United States of 1 DVD, the cost is $12, is required to pay the Japanese technology transfer fee of $18, and we export 1 DVD sold for $31, US $1.Seen from this example is not difficult, who master the technology innovation, who master the core technology, who is active.
Then we list the computer hardware, software technology innovation cases, to enable students to understand the innovation is the things around us, we only need to constantly, everything carefully, to master the technology and some new ways of innovation, it is not difficult to do.Knowledge of the content system of three, closely curriculum, using a variety of teaching methods, the formation of innovation atmosphere

Curriculum system of knowledge innovation ability training.In the aspect of teaching, all teachers according to the present market demand of IT industry and the status of teaching and scientific research achievements, sit to reasonable layout, demonstration of the teaching content, reflect the characteristics of new knowledge and new technology, make the connection among the courses of more scientific and reasonable, training objective knowledge system of textbooks embody innovation ability, fully embodies the individualized training target.As in speaking interface, we use the TRIZ theory of inventive principles and contradiction matrix from serial to parallel, and then to the uSB interface, about USB interface from the PS / 2 interface keyboard and mouse, from the hard disk IDE, SCSI to SATA and so on; and if in the solution of linear equations about the calculation method, from the order of Gauss elimination algorithm about the main elements of the Gauss elimination algorithm, let the students in programming comparison of two algorithm structure, cultivate the sense of innovation in contrast, improve the ability of innovation.For every course that every teacher should always permeated with the sense of innovation education, not deliberately to pursue this kind of education and teachers, teachers and students feel very natural.
Teaching method is flexible, rich culture, fully reflect personality ability, innovation consciousness.Although with the deepening reform of quality education in university classroom teaching, the "spoon-feeding" cramming education phenomenon has been greatly improved, but in order to complete the teaching plan, the teacher tells the way of teaching or the protagonist, therefore, we make full use of cyber source, using the system teaching website and answering email, the curriculum resources in advance online, this inquiry "in the classroom", "discussion", "problem research" teaching method can be fully used.The problem of the creation of scenarios, and then use TRIZ analysis, to identify the corresponding general engineering parameters, using the contradiction matrix to find the solution of inventive principle contradiction, this way of teaching to fully mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of students learning, training students' individual ability and innovation consciousness.
To carry out a variety of extracurricular activities in science and technology, develop students awareness of innovation, improve innovation ability.In the course of teaching, we pay great attention to the "curriculum design" teaching, deepen the "teacher-led, student-centered, to train ability three bishops for the purpose" of the concept, in the training of students' practical ability, the teacher is the observer, the help and the designer's role, as students, they is the subject of learning.
To form a good atmosphere of innovation, we carried out rich and colorful second classroom.Comprehensive design of open experiment, "mathematical modeling activities group", "design team", "animation team" and other extracurricular technological activities, the students' innovation consciousness, innovation ability can be improved significantly, the school once a year "Mathematical Modeling Contest", "design competition", "courseware design competition", "teaching competition" activities for the students to provide a display of self, embodied innovation capability stage.

Four TRIZ innovation theory education using

In order to further improve the students ability of innovation, only innovation consciousness is not enough, should also enable students to master a new tool, so we set up for students "application" TRIZ innovative tools for the course, a thorough explanation on the theory of TRIZ, the use of specific methods and theoretical study of TRIZ in our hospital development of the TRIZ theory tools give students a detailed explanation, to enable students to know how to solve the problems in the US
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