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Review of residential inn concept

Author: LongXiaoYi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-09 04:34:14 Read:
Abstract: Analysis of the accuracy of the concept of family hotel with residential inn Finally, based on analysis of the functions and features of the residential inn that: residential inn is based on the characteristics of local culture style home courtyard premises set food, lodging, travel and entertainment as a whole, a form of tourism allows visitors to experience the local folk customs, architectural style, mode of living and family characteristics of human phenomena.
Keywords: residential inn; concept

1 Introduction
Residential inn is a family hotel, with Chinese characteristics the foreign general two title, a call Guesthouse and another called Bed & Breakfast [1]. The title of the domestic residential inn, mostly referred to as a guesthouse, other residential hotels, farm hotels, individual hotels, hostels and other titles, the concept of residential inn, a lot of confusion in the country, it is a different perspective, the title is more species diversity. The earliest cases of Xiao Lin [2] (2002) wrote "Lijiang Ancient Town from an Anthropological Perspective", called residential inn.
For many of our town in the guesthouse, is more sympathetic to the title of the cases Xiao Lin residential inn. This paper argues that the residential inn more than most scholars study "family hotel" rich connotation and tourism and cultural characteristics. First of all, the town in the residential inn are generally a set type of the ancient city, scenic, as one of the guesthouse, is a representative of the local customs, history and culture of the guesthouse; Second, most scholars studied the guesthouse, only from the formulation of the concept of "family hotel", only emphasized the nature of the "family", no prominent local folk, only emphasized the kind of accommodation (hotels) function, without highlighting it reflected function of local folk culture and recreation experience function; residential inn and guesthouse more than passing an ancient information, reflecting the precipitation of a history and culture and a living culture folk heritage sexual . Therefore, this paper argues: "residential inn" is defined as a special family hotel, in order to truly reflect the characteristics and content of some of the ancient city and other areas with similar guesthouse. Because in many old town residential inn has a long history, profound national cultural heritage, is a way to meet visitors to experience the elegant simplicity of spirit return to demand accommodation. In fact, many of the ancient city residential inn has become part of the tourists', has become a the visitors useful novelty experience, on behalf of the customs different from tourists living environment, as a manifestation of the local ethnic culture carrier, such as Yunnan Lijiang and Dali, Pingyao in Shanxi Province, Jiangsu Province, Zhouzhuang, Tongli, Wuzhen, now the concept of people's travel, accommodation is no longer a simple 'one night', but the taste of local customs and cultural heritage of a content "[3]. Inn antique of tourist which taste or Ming and Qing Yayun, or national mood, or farm water style, a simple and elegant, warm and comfortable feeling wells, allowing visitors a deeper understanding of the long local history and folklore, add more to their journey cultural connotation.
The 2 Inn traceable
B & B Hotels generation came into being along with the emergence of tourism activities. According to legend, the first European accommodation of approximately began in Roman times [4] (the other argument is the first hotel in the Kingdom of ancient Babylon) at the hotel, inn mainly along the way by the Government inn on the basis of development of . With the increasing number of road Walker, the official creation of private inn along more private B & B (residential inn) and therefore developed, they differentiate into specialized services for postal and government officials postal station and main service to ordinary "B & B" categories of the public. The late 16th century, the United Kingdom has a 6000 inn [5].
Experience in the hotel industry in the development process, the stage of the inn times during the Great Hotel, Business Hotel period, and a new hotel period, which inn is experiencing the longest period of the inn in this period, the small scale of operation, facilities shabby, poor reputation, the Lodges only is considered to be relied on to make ends meet lower industry to make a living.
Travelers peddler settled at staying away from home, from the end of the Qing Dynasty of China thoughtful inn, waiting Museum, Road, Room, mass care, inverse Hall B & B, hostels, hotels, hostels and other titles, as China is a vast, various regional dialects habits the use of different names, such as before and after entering the modern era, Zhili, Shandong, known as the "shop", Guangdong called "blending", the Jinling, Wu called the "line", while the Shanghai area are generally called as B & B . However, when Western Hotels in China, but new generic translation become old inn can be added, the country seems to have formed a format that is more in the north known as the "hotel" in the South and more known as the "hotel" [6]. In recent years, with the development of the tourism industry in many of the ancient town of individual hotels, in order to reflect a historical and cultural heritage and a nostalgic return to complex, more in love with the title of "B & B".
The 3 residential inn the concept
The concept of residential inn in the country a lot of confusion, it is a different perspective, the title is also varied, family hotel, residential inn, residential hotels, farm hotels, individual hotels, hostels.
Tong [7] (2002) guesthouse is home to a spare room rented to tourists, tourists in accommodation at the same time can also feel the atmosphere of a local family life hotelier; Lin Yi [8] (2004) The guesthouse is their own house for the reception venue, accommodation services to tourists, and received some remuneration for small tourism facilities, it belongs to a kind of budget hostel; Liu Huizhen [9] (2005) argue that the so-called residential Hotels refers to residents in tourist idle reception capacity, some residential transformed into a hotel, to provide accommodation for tourists for a small profit tourism facilities, and the development of tourism corresponding ZHEJIANG TRANSPORTATION; Xie Yuping, [10] (2005) Dwelling Inn residents own family a spare room rented to tourists in order to gain some income a hotelier; Luan Kun [11] (2005) Dwelling Inn in scenic location advantage in the nearby village or town, housing area, separate rooms residents or farmers, unused room in the home a little finishing, additions to the simple and essential facilities rented to tourists and provide the appropriate service, and a certain amount of profit small tourist reception facilities.
Scholars in the comprehensive analysis review of the guesthouse (or residential inn)'s definition, though not the same, but sum up there are so few points: (1) Family Hotel is the family use the extra room for rent; (2) visitors can feel the family atmosphere of life; (3) is based on providing accommodation mainly a small reception facilities or hotel operation.
This paper argues that scholars of the guesthouse or residential inn's definition is too narrow, not fully aware of the momentum of development and current situation of the current residential inn, visitors to fully enjoy the culture or the local customs of the ancient city of Lijiang or Dali Inn , scholars have not yet clear guesthouse residential inn travel experience value, while ignoring the residential inn is a collection of food, lodging, travel and entertainment as one of the tourist base, not only has the board function, is also the cultural landscape an integral part of tourism resources, is an independent.
This paper re-defined the concept of residential inn, through the analysis of the functions and features of the residential inn, re-interpretation and explanation to the meaning and basic properties of the residential inn.
4 residential inn features
With the increasingly diverse needs of tourists, look at the scenery "eyes travel has been unable to meet all the needs of tourists, from the initial sightseeing browse to the pursuit of leisure travel experience, and then rose to find alternative feel personalized travel This is three different levels of tourism. "Experiential tourism" in China began in 1997 Guangdongzhonglv adventure tours across the Lop Nur [12], and then, to experience farm rural life, adventure rafting, Check-residential inn experience the local folk culture and local customs of tourism, has caused More and more tourists response. Residential inn to adapt to the requirements of the tourists, gradually from the initial simple accommodation to visitors to meet the pursuit of an exploration, a feeling, a psychological complete relaxation, enjoy a leisure time experience tourism direction, as more and more tourists came to realize: tourism in recreation, outside to the inside from the "eye" a taste of something we do, than with the naked eye to see what is more interesting.
China will set the theme of the 2004 tourism activities for the life of Chinese people travel, where you can see and experience the lives of people of different ethnic groups in different places has become a trend of domestic tourism. Residential inn is away from the pressures of modern life back to nature is a way of life experience, sharing a quiet mood, modern "experiential tourism" quietly heating up the trip, the most potential for development of a bright spot. This paper argues that the transformation of the residential inn features residential inn to adapt to the needs of visitors to experience travel.
The 5 dwellings inn features
The industry believes that, with the update of the concept of tourism accommodation is no longer confined to luxury and grade, but more and more attention to the features. Residential inn, and even tourists traveling around the landscape, has its own characteristics. This paper argues that the characteristics of residential inn there:
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