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On the development of Heilongjiang regional innovation system

Author: XuJianZhong ZhaoZuoZuo LiuGu From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-08 10:56:16 Read:
Keywords: the Heilongjiang   regional innovation system; the orientation of the development of
Abstract : the present situation of regional innovation system in Heilongjiang Province Based on the carding, analysis from nine latitudes subject elements, dynamic system and the environment based ns-- aspects of the regional innovation system model features, and through the characteristics and regional innovation system development model from the perspective of knowledge flow comparison, determine the development mode and development direction of Heilongjiang the regional innovation system.
Regional innovation system is mainly for knowledge innovation, technology innovation, knowledge dissemination and application of knowledge in a particular region, promote new technologies and new knowledge production, diffusion and application, stressed the need to promote the interactive local innovation elements, so as to promote the regional competitiveness....Because of the regional differences in natural resources, human capital, industrial foundation and culture environment, looking for their innovation space in their respective characteristic and the, development mode and development direction of the regional innovation system will also differ in thousands of ways.The development mode of regional innovation system is reasonable and determine the correct direction of development, will be to improve the regional innovation efficiency, a basic way to promote the regional development.This article from the Heilongjiang regional innovation system in hand, the characteristics of the regional innovation system of Heilongjiang mode, development mode and its development direction is given.
1 regional innovation system development model
Asheim and Isaksen according to the characteristics of knowledge and knowledge flow position, put forward the development mode of three kinds of regional innovation system: regional geographical embeddedness of national innovation system, regional innovation system and regional innovation system network.
The 1.1 area of national innovation system
The essence of national innovation system of regionalization is the control of regional innovation system to initiate a government.System boundary by administrative division, with isolated and closed.The government is the main engine system innovation, commercialization of technology based on technology innovation capability is relatively weak; innovative financing to the government powerful support of financial institutions and the government funds; regional culture environment in order to rank culture and development culture as the main content; diffusion of innovation is mainly based on the propagation of knowledge innovation elements within the system; main endogenous competitive power and cooperation ability, is the main advocate the central government or local government, the relationship between main elements of innovation is a single linear relationship, characteristics of the system shows the government leading, top-down.
1.2 regional embeddedness of regional innovation system
Regional innovation system is the local rooted in various elements, subject, a variety of forms in the specific geographical conditions of formal and informal network aggregation, is based on the social relation, trust and sharing characteristics of complementary and special management of the innovation network.
The system boundary of traditional industry in areas such as economic region-oriented, local enterprises in the system innovation in the leading, knowledge organization to local enterprises in the internal R& D, but the University, scientific research institutions to knowledge creation capacity low power comes from the market demand, innovation, incentive mechanism are endogenous and competitive, technology transfer and the diffusion of innovation in local control structure and organization, focus on the introduction of external knowledge and knowledge service, a higher degree of internal cooperation, organizational structure is open but foreign has closed, the system of the institutions in the local nonlinear, entrepreneurship plays an important role in regional economic and cultural form, financial institutions, financial support for innovation mainly from on the local and informal finance supply.The whole system is dominant, bottom-up organization.
1.3 regional network type innovation system
Regional innovation network system is a system boundary to open regional network, each innovation subject areas such as enterprise, University, research institutions, government and other synergistic effect in a web and innovation, and integration into the regional innovation environment of.System of technological innovation level has the characteristics of high, low coexist; regional innovation based on multi-level financial market, emphasizing the importance of risk investment; innovation diffusion is the main local authorities asked the collective learning process based on network; the whole system into a multicultural, but with the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, cultural environment; competitive cooperation is the main mechanism of evolution system.Look from whole, regional innovation network system show "three yuan structure characteristic of a government" market intermediary organization.
2 Heilongjiang region innovation system model
GDP of Heilongjiang Province in 2007 a total of $706500000000 (data from the Heilongjiang Statistical Yearbook 2008, 2008 China Statistics Yearbook on high technology industry), ranking 15 in the country, is typical of regional economic development.Developing economies should focus on the role of J "technology diffusion" and "knowledge flow", so the point of view of knowledge flow based on the development model of regional innovation system of classification, combined with the status of the regional innovation system in Heilongjiang Province, analysis from the nine latitude three main elements, dynamic system and the environment on the basis of the feature model:
The 2.1 Heilongjiang regional innovation system main structure
(1) the leading factors and status.Heilongjiang regional innovation mainly rely on the scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning.The 2007 Heilongjiang science and technology institutions a total of 534, of which Central Research Institute 23, provincial scientific research institute 125, 147 higher educational institutions.At present, Heilongjiang has developed with independent intellectual property brand mainly on agriculture, biotechnology, aerospace industry etc..For example, Petrochemical Institute for Aerospace Military special adhesive; microbial institute of edible fungi and biological organic fertilizer; sterilization technology, nuclear physics instruments by irradiation; Food Research Institute "Yongfang hall" brand soybean isoflavone capsule and powder; Architectural Institute of cold WN - D series concrete antifreeze and the admixture; building materials research institute's "win-win" brand cement grinding agent etc..
At the same time, Heilongjiang local enterprises play a very limited role can be counted on one's fingers, only several enterprises in regional innovation process plays a positive role.One is the Qigihar first machine tool plant, because the developed CNC heavy crankshaft whirlwind cutting center, China has become the third country in the world can the independent production of crankshaft machining equipment.Two Harbin Motor Factory Co., Ltd. successfully developed 700000 kW turbines, provide L2 for the Three Gorges Project on the right bank of Taiwan (sets).Three is the development of Harbin transistor factory five units participating in the "Chang'e I" lunar exploration satellite.
(2) the regional innovation service.The local government is the main body to build the Heilongjiang regional innovation system service platform, technology and management experience to obtain, spread mainly by the local government to advocate.2007 Heilongjiang Association for science and technology institutions a total of 231, with the flat in 2006, reduced ll than 2005, to establish a comprehensive consulting service platform for enterprises to provide engineering technology, industrial development strategy, marketing, human resources and so far did not reach the standard.While at or above the county level and the Department is scientific research agency in 2007 increased to 227.For example, research on metallurgical, Machinery Research Institute, the use of its own personnel, technology and location advantage, establish the dynamic business center, has been assigned to the 88 private technology enterprises.Since 2003, Petrochemical Research Institute was established in Harbin power area productivity promotion center, has provided technical, project and consulting service for hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises.
(3) the innovation investment support.The technology industry investment structure is not reasonable, government investment is still only the technology to a high level of specialization in the industry.For the high-tech industry, Heilongjiang 2007 H& D investment funds is 564800000 yuan, industry R& pharmaceutical manufacturing; D invested 117590000 yuan of funds, aerospace manufacturing R& D invested 412890000 yuan of funds, electronic and telecommunication equipment manufacturing industry R& D invested 16000000 yuan of funds, the electronic computer and office equipment manufacturing industry R& D invested 0 yuan of funds.At the same time, the regional innovation system of Heilongjiang credit environment is poor.In 2007, Heilongjiang science and technology funds of 1119020000 yuan, of which the government of 527920000 yuan of funds, enterprise funds 587480000 yuan, 3000000 yuan of loans of financial institutions.Can be seen that the innovation investment mainly funded by the government, the enterprises, is a very small percentage of investment credit to finance based on market, credit mechanism of the subject of Heilongjiang regional innovation system in the underdeveloped, the government should create good regional innovative environment to improve credit mechanism.
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