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Residential area commercial building space design techniques

Author: ZhangZhiYing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-10 09:50:20 Read:
Abstract: This paper presents the design principles of commercial buildings within the residential area, the external space, on this basis, elaborated within the residential area commercial buildings, the external space design techniques.
Keywords: residential areas, commercial buildings; Space Design

I. Introduction

Residential area commercial building design lies in two aspects: First, how to maximize the use of space and create Smart space for shopping, leisure and communication; how to create a pleasant outer space, to attract more customers into the commercial building the commercial buildings and residential area environment perfect fusion. Visible residential area key to the design of commercial buildings are designed with architectural space are inseparable.

Two residential zones and commercial building space design principles

(A) the internal space design principles
Sequence. In a commercial environment is not only related to the spatial variation of factors, relationship with the time factor, organizational space sequence space should be arranged and time has combined with organic. In addition, taking into account the line of sight of the people in the movement requirements with the aid of the classical gardens of the King, by the King, the box View, Folder View practices, so that the interior design of commercial buildings to achieve the effect of the scenes in different.
Spatial dynamics. That the original structure of the commercial space is inherently and potentially a variety of functions, with sufficient flexibility, when external changes automatically cause the internal structure changes, in the case of the same structure, spontaneously adjust the spatial organization of content and play potential for a variety of functions, to obtain the to adaptively relationship to each other with new features.
The space effective use. Residential area commercial construction as an important part of the real estate development doomed to limited space must make full use of to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of commercial space in order to achieve maximum profit and value. The effective use of space can be achieved through a variety of design tools. Such as active partition or activity ground to form a smooth and varied interior space.

(B) external space design principles
Note that the level of space. The emergence of the external space inside and outside the commercial building space transition has a rich sense of depth and space progressive sense. Through the residential areas and urban space is introduced to the commercial building space to commercial space to expand, and will help to improve the scale of commercial space, reducing the sense of oppression of people in crowded shopping, thereby improving the quality of the shopping environment and commercial space .
Alternation of attention inside and outside the space. Commercial building exterior space presented fusion, penetration, dynamic spatial form tend to bring urban and commercial buildings the unusually dramatic spatial effects, creating a colorful space atmosphere. In the external space design, commercial building, alternating outer space tends to be "soft" to avoid "blunt" space alternately attracted people psychologically uncomfortable.

Residential area commercial building space design techniques

Architectural space inside and outside of the points, the internal space is for some purpose with certain substances in materials and techniques from natural space enclosures, generally refers to by the construction entity, such as walls, roofs, columns and other structural members enclosure made of space, including the construction of indoor space, but also from the inner courtyard surrounded by construction entities within markets, this space has a certain closed. External space relative to the internal space, separated by the Building entity out of the outdoor, belonging to the urban public space.

(A) interior design
Enclosed and open transform. The specific design of the residential area within the commercial building space can be flexible partition elements of the design techniques of transformation. Such as two or more interior space, in the middle separated by a flexible movable partition or partition: pushed to get through, develop together the whole space; repeatedly to collapse go, became separate several spaces, etc., and by the change of the height and width of the partition and the close relationship to adapt to the different activities of residents in commercial buildings psychological changes.
Can also be separated through the the indoor moving parts, facilities and furniture to be flexible. In addition, residential commercial interior design should minimize the display area, the use of pipe, sheet metal and transparent material props emphasize its permeability, flexibility in terms of physical space and visual space. In order to adapt to changing consumer demand and market residential area commercial buildings should meet as much as possible so that the limited space in the case of function use smaller, to create a lively, transparent, open effect.

(B) The vertical height difference changes
Setting of the height difference is an effective means of processing space, the height difference can be used to distinguish between different areas, ground elevation changes to highlight and change the space characterized by marked from one space into another space, in space create a secondary space, but maintain its visual and spatial continuity.
Commercial construction design of the interior space in residential areas, the height difference of design techniques to achieve the internal space of the second division, to achieve a particular spatial effects. Such as the use of steps to deal with changes in the level of the ground, connected to the level of the different spaces to create the line shape of the mobilized people. Can also talk about the steps as rest facilities, especially in the multi-purpose space and space is limited. Can also use the ramp connecting the height difference different interfaces, the advantages of the ramp is more humane, not only to meet the barrier-free design can also be slow residents shopping fatigue, inadequate occupying larger a centralized commercial building in a residential area To be used with caution. (C) Note that space level changes
Residential area commercial buildings were modest, but the interior space should also have a certain sense of hierarchy, resorted to the space in front of the screen is now too simple, and near, medium and far views change. Cut off, green, elevation settings can increase the sense of the level of the space, to achieve "one view per step" effect.
The residents behave continuity with the complex requirements of the residential areas within the commercial building space continuity and permeability. Certain space through the internal space separated, mutual penetration, rich interior space-level changes. Only full of life when the internal and external will have life. Internal spatial processing can set the middle of the two spatial Gallery or doorway, making the space formed penetration, resulting in rich layers of space. Also be interspersed with green softening medium penetration, better create multi-level space mutual penetration, and form infinite feeling of far-reaching. And take advantage of the height difference change in our rich level space approach, the elevation change of the space to change the line of sight and visual psychology, increasing the sense of the twists and turns and mystery of space.

(D) make good use of transitional space
Overhangs within the space of commercial buildings veranda space, the eaves space as well as the architecture space belongs to the the transition gray space. Such space so that the interior space of the building outward expansion force, generate internal cohesion and external space, strengthening the combination of space inside and outside the building, greatly strengthen the affinity of commercial buildings. Commercial building design in residential areas, in particular, pay attention to the application of the gray space to strengthen the penetration of the inner and outer space, necessary transitional space as residents shopping space, not only the the import residential area and urban landscape to attract visitors, but also become the business of residential areas the building extending outward space, derivative and expansion of commercial activities. Induced stagnation shopping behavior and attention, a residential area commercial buildings and residential areas within the interaction, attract residents to enter commercial buildings, commercial buildings and urban space has also been dialogue, and truly become the center of the community-based activities and exchange.

(E) the external space design
1 Set Commercial Plaza
Commercial building located at the intersection of the road edge, then the build-up of the flow of people and evacuation traffic import sparse lane intersection sight distance and traffic safety barrier, there must be appropriate buffer lots. Can take advantage of the slope of the ground, lifting or fall, combined with the population space formed inlet Commercial Plaza. Commercial Plaza for flow distribution, but also the stage of the business activities of its relaxed atmosphere, free and lively form of entertainment can be held beyond the purely commercial function and attract customers, and enhance the vitality of the city public space.
The 2 streets concessions
Living close to the road and commercial buildings in the street on the edge of the parallel street to exit the "private" massive falling within the scope of the property line or linear space, it is to reach a building with residential areas and urban linkages intermediary environment, at the same time but also by the public transferred to the "private" transitional space.
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