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About reconstruction of PA core areas with the same engineering insurance companies in China

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Abstract: after joining the WTO, in order to obtain the competitive advantage in the open market environment, Chinese insurance company must carry out enterprise reengineering.The core areas of China Insurance Company reengineering the business process reengineering; to ensure the efficient operation of the new process, must also be strategic reengineering, organization reengineering, reengineering and concurrent engineering information communication.
Keywords: the insurance; business process reengineering; business process; organization structure; information communication
China's accession to the WTO, opening up financial markets continue to speed up the pace, the insurance industry is one of the highest degree of openness of financial sector.The insurance industry as an emerging industry in China, only more than 20 years of development history, whether in the management experience, management method or the capital scale, with foreign have the obvious gap between the hundred years of operating history of large insurance companies for decades or even.In the face of strong competition, new competition, domestic insurance companies want to continue to occupy the leading position in the domestic market competition to occupy a space for one person, and in the international insurance market, we must launch a "revolution", enterprise reengineering.
. The theory of business process reengineering of the basic idea of
The basic idea of business process reengineering theory can be summed up as: (1) the customer is supreme.Profit depends on the enterprise satisfaction to customers, customer demand determines the content and way of enterprise management and target.Enterprises through the implementation of "customer first" business ideas, a full range to meet specific measures of customer needs, quality service to the competitiveness of enterprises, to achieve their own survival and development.(2) the people-oriented.Can improve and give full play to the initiative and creativity of the staff, has always been a very important factor to determine the enterprise's management idea, organization structure, operation mode and business process.Business leaders model should pay attention to improve employee satisfaction, good listening and communication the opinions of the staff, so that employees to achieve a balance between economic and social needs.(3) complete transformation.To break the old, inefficient management system, rebuilding new management procedure, the original "Pyramid" type bureaucratic organization system for the transformation of "flat" organization system, the rigid organization into flexible organization, the division of labor and the hierarchy to cooperation and coordination, business process and organization structure to enable enterprises to form the environmental changes responsive, and realize the efficient operation of enterprises.
two. Chinese insurance company reengineering core area of
The core of enterprise reconstruction is the business process reengineering to customer satisfaction as the goal.Business process reengineering, is to the change of competition environment and customer demand, the original business process is "a fundamental rethink" and "radical redesign", it emphasizes the "process-oriented" instead of "function oriented", is a major breakthrough in the theory of the traditional division of labor, the a new idea for enterprise management.
Business Process Reengineering of the insurance company refers to according to the customer, will be scattered in various departments work, according to the most conducive to the creation of customer value operating flow reassembly, fundamentally on the working procedures and the original business process outsourcing, compression and integration.Therefore, the insurance company's business processes can be divided to create value for the direct customer service process and support process for creating value activities service background.
The former mainly includes: the process of exhibition industry, the underwriting process, loss prevention process, claims process; the latter may include: management flow, financial flow, product development and design process.The ultimate goal is to establish the customer satisfaction as the core business processes.
In order to achieve the above objectives, the insurance company of business process reengineering should follow the following principles: one is to take the customer as the center.That is according to the customer demand and the most convenient and most quality service to provide customers with new design ideas, the process, set up to the fastest speed response and meet the working mechanism of the changing needs of our customers, improve service level and market competitiveness radically.The two is a process, not heavy divisions and functions.Business process reengineering emphasizes "organization for the process and decide," rather than "process for the organization", to process as the center, to design the business processes.Then you need to set the appropriate departments according to the.The separate departments merger and integration.Three is the "breakthrough" reconstruction combined with the "continuity" reengineering.Although the business process reengineering lays great emphasis on the "fundamental", "breakthrough" and "complete", but we can't deny.Due to the impact of the macroeconomic environment and policy environment, business process reengineering can not accomplish at one stroke.Reengineering activity itself is a long-term, continuous and gradual process.Therefore, the insurance company for business process reengineering should adhere to the overall design, step by step, through continuous improvement.Optimization of the process parameters, improve operational performance.
The insurance company after reengineering business process compared with the original process should have the following characteristics: (1) of the new process management to decentralization, employees have a self decision-making power.The new process will be the original division operation is compressed into continuous synchronization process.The flat grade management system of vertical original, the original need layers of report and request.It can be used by individual decision.(2) the new process of production and service function of diversification.This diversity is reflected in the insurance company's product, is how insurance companies through technical means of constraint liability exemption projects to expand the scope of insurance liability, the insurance product protection function and investment, financial management and financial services connected.Or will the nature of the same or close to the product design in a comprehensive policy for product innovation.The ultimate goal is to implement the maximum convenience to the customer, make customer satisfied with the business philosophy.(3) the new process can go beyond the organizational boundaries to complete the work.In the traditional process.Between the internal organization and external enterprises, between internal departments have a behavior right boundaries.Greatly reduces the efficiency of process operation.After the process of transformation, in a convenient, efficient principle, can transcend the boundaries act, such as insurance companies could auto repair factory for the loss.In order to reduce the work link.(4) in the new process, saving the cost of audit and supervision.In the traditional process, due to the implementation of the principle of the division of labor.From the design of insurance to promotion, from the need to insurance claims, layers of audit, road monitoring.But the new process, the process management to decentralization.Emphasis on self decision, compression process, and reduces correspondingly the cost supervision and examination.
three. Synchronous Engineering Chinese insurance company Reengineering
The synchronization of business reengineering is refers to the enterprise in the complete transformation of business processes at the same time.In order to ensure the efficient operation of the new process, must be in the future development strategy and the clear enterprise, organizational restructuring and business process to adapt to the.And can communicate each process using information technology, reduce the cross connection between departments, improve work efficiency, reduce the cost of recycling.
1. development strategy reengineering
According to the characteristics of the insurance business.With the new business process.Reengineering the development strategy of China's insurance industry should include the following content:
(1) the market expansion strategy.China insurance regulatory departments shall, according to the situation.Appropriate to relax the conditions for Chinese insurance companies to set up branches.For 3 - 5 years to make branch joint-stock Chinese-funded insurance company to all provincial capital city and the East, the central region 1/3 prefecture-level city.The initial formation of Chinese-funded joint-stock insurance company's business network.To expand the market share of Chinese insurance company.
(2) the capital advance strategy.Capital is not only the insurance company to survive and develop, but also in the open market to ensure the competitive advantage of a country's Insurance must.At present the domestic insurance companies, capital strength is weak, can take in the short term to expand the scale of capital measures are: one is through the listing and financing.To raise large amounts of capital in the short term.In order to improve the capacity and solvency is to attract foreign investment.Strengthen the domestic insurance company capital; three is according to the international practice, gradually expand the source of capital at the same time, broaden the channels for the use of insurance funds, insurance funds to get the most value added.Enhance the development ability of the company in the future business.
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