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Research on the development mode of Shaanxi regional innovation system

Author: YueHongZhi ZhuChengLiang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-08 10:57:56 Read:
Keywords: the regional innovation system of enterprise technology innovation cooperative development model
Abstract: on the basis of analyzing the development status of the regional innovation system in Shaanxi Province, some problems existed in Shaanxi Province in the process of the construction of regional innovation system, and the choice of development mode of regional innovation system in Shaanxi Province: Based on learning innovation system mode actively, strengthen the "official production and research" cooperation.
The concept of regional innovation system was first developed by Cooke (1992) put forward formally, he believes that the regional innovation system is mainly composed of division of labor in geography and related production enterprises, research institutes and institutions of higher education and other regional organization system, and this system support and innovation.Pan Dejun (2001) argues that regional innovation system refers to the relevant departments and agencies in a region formed by the interaction innovation network.In general, the regional innovation system is composed mainly by the government, enterprises, research institutes, universities, agencies and other elements of the system.Based on the description of the present situation of the regional innovation ability of Shaanxi Province, analyzes the main problems existed in Shaanxi province in the construction of regional innovation system, the selection and research to model to the construction of regional innovation system in Shaanxi province.
1 basic models of regional innovation system construction
Innovation system mode of 1.1 administrative regions
The so-called administrative regional innovation system is a geographic boundary cross administrative area system.The region can be a province, can also refer to a provincial district or regional.Liu Lin (2006) considered to remove administrative regional innovation system boundary is a relatively easy to define system in our country, because of the administrative area can configure many innovative resources, forming a unique language system, habits and entrepreneurial orientation and the administrative geographical area within the long-term.It also pointed out that innovation system will have certain limitations, for example, may limit the other new factors in the protection of the original, has successfully but now outdated atmosphere etc..Therefore, he pointed out that in suitable areas, construction of the Cross-administration regional innovation system is very important.
The 1.2 innovation system based on Industrial Clusters
Schmitz (1992) believes that industrial cluster refers to the close to a geographical area of manufacturing a group of similar products.Industrial cluster has two distinctive features, namely specialization geographical agglomeration and industry.The industry cluster can improve the innovation condition, reduce the transaction cost, this leads to research innovation system has been studied and the industrial clusters of closely linked.Heim and Isaksen (2002) that the innovation system is mainly composed of two kinds of main body and the interaction between them.The first is the main body of regional leading industry clusters in the enterprise, also includes the supporting industry; second subjects are system infrastructure important supporting role on regional innovation, such as the research and higher education institutions, occupation training institutions, financial institutions.From this perspective, innovation system based on industrial clusters is a more advanced innovation system mode, only a developed economy, industrial agglomeration area can be good to have the condition to form the pattern.
1.3 active learning innovation system model
In this model (Zhang Jianyu, Xie Fu Ji, 2005), the internal innovation actors, including enterprises, universities, research institutions, government departments at all levels, intermediary institutions, actively acquiring new technology and innovation system by external knowledge, and the interaction between them can make the technology widely diffusion, at the same time, the government departments at all levels, we can adopt a variety of incentives to promote enterprises to actively digest, absorb new technology, so as to quickly upgrade the technology economy.Therefore, the innovation system model that is "official production and research" cooperation, innovation resources gathered all elements of the system service for the regional economic development, this kind of mode is suitable for the level of economic development of middle region.
These three kinds of innovation system model is unique, there is no good or bad, when it comes to a specific regional development mode innovation system of choice, to choose the appropriate mode according to the current situation of the regional innovation ability development and existing problems, it is a kind of mode which is comprehensive or several patterns, depending on the specific circumstances.
2 the present development situation of Shaanxi regional innovation system
2.1 knowledge creation capability
Knowledge creation main body mainly includes the research institutes, universities, large and medium-sized industrial enterprises.Knowledge creation capability mainly by the science and technology funds, raising a total of international papers, invention patent applications accepted indices reflect.In 2005 in Shaanxi province science and technology funds total 17841460000 yuan, including research and development institutions 7817370000 yuan, accounting for the total proportion of 43.82%; large and medium-sized industrial enterprises 4103360000 yuan, accounting for the total proportion of 23%; high school 3040780000 yuan, accounting for the total proportion of 17.04%.The research and development institutions financing funds accounted for most of the total funds for scientific and technological activities, followed by large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, again for the higher school.Shaanxi province in 2005, the application for a patent for invention accepted number 4166, an application for a patent for invention authorization number 1894, international paper number 4494.In 2005 the government of Shaanxi province science and technology investment accounted for the proportion of GDP is 2.61%, ranking the second in the country.Look from whole, knowledge creation capability in the forefront of Shaanxi Province in the country is.
The ability to obtain 2.2 knowledge
The ability of knowledge acquisition can be quantified through the technology market turnover of technical market, high-tech enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises the average turnover number index.The 2005 Shaanxi technology market turnover of 1890000000 yuan, the technology market of high-tech enterprises the average trading volume of 25540000 yuan, a number of foreign-funded enterprises 2890 households.In recent years Shaanxi knowledge acquisition ability strengthens constantly, from the 2001 National ranked twenty-fifth to 2005 L5, rose 10, but looked from the overall knowledge acquisition ability is not strong in Shaanxi province.
Technology innovation capacity of 2.3 Enterprises
In 2005, Shaanxi local state-owned enterprises of professional and technical personnel 585400 people, the personnel engaged in scientific and technological activities of 134900 people, including scientists and engineers 84400 people, accounted for 62.56%.From the technological innovation capability of large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, large and medium-sized industrial enterprises of the technological staff of 57876 people, accounted for the province science and technology personnel 41.41%; R& D investment 9245000000 yuan, accounting for 2.52% of GDP, higher than the national average of 1.23%; investment in technical transformation fee 4600000000 yuan; new product output value of 1040000000 yuan industrial output value accounted for 22.5%, the proportion of.Shaanxi province science and technology activities of large and medium-sized industrial enterprises internal expenditure to total sales revenue ratio of 2.84%, ranked first in the country, and the Shaanxi Province large and medium-sized industrial enterprises in a large number of.Large and medium-sized industrial enterprises in Shaanxi Province in the scientific research institutions, enterprises accounted for the total number of enterprises accounted for the proportion is 32.64%, fifth in the country.But the technological innovation ability of enterprises in our province is still not optimistic, the country ranked sixteenth, is located in the middle level, and Beijing, Shanghai and other big city gap.
The 2.4 innovation environment
The regional innovation system environment mainly rely on the government to create, build a good innovation environment conducive to regional innovation system.Innovation environment can be measured by indicators of the government fiscal expenditure, investment in fixed assets, the consumption level of residents.The government of Shaanxi Province in 2005 a total of 63900000000 yuan of financial expenditure, investment in fixed assets 188200000000 yuan, the consumption level of residents 3594 yuan, industry of new and high technology enterprise number 74.In the implementation of the western development, the strategy of sustainable development, with the relevant government policies, Shaanxi province innovation environment is improved, from 2001 to 2005 the country ranked 27 nationally ranked tenth, provides a good external environment to support the construction of Shaanxi regional innovation system.
The 2.5 benefit of innovation ability
Innovation ability is mainly embodied bin n new achievements into realistic productivity, can be reflected by GDP per capita, high-tech industry total industrial output value index.The per capita area in Shaanxi province in 2005 9881 yuan of GDP, high and new technology industry total industrial output value of 37280000000 yuan, total industrial output value of the proportion of 1O.1%.With the development of economy, income and living standards improve, in 2004 per capita disposable income of urban residents was 7492 yuan, per capita net income of rural residents was 1867 yuan; to 2005, per capita disposable income of urban residents was 8272 yuan, per capita net income of rural residents was 2052 yuan.But the income level of residents in the country ranked twenty-seventh, in the downstream, and the international competitiveness of our province industry difference, the country ranked twenty-sixth.From a national perspective, our province innovation ability is not strong, the country ranked fourteenth.
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