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The basic idea and strategic path construction of Chang-Zhu-Tan regional innovation system

Author: HeDingGuang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-08 19:11:19 Read:
[Key words] Changzhutan regional innovation system   basic ideas; strategic path
[paper poke to] regional innovation is to improve the overall competitiveness of the region, the basic form of the realization of regional development.At present a lot of region and city are starting to build and cultivate the innovation system of the region, the regional structure adjustment and regional operation mechanism reform to accelerate the regional development, improve the regional competitiveness, realize the sustainable development of regional economy.Chang-Zhu-Tan region integration development, either as an important part of regional economic integration, or the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city group the realistic need, must analyze the realistic foundation for establishing Chang-Zhu-Tan regional innovation system, put forward the basic ideas of constructing Chang-Zhu-Tan regional innovation system, probes into the strategic path construction of Chang-Zhu-Tan regional survey of new system, the establishment of a span of Changzhutan district innovation system.
The regional innovation system to upgrade the regional industrial structure, the formation of regional competitive advantage, and realize the great-leap-forward development and the integration of regional innovation factors of regional economy, the activation of small and medium-sized enterprises, the development of high-tech industries, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, accelerate the transformation of traditional industries and promote system and mechanism innovation, has the important role in the sustainable development so as to promote, protect the regional economy and society.However, due to the administrative system and the limits of history, Changzhutan three city innovation activities did not form a joint force, influence and restricts the Changzhutan improve efficiency and innovation ability with the overall resources, is not conducive to the development of Changzhutan economic integration.Therefore, the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan is necessary to construct a integrated innovation system, through the innovation of science and technology integration, driven, promote Chang-Zhu-Tan economic integration, realize the great-leap-forward development of Chang-Zhu-Tan regional economic.
A realistic foundation, construction of Chang-Zhu-Tan regional innovation system
(a) innovation is rich in resources, transformation system
At present, the Chang-Zhu-Tan region has 48 colleges, 44 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of engineering; there are large and medium-sized industrial enterprises in 208 enterprises, 187 scientific research institutes, professional research staff 9264 people; 3 national key laboratories, 12 central subordinate key laboratories, 27 provincial key laboratory, 18 Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center; there are all kinds of Park 23, including 3 state-level development zones, 3 National "863" high-tech achievements transformation base; and with Changsha Overseas Students Pioneer Park, Xiangtan high-tech Innovation Service Center, Hunan Province Torch Innovation Center 6 plane service center.
(two) perfect infrastructure, supporting an increasingly prominent role
The establishment and improvement of logistics, information flow, depends on talent flow smoothly integrated with the diffusion of innovation system, from the current CZT infrastructure construction, in recent years, Changzhutan three city through the implementation of major projects as a breakthrough, to seize the country to expand domestic demand, increase infrastructure construction opportunities, has started construction a number of major infrastructure projects construction and sharing and industrial projects, the basic formation of Changzhutan traffic with the ring, with the electricity network, information sharing, financial city and environmental Tongzhi pattern, to build a strong platform to speed up the formation of Changzhutan integration innovation system.
(three) the cooperation and sharing the ice-breaking, collaborative innovation began to try
In June 28, 2006, the Changzhutan three city party and government leaders signed the "joint meeting of Chang-Zhu-Tan agreement on cooperation in science and technology"."Achieved consensus Changzhutan scientific and technological cooperation agreement" on the long strain of Chang-Zhu-Tan city cluster innovation subject, innovation organization, supporting platform innovation factors such as construction and innovation resource integration, technology development, technology diffusion, industry focus on ways of developing directions, and reached a cooperation construction agreement, although more in the emphasis on "cooperation" and "cooperative", aspect, forms and channels of cooperation is limited in Hunan, but it opened the span district technology innovation first, sign and implement it, and lay the foundation for the construction of the system, comprehensive Chang-Zhu-Tan regional innovation system.
Two, construction of the basic ideas of Chang-Zhu-Tan regional innovation system
(a) General requirements
According to the "five co-ordination", "five adhere to the" principles and requirements, the provincial Party committee, the provincial government accelerate the economic integration of Chang-Zhu-Tan City Cluster Policy under the guidance of the spirit of the three city, based on the resource advantages and industry characteristics, to establish and perfect the innovation system of Science and technology science, reasonable, effective and operational mechanism as the main line, strengthen innovation system reform and mechanism, increase integrated strength advantage of science and technology resources, and comprehensively promote the construction of scientific research system, scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning to rely on the enterprise as the main body of the construction, technology development system to the science and technology intermediary service system for the construction of social ties and to the government's macroeconomic regulation and control as the leading management and security system network interaction, the main innovation, cultivating tightly around the key technological innovation, integration of resources in the space of innovation more, optimize the allocation of resources, enhance the ability of innovation of science and technology, promote Chang-Zhu-Tan regional economic development by leaps and bounds. Provide a strong scientific and technological support for the realization of the goal of building a well-off society.
(two) the basic principles
1 market orientation and the combination of government promotion
The government is the main decision-making and management, market is the technical and economic demand oriented.It is necessary to strengthen the government macroscopic management, weaken the direct management, respect the laws of the market, to create a good environment to establish benign interactive relationship between government and market, establish the subject status of enterprises in the innovation process.
2 the combination of technology import and independent innovation
Continue to strengthen the introduction of technology, further attention to independent innovation, the development of new products and new technology, with independent intellectual property rights.For some difficult to introduce the core technology, key technology, the introduction and self-innovation combined, integrated domestic and foreign scientific and technological achievements, there are plans to organize the implementation of "primitive innovation" and the "two innovation", the formation of "introduction, innovation, across the" new situation, promote technology import and independent innovation development.
3 overall planning and implementation of the combination classification
Should not only focus on the future, according to the economic development of science and technology of the future the basic requirement of the construction of the national innovation system and Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan area goal, starting from the systematic, integrity, coordination, high starting point, high standard planning; and to suit one's measures to local conditions, according to the different regional economic development is unbalanced, capabilities, focused, concentrated force the construction of a number of demonstration effect of innovation in advance, large area first project, fan out from point to area, gradient advance.
4 high starting point of technology and economic benefit of combining
With the development of science and technology at home and abroad, and strive to improve the level of innovation, to transform the traditional industry with high technology, the development of high-tech industry.To enhance the level of industrial technology.At the same time in order to improve economic efficiency as the center, realize the technical feasibility and economic rationality of both, synchronous development of science and technology progress and economic growth.
(three) strategic objectives
As an important part of the strategy of development in the regional economic integration, the overall goal of Chang-Zhu-Tan regional innovation strategy is to build a super administrative region of integration innovation system, it is mainly to solve the Changzhutan regional innovation principles, strategic objectives and strategic measures of innovation activities with some global, long-term and the problem of direction.Therefore, Changzhutan integration system of innovation strategy should be transformed from the regional technology innovation system originally static, closed, open, dynamic, distributed to the integrated technology innovation system; the introduction of technology and technological learning strategy of technological innovation to technology integration and innovation.In the continuous improvement of the regional technology innovation ability at the same time, we should pay more attention to the knowledge innovation capability continuously improve, science and technology, human resources advantages into industrial and economic advantages.Through the combination of the innovation of knowledge and technology, the construction of Changzhutan become middle and even the Chinese high-tech industry concentrated area, fruit trading center, an important high-tech R & D center.
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