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On e-commerce solutions for international trade analysis

Author: LiuMiao From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-10 08:17:29 Read:
Paper Keywords: international trade e-commerce meaning
Abstract: China International Electronic Commerce market has not develop in isolation, according to CCID Consulting releases 2007-2008, China's e-commerce market research annual report, in the next few years, China's e-commerce market will remain more quickly momentum of growth, by 2012 the market size is expected to nearly 10 trillion yuan. Judging from the e-commerce trends, with the more mature e-commerce applications, and market demand will change from dispersed aptitude concentration of development, industry and regionalization of the e-commerce platform will cause the attention of the industry. The rapid development of China's e-commerce in international trade in the context of the new economic era, gradually revealed its important position. In real life, the problems and challenges facing the development of e-commerce is not exempted, but the analysis for the solution of the problem is imperative.
First, the meaning of e-commerce
E-commerce from the the English Electronic Commerce, abbreviated as EC. Contains two aspects of electronic commerce activities. Is the use of simple, fast, low-cost means of electronic communication, both buyers and sellers to conduct various business activities are not met. E-commerce through a variety of electronic means of communication to complete. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and In-ternet to complete. Especially with the increasing maturity of the Internet technology, e-commerce development will be built on the Internet technical.
From the point of view of trade, e-commerce is divided into two levels, the lower level of e-commerce, such as Electronic Business, e-commerce, electronic contracts; most complete and most advanced e-commerce should is the use of the Internet network to all the trading activities online information flow, business flow, capital flow and logistics to achieve That is, you can search for customers, has been to negotiate, order and pay online (income) shall be open, according to electronic invoices to be completed over the Internet as well as to the electronic declaration, electronic tax.
To achieve a complete e-commerce also involves many aspects, in addition to buyers, sellers, banks or financial institutions, government agencies, certification bodies, distribution centers and other institutions plus talent . As the parties involved in e-commerce is physically not met each other in e-commerce, online banking, online electronic payment conditions and data encryption, electronic signature technology plays an important indispensable role.
Second, the reality of the international trade environment analysis
Traditional domestic trade enterprises before China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) by the national policy support and protection, to enjoy International Trade franchise. Lying on the policy under the umbrella of the companies have a natural advantage, it is difficult to reflect their competitive advantages and technological advantages, the lack of vitality of the market.
However, with the internationalization of China to speed up the process, the advantages of traditional trade policy a fundamental change in the traditional trade enterprises are facing competitive pressures and technological advantages of large foreign enterprises facing severe challenges: (1) import and export privileges of unilateral; (2) because the competition has led to the decline of the domestic competition;; (3) the quality of customer service requirements; (4) the loss of professional talent.
The 21st century, electronic information widely used in the world, the rapid increase of productivity and the accelerated pace of communication, provide technical support, but also for the emergence of electronic commerce and international exchange of organic links, and other aspects of the business integration development. Third, international trade, e-commerce solutions
Several major international e-commerce solutions include: contract management, product data management, process management, customer management, supplier management, business management and knowledge management.
Contract management: the standardization of enterprise contract management, the key is to be in accordance with the laws of the country by the relevant authorities and departments of electronic contracts allowed to be modified accordingly to identify and project approval. Based development principle as far as possible to avoid friction with the national laws.

Product data management: according to customer demand, but also according to their technology and business development needs, the use of reasonable resources to optimize the quality of service, so as to highlight the competitive advantage. Independent product classification, to avoid complicated repeated classification of different partner Classified quote, effective management of the different currencies, to facilitate business summary and statistics.
3 Process Management: business processes using state-of-the-art international workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) standard workflow technology. Effective monitoring of business processes.
Customer management: traditional trade customers scattered in the hands of business people, it is difficult to achieve unified management and integration of customer resources, once the movement of persons, the amount of customers will be affected, and thus a direct threat to the efficiency of enterprises. Management directly to customers combined with the electronic archiving system, so as to provide some value-added services, to deep mining customer value, can also be a long-term partnership, effective control Yat Siu risk and credit risk.
5. Supplier management: do wholesale model based B2B business system is also of the entire supply chain services in this mode. Traditional corporate mass production of goods, an order may determine the one million production of goods, and then into a unified time to focus on delivery. E-commerce can still be used in this way, but not the most scientific. B2C e-commerce is the most scientific way is demand forecasting, replenishment mode, this traditional businesses will face a big challenge. But for traditional enterprises to expand their own e-commerce, found that only rely on this model in order to achieve efficiency optimization goals, improve inventory turns foreign trade enterprises through the establishment of related sites take the initiative to publish the supply and demand information, two-way communication and exchange with customers in a timely manner, with the help of network to promote their corporate image, expand the corporate reputation, and gradually the use of this state-of-the-art e-commerce tools to enhance the international market competitiveness.
6. Accumulation of knowledge management: the use of platform experience, combined with the practical management, improve the business environment for the knowledge economy. Effective solution to the lack of management.
IV Summary
Enterprise, not just the manifestation of the effective, but also bear the responsibility for social development, traditional values ??are gradually embodied by the impact of emerging technologies, competitive, and want to continue the use of new technologies perfect to support in order to continue to create new benefits. As of the end of 2008, China has 100 () more than 000 enterprises have become or are becoming users of e-commerce, the SME network access rate of close to 90%.
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