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Design salary marketing personnel of Technology Service Enterprises

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Abstract: with the development of technology service enterprises, marketing personnel salary design more and more attention.Technical service enterprise salary scheme experienced: pure wage, salary bonus, salary commission, salary commission bonus, salary bonus, team based on the Balanced Scorecard performance evaluation of fixed salary adjustment of the development and change of the floating wages, various compensation scheme has its advantages and disadvantages, only the concept of management combined with the actual business, in order to design a suitable marketing personnel salary plan of the enterprise.
Keywords: technology service enterprises; marketing; compensation

One, foreword

With the development of China's economy, more and more technical service enterprises have gradually emerged, they don't produce a specific kind of, but to provide a variety of technical services, solutions and other intangible product.Technical service enterprises often have the core talents who master professional skills, focus on technology research and development, focus on independent innovation, and some even have independent intellectual property rights.
Technical service enterprise products tend to have higher, difficult to imitate, customer groups for the technical demand for high-end customers.The marketing personnel and the general marketing personnel, in addition to have good communication skills and marketing skills, also need to have products and related professional knowledge, which can accurate understanding of customer needs, and customer needs to convey to the R & D department, provide targeted services to customers.Often many technical service enterprise marketing personnel is the compound talents by the professional and technical personnel and training transformation marketing aspect to.For this kind of personnel salary plan set has become a problem for many enterprises.

Compensation scheme two, several lucky enough to meet the analysis of

Technical service enterprise nature tend to state-owned and foreign.The establishment of technical strength based on the state-owned scientific research institutions, foreign institutions.The different characteristics of the enterprise, design for marketing personnel salary is also different, we have the following several common forms of analysis.
(a) pure wage
Under the planned economy system, technical services for many enterprises and institutions of state-owned scientific research institutions, wages by the administrative budget, salary scheme for pure wage scheme according to the rank grade.It makes the marketing personnel income security, contribute to the team, help to develop long-term customers, helping to reduce short-term profit-oriented behavior.But with the deepening of reform and opening up, this has nothing to do with individual performance pay can let a person feel treat ungenerously excellent performance and good performance is bad, will not only reduce the pioneering personal, enthusiasm and will reduce the overall marketing team, the compensation scheme has gradually been "replace salary bonus" scheme.
two) salary bonus
This scheme, marketing personnel can timely receive wages, but also because a certain amount of marketing and a bonus, for the income not diversified marketers have some incentive effect.Money makes up the shortage of pure wage is timely, double incentive to the marketing personnel of a material and spiritual.As a result of this scheme is to mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees so as to improve the enterprise as a starting point.Therefore, there are still some traces of pure wage scheme.Bonus and sales-related marketing staff does not close, with rising sales, incentive is actually falling.Especially at the later stage of the state-owned enterprise bonus eventually became the enterprise for a general staff general incentives, and gradually into the domestic market to foreign competition, "salary bonus" scheme has also lost the first competition.
(three) salary commission
This scheme first adopted by foreign enterprises, some domestic enterprises are also gradually introduced.The biggest difference with the "salary bonus" scheme is not issued and sales bonus, and the Commission issued is closely linked with the sales.The solution is to make sales percentage percentage as commission, together with payment of wages.The marketing personnel have stable income, and maintain a high incentive to the marketing personnel.Wages and the proportion of commission, and the commission percentage of sales is the need to continue to explore in practice, but also to maintain the relative stability of salary plan in a certain compensation period.For the higher visibility, management system is becoming more and more mature, customer base is relatively stable business, its sales to a greater extent from the enterprises overall planning and promotion of investment, the low pay commission, to help enterprises to maintain and consolidate the market channels and existing customer relationships, maintaining internal stability, conducive to the stable development of enterprises.Conversely, if an enterprise is at the starting stage, need to rely on the marketing staff to visit customers to open up the market, or is the product nature of the need to continue to explore new source of customers, to maintain close contact with customers, with low wages and high percentage of salary system can stimulate the enthusiasm of the marketing staff.State-owned technology service enterprises are emphasis on scientific research, marketing investment is weak, the marketing personnel commission ratio relatively pay attention to the marketing of the foreign-funded enterprises is low.
(four) salary commission bonus
This compensation scheme takes into account both "wages", "Commission", "bonus" three, in sales as the main evaluation index, using the commissions and bonuses to promote sales work at the same time, increases the safety of marketing personnel, improve their loyalty to the enterprise, the long-term development for the benign development of sales and enterprises.
In the technical service enterprises, because of the marketing personnel's professional technical ability request high, marketing staff and R & D personnel is also scarce resources.And with foreign enterprise competition, marketing personnel will by comparison, consider the current enterprise income is reasonable, but also with other staff to determine their own enterprise, the pay is worth it, so it is necessary to pay to maintain a certain level, "salary commission bonus" for compensation scheme more competitive.
(five) wage team bonus
"The Commission" is usually associated with individual sales-related marketing, cultural enterprises difficult to implement the team cooperation, so many large enterprises into the technical service team bonus.All marketing staff as a whole, the sum of income, each employee's income according to the contribution of total contribution ratio calculation, the formula is: the individual team bonus = total bonus x (personal contribution / all contribution).Bonus according to the percentage of sales extraction.So, not only to guide the staff team cooperation, reduce the pursuit of enterprise damage short-term interests, but also embodies the principle of more pay for more work, can increase the sense of belonging and enterprising occupation.However, the individual contribution ratio to determine how to objectively measure, need further standardize enterprise.
(six) fixed salary balance scorecard performance appraisal adjustment floating wages based on
The balanced scorecard is established a complete value chain based on the strategy and performance management tools, four dimensions of the index balance between short-term and long-term, achievement and motivation, internal and external balance.The Balanced Scorecard indicators from the enterprise level decomposition to departments and individuals, and decided to enterprises, departments, individual KPI performance evaluation results of fixed salary and floating salary based on compensation design, is now a popular.
The enterprise, departments, individual three KPI complete results, additional weight set according to different departments, different ranks, and calculated that the performance of individual.The rank is higher, enterprise KPI proportion is higher, the Department KPI, personal KPI accounts for the proportion is low; the rank is low, the proportion of individual KPI higher, KPI, KPI accounts for the proportion is low.According to the total performance of individual scores, adjust the fixed wage growth ratio and the calculation of floating wages.This kind of salary calculation method of enterprise, Department, three organic combination of individual performance, solve the conflict between business interests, departmental interests, personal interests, to achieve the interests balance.The marketing personnel's performance requirements to write to the KPI index, scalability, operability enhancement.At present, the world 500 strong enterprises is almost used this scheme, some domestic enterprises also referenced in gradually from.

The end of three,

With the continuous innovation of management idea and method, design and marketing personnel salary plan will continue to update.There is not a set of scheme is universal, only the management theory combined with practice of enterprises, in order to design a suitable marketing personnel salary plan of the enterprise.
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