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Discussion on the rural logistics organization reengineering

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Effective logistics management has become the third profit source of enterprises'".Due to the development of information technology, a significant feature of the organizational structure of the modern logistics enterprise is the network operation and electronic commerce. The mode of intelligent organization structure flat possible.This trend will strongly influence the direction and progress of rural logistics organization structure.Mainly includes the rural logistics organization structure reengineering, agricultural products logistics process reengineering, organizational restructuring of rural logistics, rural logistics organization reengineering the so-called rural logistics organizational infrastructure modernization.

, rural logistics organization structure reengineering of

Due to the rapid development of information technology, the development of rural logistics organization structure to flat type intelligent structure direction.The basic characteristics of intelligent information management flat:
(1) powerful technical platform support.Rural logistics organization structure reengineering requires a technology platform to a higher level of intelligence, the technology platform should have such basic functions: multi protocol information access; the intelligent information classification and recognition; automatic issued the corresponding delivery instruction; the automatic notification agreement third party; automatic management supervision orders issued; the cyber source sharing the customer information monopoly agreement.To achieve efficient, rapid, accurate operation of the entire logistics network platform.
(2) flat type intelligent management.Because of the technology platform, the transmission of information to a minimum, shorten the whole process of vertical management of logistics network.To form a flat management structure.At the same time, all the information is collected to the technology platform, centralized automatic processing by the center, to realize intelligent control, so that the entire logistics network become a flat type intelligent management architecture.
The current situation of rural logistics is: many participants, quality is uneven, without a public information system for many players use and platform, but also has no powerful enterprises to integrate.According to the present situation of rural logistics organization structure model and change of modern logistics organization structure, the organization structure of China's rural logistics organization should pay attention to solve the following problem:
(1) the integration of marketing channels.Eliminated through policy guidance and market of agricultural products, market participants and channel organization optimization, in order to use less of social human resources, supply and demand docking better goods and services.
(2) the authorization problem.Because of the integration of the internal organization structure, enterprise logistics management trend toward more centralized direction.However, along with the network applications and distributed information processing development. Requirements for authorization, logistics functions to manipulate.
(3) the management of personnel involved in the scope of Logistics: in traditional organization structure, business departments to carry out the day to day operation, but the function department in the planning and supervision.Modern logistics organization, management personnel at all levels is also involved in planning and operation.
(4) the team spirit.The Internet is not information network to ensure operational effectiveness and coordination.Logistics enterprises organizational structure change, provide sufficient space for development to each participant. It also requires each player to have cooperation and team spirit.
(5) the learning organization.Logistics mode from integration to supply chain management, from the plane to three-dimensional management transition management, enterprises are facing more complicated and changeable, have higher requirements for the ability of adaptation and competition ability of enterprise.The enterprise must be a learning organization, to adapt to the changing external environment requirements.
For the external environment, more emphasis on organizational socialization problems, through the integration of logistics enterprises and resources.Reduce the intermediate link of agricultural products logistics, reduce the number of transactions and transaction costs, improve business flow and logistics efficiency.Public logistics established mass open effectively, and business information platform, information sharing.Reduce the information loss and distortion.To provide true information for producers and consumers.

two, agricultural products logistics process reengineering of
Agricultural products logistics process reengineering is actually based on the enterprise internal logistics system optimization and (or) external channel integration, to provide more comprehensive supply chain solutions, so that the integrated logistics is the integrated supply chain.That is to say, through the mobilization and organization of enterprises and has the resources, capabilities and technology of complementary service providers, the integration of social resources, through the business process reengineering the logistics business process can be optimized, make full use of full sharing of logistics information, logistics resources.
L, business process reengineering of target
Internal business process reengineering is essentially through the various technical means and methods of continuous development of innovation (such as the Internet and information technology, CRM, ERP and other management technology), the enterprise ability together, create a business process of a comprehensive solution, so that the optimization of system operation.The process reengineering of logistics enterprise has three goals: to enable customers to obtain value-added services, that all efforts must be focused on the value of customers; conducive to work efficiency of logistics; through a comprehensive process, achieve maximum output with minimum input.
The basic content of
2, internal business process reengineering
Process reengineering should be combined with the characteristics of rural logistics base, application based on Internet technology, information transformation of rural logistics business process, in order to adapt to the requirements of high efficiency and low cost, to coordinate its basic content includes six main business process connection: order management, warehousing and distribution, transportation and delivery, returns management, customer service and data management and analysis.
(1) order management.This service includes receiving data, order, order confirmation, transaction processing (including credit card settlement and credit business processing).
-- order source: when the enterprise receives an order, the enterprise logistics system should be able to automatically identify the source of order and order statistics, customer is the means by which (telephone, fax, email etc.) completed orders.When all this work is finished, the system will be automatically according to the inventory search order goods whether there is current inventory.
-- payment processing: submit orders in the customer, also need to enter the payment information, logistics system should be able to automatically handle credit card payment and credit.If the payment information customers to fill out the error, the system will promptly notify the customer to make changes, or other suitable means of payment.
-- and processing order confirmation: when the payment information for the customer has been processed, the logistics system will confirm the information for the customer orders.After all this work is ready, the logistics system of customer orders will be formatted, and will send the order to the distance of recent customers warehousing center:
(2) the warehousing and distribution.Including:
-- sorting: when storage center received the order, according to the order content assume sorting, packing and transportation task.
-- inventory management: warehousing and distribution centers are also responsible for inventory management and inventory replenishment work, and by the enterprise logistics service system for monitoring, and can provide effective inventory management information, to enable enterprises to maintain a reasonable inventory.
-- and shipping: this step includes the management of transportation, such as the implementation of transportation demand, design of transport routes, transport, supply of goods through the Internet real-time status tracking service.
(3) return management.Returns management business to undertake cargo repair, repackaging and other tasks, this process needs processing a return authorization certification, sorting can repair damaged goods, goods, processing.
(4) customer service.Customer relationship management services including pre-sale and after sale service, also including customer telephone, fax, e-mail reply etc..Treatment includes inventory information, the arrival of the goods at the time, return information and customer feedback.Customer relationship management is not an isolated business process, is closely related to the work and order management, warehousing and distribution, transportation, returns management etc, need to support each other.The enterprise should call center has the ability to provide services through internal or external customer relationship management all the time to the customer.
(5) data management and analysis.For the customer to submit Ting, enterprise logistics system has the ability to analyze data, have some depth analysis report.The analysis of information can help enterprises to grasp the market dynamics, in order to adjust the marketing strategy of the current.
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