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On reengineering the bank: China's commercial banks ways to improve the comprehensive competitiveness

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Paper Keywords: Bank reengineering business process reengineering organizational structure reengineering business scope recycled
Abstracts: To improve the overall competitiveness of the bank towards Mixed inevitable requirement for China's financial industry. Reengineering the bank is a more in-depth transformation of banking operations, which includes business process reengineering, organizational structure reengineering and scope of business reengineering. Articles starting from the actual situation of China's commercial banks, how reengineering the bank to make recommendations accordingly.
Reengineering the bank connotation
The so-called bank recycling, recycling thinking the master that Michael Hammer and Champy discusses the standardized definition of reengineering the bank: bank in order to obtain cost, quality and speed performance dramatically change as the core business processes, the fundamental rethinking and thorough redesign. Reengineering the bank is not a bank restructuring bank mergers and acquisitions, restructuring because the banks or bank mergers only to reflect the reorganization of assets, did not touch business processes. Bank restructuring or merger can truly reflect the effectiveness of internal restructuring that after the reorganization and acquisition. Therefore, it can be said, banks are recycling more depth banking business transformation. It seeks to break the bank a long time based on the traditional business processes, rigid organizational system, through a strategic alliance of banks and enterprises, the establishment of a core resource-based virtualization organizations. Achieve new competitive advantage.
Second, the need for reengineering the bank
1, the trend of economic integration, information technology. The network economy is built on computer networks, especially the Internet based on an economic form is dependent on the network. Because the Internet is no time and space, geographical constraints, the global economy really integrated transaction of any economic entities worldwide, the process of production and consumption in the network under the terms of trade are harmonized. Bank as the central part of financial intermediation in the economy, and its requirements in the technical and institutional changes to adapt to the same network economy, thus becoming one of reengineering the bank's external motivation.
2, the change of the technological innovation. Network economy era of technological innovation has three characteristics: First, innovation fast; technological innovation by the one-time innovation converted to a series of innovative, jointly promote each other; technological innovation by individual experts innovative shift to collective innovation. In changing the driving force to promote the technological innovation in the network economy under the conditions of the new system embodied in the evolution of the institutional framework of social and economic infrastructure. In such a technical environment, reengineering the bank to become the technological innovation driven inevitable.
3 Bank of competitive structure and changes in the way. Development of network technology, the standardized online transactions as well as the introduction of the security infrastructure, making the field of traditional banking is no longer into the barriers at all, blur the boundaries between the banking industry and other industries, the banking industry in addition to the face from the same industry. between competition, may also face competition from small technology suppliers or communications giant. On the other hand, competition in the banking sector will be a significant change, the original way they compete mainly is С to, while in network economic conditions, competition in the banking sector, the way will be "quick wins slow to move the system static.
4 bank changes in customer demand. , The banking industry has long been a typical oligopolistic characteristics: risk aversion, the product of a single, standardized interest rates and prices, limited cost control and product innovation, and undifferentiated customer service. Market forces in the context of the Internet, the customer with information expansion and access to information J decided Jie improve continuously enhance the diversification of customer demand, personalized service mode, the increasingly high demand for banking services. Banks to adopt a product-oriented business strategy and the original mode of operation is not feasible, the banking industry must adapt to changes in the customer service model.
Third, the bank recycling content
Reengineering the bank's main contents include business process reengineering, organizational structure reengineering and business scope recycling. Business process reengineering is the core and foundation of the organizational structure and recycling is the key, the operating range of recycling is the inevitable trend of business process reengineering and organizational structure reengineering, these three levels is progressive.
1, business process reengineering. The so-called business process is the flow of the work (Work Ilow), is a dynamic process of transfer or transfer between the business and the business, business process reengineering is the optimization of this dynamic process, is a core part of reengineering the bank due to banks the homogeneity of the product, the bank with the bank the difference is actually derived from the respective business processes, which makes business processes become the main factors affecting the competitive advantage of the Bank.
In the traditional functions of the division of labor, a complete business process often split apart, not only led to the bank staff skills to become a one-sided development machine subsidiary, but also makes the transactions between the various business units increased costs. Banking business process reengineering is divided fragmented business processes directly against it in accordance with the type of customer, the type originally dispersed in the work of the various functional departments re-assembled the most conducive to the operation of customer value creation process, so that the bank can effectively to meet the requirements of the market. The aim is to rebuild a complete and high efficiency of the new process, specifically includes the following aspects:

(1) the establishment of a "one-stop" customer-centric, full-service and personalized service. This is the core requirements of the business process reengineering. Closed-end the static management mode of commercial banks must abandon past 'self-management ", the management of the center of gravity is adjusted to" to facilitate customer-centric ", that is in accordance with the requirements of the customers and to provide customers with the most convenient and the most quality service idea to re-design the business processes. foreground business division, addition, bank, business process design should reflect its flexibility, a distinction must be made between the different customer base effectively allow "one-stop service" for the benefit of bank customers, due to due to design different versions of the process, only to provide personalized service and a wide range of personal financial products portfolio of the bank will be affected by customers of all ages.
(2) the creative application of information technology, intelligence, digital bank management. Creative use of information technology to maximize the integration of traditional work in the banking business process reengineering, reengineering the bank most challenging. Whether it is a "one-stop" service or "personalized" services, the creative application of information technology is the key. Business process reengineering requires banks to the use of modern information technology to completely refurbished business processes, beyond the current China's banking on IT is mainly limited to the preliminary text, data charts stage of processing, intelligent bank management, digitization. ABC 95599 online bank is the extensive use of a variety of cutting-edge information technology developed a comprehensive, multi-media customer service solutions. In order to truly achieve "customer-centric, market-oriented, science and technology has opened up a new way to support" the goal.
(3) to achieve breakthrough reengineering and continuous improvement of the combined business processes. Chinese commercial banks are currently facing the external macroeconomic policy and economic environment within a short period of time there will be no big change, the improvement of the internal management than a day, so you want to take advance of the overall design, step-by-step, through the continued continuity improvements, optimization of the business processes, improve relationships with customers, improve operational performance, to build the bank's competitive advantage, the smooth development.
(4) Bank business process reengineering addition to highlighting the core business processes should be gradually introducing the concept of "outsourcing". The bank outsourcing is requiring commercial banks to the effective use of their own core competencies, focus on strategic aspects, general business to an outside company to do. The bank's core capabilities bank financing capacity, product innovation ability, the ability to sell, as well as some unique service means and so on. Some low value-added, can no longer embody leading-edge business processes, such as non-financial services, logistics, staff training, science and technology development and business process outsourcing.
Banking business process reengineering is a chain decomposition of the original business of the Bank in accordance with the scientific method, but in terms of our current economic situation, business process reengineering should follow progressive ideas. Quite different because of regional differences, different economic entities, serious dual economic structure, resulting in the bank institutional change can not quickly and completely unified. With the rapid development of the network economy, the bank will show coexist traditional business and network business, business process reengineering in the period of time will be reflected in two business processes coexist in the same bank within. Therefore, the existing bank during business process reengineering process, should deal with the issue of convergence between the original traditional business, it is necessary to adapt to the needs of the network of economic development, to establish the appropriate business processes should remain with the traditional business phase supporting business processes, under the premise of improving efficiency while maintaining stability.
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