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Building the integrated value of the space design techniques of the

Author: QiuPengCheng From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-09 12:54:33 Read:
Abstract Based on the analysis of the design of the building complex space, the building complex urban open space isomorphic space design techniques, in order to achieve space and urban space of the building complex symbiotic communion.
Keywords: building complex; open; isomorphic; Space Design

I. Introduction

City building complex is not closed self-contained system, building complex corresponding to stem the city extends to a variety of space, interspersed, penetration, form a varied and orderly space system, combined with the external spatial system, Therefore, for building complex space research has important practical significance.

Second, the building complex spatial design analysis

(A) Wai and architectural space through
The permeability in the horizontal direction. Glass, partitions, portico material to the horizontal direction of the division and the limited space, the formation of a wide range of visual permeability; using multiple glass not only to the interior, but also to another indoor space and beyond courtyard View penetration.
Perpendicular to the direction of penetration. Space penetration means not only mutual penetration within the same floor space, but also by the stairs, split-level atrium space inside the building space between the upper and lower layers and even many layers interspersed with each other to obtain the vertical direction of the space penetration effect.
Horizontally, vertically, double penetration. Cause this infiltration is often used in court, ramp or even a combination of design elements of the atrium and ramps, the penetration maximum extent this dual direction reflects the fluidity of the space, is a typical reflection of the building complex spatial characteristics.
Osmosis inside and outside the space. Building complex of indoor and outdoor spaces blend with each other interludes, can not be separated. Protected from the weather, the building complex is often made of glass arcade street partial or full coverage, so that these outdoor spaces with a lot of interior space characteristics. Leaving a large space inside the building or patio, decorated trees, water, creating a mood of outdoor space.

(B) the handling of the transitional space
In the building, because of the multiple functions of the division of labor and Contact, there has been a lot of transition areas, the full significance of the simple traffic exchanges is not a transitional space. Transitional space is an edge, meaning rich, full of uncertainty District City, blend a variety of information here.

(C) set aside the growth of space
Although we are in the design of the building complex, the application of appropriate scale, taking into account the possibility of self-regulation in the future, but the future expansion of the building is still potential to the inevitable, stay out of the construction of additional room for alterations, the building has The growth may be necessary. Leave room for design, development can spread the Na capitalize on the trend of building free, get more use of space at the same time, further complete the building space overall shape.

Three-building complex spatial design techniques

(A) building complex space open
Space within the building urbanization
Cantilevered portico. At the bottom of the building incorporated into the processing, forming both within and outside the fuzzy space, conducive to attract visitors and promote the business functions at the bottom of the play. City building complex building more than 1-2 layers of commercial facilities in the form of the arcade, especially in the hot and rainy in the southern city, a guarantee to the merchant's business does not ask off,} two in the commercial area of ??the high cost of land to secure The upper part of the space utilization. The same time, the design of some of the old town of the city building complex, in the form of the arcade, also contributes to the coordination and symbiosis of old and new buildings.
Bottom overhead. The use of the means of the structure, digging building the ground floor of the whole or part of the space, the formation of urban space through the penetration, usually the pillar layer of space form, and some for large, column-free space. Compared with the colonnade form, overhead means the formation of large-scale urban public space, the introduction of a large area of ??green, leisure facilities, a peaceful place to rest in the hustle and bustle of the city. Overhead technique commonly used in the construction of office complex, because the underlying economic value of this type of construction is relatively low, take the initiative to create urban space can bring more popularity to the upper floors.
Indoor Square atrium. Square introduction of the indoor space. Blend of outdoor space flows, the role of open and aggregation in turn the stability and sense of security of the building interior space in one of the forms of space. Usually a public activity center link at the bottom of the building as a whole and knitting the various functions of the complex internal space and traffic flow line to join the various functional building, a complex urban spatial form. Atrium to create a unique form of an external space both isolation and integration, outdoor space formed inside the building.
Back sets and a roof garden. Retire handling because there is no structural limitations, but also to create a three-dimensional open space, which provides the open landscape and the fun of traveling, and thus very popular with people welcome. In addition, the stepped building has a great influence on the ground urban space, it is often a means to resolve conflicts on special occasions. For example, in the case of large building density sunlight, a sense of openness; another example of rich cities contour, change the space enclosed effects. (B) Construction of external space urbanization
Exterior spaces are also part of a building. In the external space design, "a book, Ashihara Yoshinobu call it" without a roof construction, urbanization to reach the space outside the building, the usual design methods are the concession, Weiheshi and walk-through.
Concession style. Take the initiative to city building complex to exit land red line a distance, the formation of the practice of urban public space in the front of the building. This will not only meet the passenger evacuation, and also avoid the influx of large numbers of people the street; the other party, but also increased the level of urban space, enrich the content of urban space.
Weiheshi. "U"-shaped enclosed produce an inward outdoor spaces. Enclosed by clearly defined space, and because the nature of the urban public space open side is connected to the city, is very common in the city building complex external space design. "Mouth"-shaped enclosure four sides by construction entities enclosure made of, is the strongest building limited space. In this manner should pay special attention to the processing of the openings. Because they are the only point of contact for the space and the city. "L"-shaped enclosure that is, remove the "u"-shaped wing formed two sides open external space. Enclosed by only two edges affected by the construction clearly defined, while the other two edges of relative obscurity, which has a great deal of flexibility.
Through the style. "Crossing" type has three roles: First part of building land back to the city; increase in building public to play a more important role in the social life; building as attractive as possible to stream directly commercial interests. It avoids complex building because of the lack of thinking on the overall structure of the city, too much attention to the design of the street facade, while ignoring the creation of the internal space, resulting in the interior space of land nobody cares about the place; Still others call for the destruction of the city's original structures such as the cost of road, resulting in bad traffic and a sense of space in urban structural break.

(C) building complex space isomorphic
Isomorphic design by city building complex urban form space enclosed body constituted to organize the route of human activity, introduction of urban language or form, people traveling , feel and experience of urban space and collective memory, urban life into the building. City building complex filled with the atmosphere of the city, with the vigor and vitality of the city. There are a few things you need in this design process place:
Grasp of the scale. Introduction of urban spatial form inside the building, carefully grasp the scale is important. As city building complex of indoor pedestrian street and the atrium, taking into account the dual needs of urban and architectural requirements according to the different needs of the high aspect ratio and more flexible, often do not rigidly adhere to the conventional scale signs and proportional limit. On the basis of the overall architectural scale to grasp, a part of the creation of the urban scale can cause a strong sense of conflict, to bring the "shock" effect on the mind, so that people truly feel the presence of urban space.
Context of the continuation of the urban environment. Re-creation of the city language is not only limited to the visible form of a continuation of, timely introduction of intangible cultural characteristics in the city, and strive to reflect the history of the urban environment, now and in the future, to arouse people's collective memory of the city.
The introduction of the city from other constituent elements. Urban environment constitute elements in addition to the streets, squares, water, sculpture, comedy, plants, urban space in the building to the introduction of these elements can enhance the city a sense of the space in the building, creating artificial work environment radically different public space. Shanghai Grand Gateway also by planting green plants in the indoor pedestrian street to improve indoor too closed feeling.
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