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On the trend of the development of international trade and China's development of trade measures to be taken

Author: LvYongQing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-09 22:07:43 Read:
Papers Key words: international poverty prone to develop trend measures
Abstract: The 21st century, China's foreign lean face the challenges of the knowledge-based economy will inevitably, therefore, should be to grasp the new trend of development towards a knowledge economy era of international trade to take response measures in line with China's national conditions, to promote China's foreign and easy to lean development.
, The new trend of the era of knowledge economy development of international trade
(A) international trade has entered a new round of growth, trade, economic growth even more prominent role
In 2004, the name of a global trade in goods grew 21%, reaching? Its highest level in five years. The strong growth of the world economy and international markets for energy, raw materials driven by demand for commodities and the depreciation of the dollar and factors under the influence of global goods and services trade volume in 2004 of nearly $ 11 trillion, the growth rate reached 20%, maintained a high growth . The growth rate of international trade for more than the growth rate of world production, leading to the rise of the world's dependence on foreign trade in varying degrees.
(B) the developed countries as the center of trade patterns remain unchanged, China has become the growth of international trade "bright spots"
The United States, Japan, the three major European economies, both the world economy a major force in international trade predominates. Developed countries through regional trade cooperation and control of the multilateral trading system to dominate the international trade order, and most of the benefits of trade in international exchange.
China is the most prominent in recent years, growth in international trade "bright spots", the performance of China is not only the share of the total global trade and ranking rising, and the incremental contribution of global trade. more significant. Since its WTO accession in 2001, China's ranking in global trade rose a speed increase. In 2004, China's foreign trade volume reached 1.1548 trillion U.S. dollars, surpassed Japan to become second only to the United States, Germany's third largest trading nation, accounting for 6.4% of the world's total trade in goods and incremental 20%.
(C) the multilateral trading system is facing new challenges, rising worldwide momentum of regional economic cooperation
The new round of WTO negotiations since the start of the slow progress, after the failure of the Cancun meeting in 2003, the negotiations once trap people stagnation state. August 1, 2004, the 147 members of the WTO agreement reached on the framework of the new round of multilateral trade negotiations, but the content of the agreement is more principles and general, each member in agriculture, non-agricultural market access issues such as soil there is still great differences. At the same time, regional trade arrangements as the main form of regional economic cooperation to accelerate the development and showing a lot of new trends. First, the rapid development of regional trade arrangements. The second is a major trading power with the initiative in the pursuit of regional trade arrangements. Third, a further rise in the proportion of regional trade arrangements between members of the trade.
(D) international trade structure to the high-class, trade in services and trade development in the ascendant
Upgrading and upgrading of industrial structure of the international trade structure rely on each other, the following two prominent characteristics from its change trend. First, along with the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure countries, the rapid development of global trade in services. The structure of the industry, trade in services are increasingly inclined to the financial, insurance, telecommunications, information, consulting and other new services to the transport industry, the tourism industry's share continued to decline; share on the geographical distribution of trade in services in developing countries continue to expand, particularly notable in East Asia. Greatly improve the status of high-tech products in trade in manufactured goods, especially in information and communication technology products fastest growing export.
(E) the trend of trade and investment integration, multinational companies increasingly leading role in global trade
First, multinational companies have become the core strength of the global allocation of resources. World of multinational companies has reached 62,000, they not only have the 1/3 of the world production and 70% of technology transfer, more control over 2/3 of international trade and foreign direct investment of 90%. Second, is the basis for international trade by the comparative advantage into competitive advantage mainly to a number of multinational corporations and the ability to integrate resources in an international context. This means that the international competitive advantage of a country, the more you can be more integrated the resources of other countries in the international division of labor. Third, the pattern of international trade is dominated by the inter-industry trade diversion intra-industry trade, intra-firm trade. Mainly as intermediate products, the increase in the proportion of parts and components trade in international trade. Multinational industrial transfer continues to accelerate, the proportion of processing trade in the international trade continued to increase, and has become the point of growth of the foreign trade of developing countries. As the world's largest developing country and the third largest trading nation, China's processing trade accounted for the proportion of total trade reached 48%, accounted for half of the country. (F) trade liberalization and protectionism struggle intensified, trade barriers tricks one after another
Driven by economic globalization, the world economic exchanges become more frequent, the greater the possibility of expanding international trade, trade friction. At present, the economic imbalance of the economy, the competitiveness of the industry and trade structure, regional trading blocs exclusive distribution of benefits polarization and economic and trade issues politicized are caused by an important reason for the endless stream of trade protectionism.
Second, the measures to be taken of the development of international trade in China
(A) to improve the quality of foreign trade aspects of change. Actively develop on external trade, promotion of foreign trade by the number: increase mainly to improve the quality of the main changes. Shift in trade patterns do: to optimize the export structure, to its own brand, intellectual property rights and marketing focus, guide enterprises to enhance the overall competitiveness; actively expand imports, the implementation of the basic balance between import and export policies, play imported promote role in China's economic development.
(B) actively discuss and solve a variety of trade friction. First, we must use the the multilateral rules shellfish U deal with trade disputes. With stakeholders to strengthen the co-withered unitary has been together, strive for more support. The second is to do a good job bilateral trade friction major cases should discuss. Into further improve trade friction early warning monitoring screen, the close trade friction with the latest trends, the foresight and initiative of the enhanced response. Third, in accordance with the use of trade remedy measures to protect domestic industries. Further improve the production "seal member Hazards early warning mechanism, grasp the expansion of industry security database the deep carry out investigation and evaluation of industrial competitiveness.
(C) further strengthen intellectual property rights. First, grabbed from consciousness, the whole community fully aware that in the new situation, the importance of intellectual property rights, intellectual property strategy as an important development strategy of the country, to a high starting point, new ideas, but also to cut to the "real "Department. The second is to further strengthen the leadership and organizational construction of intellectual property rights, to create a favorable policy environment, built an effective incentive mechanism, protection to encourage enthusiasm for inventions activities; necessary to improve the system of protection of intellectual property rights, property rights to strengthen protection.
(D) information, the application of technology in the field of international trade has become increasingly prominent, one of the most typical application of e-commerce. According to data released by China's authoritative survey CCID Consulting, China's e-commerce transactions in 2006 has exceeded one trillion yuan of work, which is 3.6 times that of 2003. China's Internet Society DCC working data center survey report shows that in 2007, China's B2B e-commerce transactions per cent growth over 7325 transactions now mode reached 1.25 trillion yuan. China's e-commerce step into the growth stage.
(E) improve the overall innovation capability is the most important is to strengthen the capability of independent innovation capability of independent innovation has become an important indicator to measure a country's economic strength. Only on independent innovation continue to occupy a prominent position in the country, to a place in the world economy. Only focus on training, to support the capability of independent innovation of enterprises, in order to make our country an invincible position in the world trade market competition.
Third, the conclusion
These new trends in the development of international trade on trade and economic development of the countries in the world have had a profound impact. China wants to become a real powerhouse of trade also faces the export product structure is irrational, escalating international trade friction, timely and effective protection of intellectual property rights are not many difficulties.
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