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SMEs independent innovation strategy based on Regional Innovation Network

Author: ZhongMin From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-08 23:35:39 Read:
Keywords: SMEs the   indigenous innovation; regional innovation network innovation alliance
Abstract: the SMEs as the subject of regional independent innovation, constantly enhance the capability of independent innovation.According to the SMEs status of independent innovation and the main problems, starting from the angle of regional innovation network, innovation design suitable for dynamic alliance, continuous innovation to realize SMEs.
1 Introduction
With the aggravation of competition, technological innovation speed and the formation of fast changing market, the modern enterprise's innovation activities have become a multi-party cooperation, network innovation stage interaction winding.At the same time, because of cross fusion between new product life cycle shorten, the increasing complexity of new technologies and disciplines, technology, a single enterprise is very difficult to have the technical ability to many areas of innovation required.Therefore, the independent innovation under fast economic growth requires participation by the different ability of the organization, to realize the innovation alliance cooperation of different.In this way, both inside and outside the enterprise network has become the foundation of the success of innovation, innovation is also from enterprise to network.
At the same time, restricted by the factors of personnel, funds, most of China's small and medium-sized enterprises (SmallandMedium Enterpirses, SMEs) have the ability of independent innovation problems, only rely on their own strength to carry on the independent innovation, often do, even delaying fighter.So, SMEs through the organization of extension and innovation, the establishment of "independent innovation alliance", can give full play to the resource advantage of alliance members, so as to improve the capability of independent innovation, updating and rebuilding the core competence.
Realistic 2 SMEs Innovation Alliance
2.1 SMEs become the main body of independent innovation
Report of the Seventeenth Party Congress put forward, to improve the ability of independent innovation, building the innovative country, stressed that speed up the establishment of enterprises as the main body, the market as the guidance, the combination of technical innovation system, and guide and support the concentration of factors of innovation in enterprises, make enterprises become the main body of independent innovation, so that enterprises in the process of independent innovation, and give full play to your own enthusiasm.The country's independent innovation capability is mainly manifested in the independent innovation of national scientific and technological strength and enterprise, our present task of independent innovation is more falls in large corporate body, in fact, has become a new force of the economic development of our country's SMEs should pay more attention to independent innovation.According to statistics, 65% of the patent for invention is obtained by SMEs, the technology innovation more than 75% completed by SMEs, the new product more than 80% foot created by SMEs.Therefore, the power of the SMEs can not be ignored, the construction innovation country, must fully tap the potential of SMEs.
2.2 of its lack of innovation power
SMEs generally lack independent innovation talent and capital, resulting in SMEs's innovation ability and the ability to bear risks are insufficient, this means that once the independent innovation failure, will make a huge investment enterprises difficult to recover, directly related to the enterprise of vital importance.At the same time, because the SMEs operation resource capacity small, technology commercialization ability is weak, it is difficult in the short term the technical achievements to mass market to realize the independent innovation investment returns.Therefore, most of the SMEs do not pay attention to the differences in the formation of innovative products and innovative technology, but through the low position to expand the size of the market, leading to the degree of attention to independent innovation is not enough, as shown in table L.Furthermore, SMEs for the expected innovation cognition is not enough, lack of confidence, they are not optimistic about the positive effects of innovation, even if has achieved preliminary results of the innovation, also does not increase the input of innovation to achieve greater effectiveness of innovation, as shown in table 2.

The lack of 2-3 technology innovation cooperation ability
According to the survey, enterprises, scientific research institutions, customer collaboration is the main way at present Chinese enterprises innovation activities, such as shown in table 3.Although SMEs has become the main force of China's economic development, but the mechanism of SMEs has not been established, and technology innovation cooperation with other enterprises, scientific research institutions and government is still at the primary stage.First of all, the development of SMEs although showing aggregation tendency, but due to lack of professional degree, together with the SMEs are homogeneous, so that there is no good supply chain relationship between the SMEs (stable relations of cooperation); secondly, because the business model of large enterprises large and all, no division of labor consciousness large companies rarely, become the center of the SMEs, large and small enterprises has not formed the center of satellite production mode; once again, in China's research has the certain result, but the research is not enough in the cooperation scope, level, SMEs and university and other research institutions is limited; finally, I the SMEs policy mainly in the SMEs financing, there is no direct help for the technical innovation of SMEs, the government in scientific research activities for SMEs support is insufficient.Therefore, China's SMEs technology innovation and external obtain capability is very limited.

3 Regional Innovation Network Alliance -- SMEs implementation independent, choose a new path.
Connotation and construction of 3.1 regional innovation network
Regional innovation network is a regional network of contacts to enhance their innovation ability as the main purpose, relatively stable.In the regional innovation network is relatively developed, effective, all the actors within the region can activate the regional internal and external resources, rapid response to market risk, and through the collaborative innovation to enhance their creativity and competitiveness.It is because of the regional innovation network this active, SMEs can share the resources cooperation, completed more than its scope of work.The development status of regional innovation network based on the regional innovation network, construction design, we think the main from the following aspects: fostering growth pole and the on-line network node, the.
(1) use the market mechanism to develop innovative, creative type, technology type SMEs, to become the main body of regional innovation and regional innovation network node.Chen Qingtai once pointed out that the SASAC Research Center special speech, support science and technology innovation is critical to the development of type SMEs.Even large enterprises in the United States is very powerful, technological innovation is still 83% from SMEs.SMEs as the main body of independent innovation, clear property rights, flexible mechanism, the market sensitive sense of smell, to take risks, to spread the risk, these advantages make them become a new force in technological innovation.However, SMEs because of their lack of ability, it is very difficult for single enterprise to realize the innovation of the target alone, only with the help of information network to build innovation alliance, integration of regional innovation network, each node advantage, technology and information resources sharing, and make it convenient to transfer in the alliance, in order to better achieve innovation through sharing, alliance enterprises innovation, finally realize autonomous innovation.Data shows, the independent innovation of Zhejiang province SMEs is therefore achieved good results.
(2) the competition in the market growth for the industry cluster in the "little giant" enterprises, become the growth pole of regional innovation network.According to the experience of Zhejiang, has been proved effective practice is, in industry cluster to select and cultivate some based on industry cluster, there are "public" characteristics "model of innovation", and effective platform for the construction of regional innovation, direct service to the enterprises in cluster, a cluster of SMEs booster of innovation of science and technology "".For example, Zhejiang Shaoxing County textile industry clusters in the "Jinchang" mode, is the local characteristic industry group enterprise, from the development of a service of small enterprises has become a national key high-tech enterprises and textile industry productivity promotion center.
(3) to strengthen the "cultivation of on-line", especially the construction of regional public service platform for innovation.A large number of cases, the regional public service platform for innovation in regional innovation networks for building SMEs innovation service is essential to l3].Because the region has many enterprises in product markets, entrepreneurs have ideas, but lack of funds, commercial operation experience and capability of industrialization, need the support of regional public service platform for innovation.In recent years, public service technology platform in Zhejiang Province, many industrial clusters have constructed the characteristic, has become an important factor to promote the industrial clusters upgrading value chain and innovation of science and technology, is an important part of the construction of regional innovation network.
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