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High skilled talents construction of Railway

Author: WangMingChen From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-08 22:13:26 Read:
Abstract: in the face of the current global financial crisis has seriously affected the railway operation situation, from a new demand of the unit transportation safety and management, analysis of the current situation of the period of high skill talent team construction, in view of the existence question, proposes to establish a correct concept of talent, establish effective working mechanism, do a good job in selecting the foundation work, strengthen personnel culture, promote the talent and technology exchange, countermeasures of perfecting talent evaluation mechanisms, and the good results of the practice process as well as the.
Keywords: railway construction; talent;

In recent years, with the railway transportation structure adjustment, institutional reform, speed-up and diagram adjustment and technology upgrading, a large number of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new materials have been widely used, the quality of the whole staff of railway workers, especially both highly-skilled talents has been unable to meet the needs of the development of railway construction and.High skill talents to build a high-quality, give full play to their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, has become a pressing matter of the moment.

One, company profiles and

Shijiazhuang electric locomotive depot (hereinafter referred to as the stone motor) is the former Shijiazhuang electric locomotive depot, locomotive depot of Shijiazhuang, Handan locomotive depot, locomotive depot of Yangquan, magnetic Hill depot 5 units and integrated, is the only Shijiazhuang locomotive depot area, play the Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan, Shi, Shi Ji, Han, Han aid, long Shi Fu, Ishigura, Shizu, Ishi Kara and other section of passenger and freight train traction task.Also bear too north, Fengtai, Tianjin, Ji'nan, Wuchang, Zheng south segment of the whole locomotive each task, and overhaul, overhaul, repair, light outsourced repair, repair locomotive maintenance tasks.The existing staff of 8365 people, high skilled personnel 525 people (including 513 technicians, 9 senior technicians, railway technical experts 3 people, technical workers accounted for 7%).

Analysis of the current situation of talent, highly skilled

High skill talents is the outstanding representative of the railway staff, is the core technology of the contingent of workers.Investigation and analysis of the status quo of high skill talent to do a good job, it is very important for the research to solve some urgent problems existing in the current period of high skill talents I in the construction.
(a) high skill talents culture level is low.Stone motor 525 talents of high skills, high school culture has 136, accounts for the high skilled personnel 26%, college education and above the 69, only the total number of high skill talent 13%, low cultural level high skill talent, become the talents with high skill learning new knowledge, new technology, new technology bottleneck.
(two) the age of high skill talent is too large.Stone motor 525 highly skilled personnel average age is 43.62 years old, especially senior technician, average age is 53.78 years old, the age of high skilled talents is larger than younger people, memory loss, energy loss, the subjective initiative to weaken, the innovation ability is also affected by various factors which play this role, is not conducive to high skill talents the.
(three) the low proportion of senior technician.The senior technician is the most highly-skilled talents in enterprises, is a rare treasure, give full play to the senior technician mentoring role, to improve the overall quality of workers, is of great significance to the development and stability of the enterprise, but the stone senior technician is only 9 people, accounts for the high skill talent team of 1.7%, which is far to meet the development and no enterprise technology progress.
(four) management system can not adapt to the needs of the new situation.Railway enterprises are state-owned enterprises, the special management system also has a planned economy, competition of the market mechanism is not mature, technician, senior technician once appraised "life tenure" problem, can not, lack of energy, can not form an effective competitive mechanism.This dampened the enthusiasm of play the role of the talents with high skill in a certain extent.
(five) the talents with high skill than their prominent phenomenon.In the stone motor 525 highly skilled personnel, 54 people engaged in non - work, high skill talent occupies 10.3%, a large number of non - this phenomenon, to a certain extent buried talent, make the talents with high skill can not give full play to the occupation technology business advantage, restricted the role of high skill talent to play, is not conducive to development and stability of highly-skilled talents.
(six) the talents with high skill is not strict access standards.At present, technical level of high skill talent promotion, assessment of qualifications more capability assessment less attention than level: Diploma phenomenon also exist to varying degrees.Set up to fit the high skill talent evaluation standard is more scientific and reasonable and the new concept of talent.
(seven) efforts in training the talents with high skill is not enough.With the use of new technology of Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan passenger dedicated task and new models, as I section, training the talents with high skill has changed, but the number of high-skilled talents, especially senior talents are still don't want to learn, do not want to learn phenomenon.At the same time, the aging of knowledge and skills of high skill talent single phenomenon is also more prominent, appear this kind of phenomenon, although there are reasons for high skill talents themselves, but the enterprise of high skilled personnel training is not enough, the accept continuing education and training are not many opportunities is one of the important reasons.

Three, strengthen the construction of high skill talents countermeasures

Strengthening the construction of high skill talents, to implement the respect labor, respect knowledge, respect talent, respect for creation of the policy, need to do the following work:
One is to change ideas, establish a correct concept of talent
The report of the Seventeenth Party Congress proposed the "people-oriented" concept of talent development, to guide the cadres and workers to firmly establish the high skill talent is the business development of the "first resource" concept, to cultivate high-skilled talents of railway, to play a greater role.
Two is to deepen the reform of the system, the establishment of efficient work mechanism of
Strengthening the construction of high skill talents, must have a set of security production machine effective.
1, establish and perfect the high skill talent competition mechanism:
2, strict appraisal access system, ensure the quality of the talents with high skill;

3, the standard of high skilled talents, establish a scientific evaluation mechanism.Three is to insist on the job, do the basic work of selecting
The construction of high skilled talents is a systematic work, complement each other, linked together, to do this work, must be based on their own, first do a good job selection of work.
1, improve quality, enhance service consciousness;

2, grasp the entrance, strict registration recommended;

3, process control, do a good job of talent evaluation.
4, optimize the structure, improve the allocation of talents.
Four is to strengthen personnel training, establishing and perfecting the training system of
To cultivate a group of suitable for enterprise development needs of the talents with high skill.We must establish and perfect the mechanism of cultivating the talents with high skill of a practical.
1, implement people-oriented, according to the real need of training;

2, increase the teaching input, strict training and quality:
3, to strengthen the focus on training, strive for cladding
4, pay attention to the training, improve the occupation skill appraisal effect:
5, the establishment of related systems, encourage workers self-taught;

6, establish management system training, assessment, using a combination of.
Five is the full conditions, promote the talent and technology exchange and
Increase the flow of technology talents with high skills, can help employees understand the situation, broaden their horizons, broaden thinking, mutual complement of ideology, technology, has strong practical significance to cultivate and develop to high skill talents.
1, carry out various skills competitions:
2, expand the continuing education courses;

3, technician on AC;

4, held the seminar;

5, enhance school-enterprise cooperation.
Six is the strict personnel management, establish and perfect the talent assessment mechanism of
1, establish and improve the incentive mechanism of high-skilled personnel;

2, establish and improve the assessment mechanism of high skilled talents.
1, to strengthen the routine examination, the warning management;

2, organize technicians essay, do the management theory;

3, to develop "Five" target, the implementation of target management.
4, to carry out technical research, project management.

Four, the

High skill talents railway is an important force to realize the strategic target of the development of.High skilled talents construction is a long-term and arduous task, enterprises must attach great importance to the construction of highly-skilled talents.Strengthening the construction of high skilled talents of railway, we must choose the methods and effective measures, the construction of the talents with high skill, can improve the quality of the whole drive enterprise employees, and constantly enhance the innovation ability of the enterprise, accelerate the reform of the enterprise development, so that enterprises in the face of the fierce competition in the market and the difficult business situation, development for more powerful, always remain invincible, finally realize the talent level target.
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