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College financial people Regional Innovation System Construction of

Author: WangDongWu ZhangJun From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-08 10:19:29 Read:
Keywords: regional innovation system of university high-tech industries
Abstracts: from the analysis of the relationship between universities and regional economic development staff, proposed that colleges and universities should be financial person regional innovation system construction, the college financial constraints and there are many people regional economic innovation system process, and therefore must take concrete response measures should be targeted .
Regional innovation system is an important part of the national innovation system. College shoulder cultivate talent, innovation and technology, and service to the community, leading the culture of an important mission, and efforts to own integration into the regional scientific and technological innovation system, disciplines and technological advantages to promote the upgrading of the regional industrial structure, services, construction of regional economic, college obligatory social responsibility . However, colleges and universities in the process of integration into the regional scientific and technological innovation system, there are many problems to be solved and constraints need depth study and discussion, in order to facilitate an interactive development of cooperation between the university and the region to establish a long-term mechanism.
First, the relationship between universities and regional economic development
University innovation ability has become an important part of our development strategy management. Universities and regional interdependence, colleges and universities can not develop without the support of the local, local development can not be separated from the support of the college. Colleges and universities should become an important part of the regional innovation system, universities, local colleges or the central ministries belong only with local organic combination and carrying the stigma of its development in order to become even more prominent features. Fact, the following relationship exists between universities and regional economic development.
(A) of the original innovation is a prerequisite for maintaining the core competitiveness of the country or region
Colleges and universities are the core of innovative knowledge outputs, knowledge innovation is the basis of technological innovation, it is a source of new technology and new inventions. Colleges and universities should not only rely on the high level of the community of scientists, state-of-the-art research equipment, great technology information resources, but also to take full advantage of research between the mutual promotion and interaction between different disciplines, a sustained and strong vitality knowledge sources of innovation. Colleges and universities also by taking on major science and technology has a huge impact on regional economic development plan, research projects, and constantly discover new scientific facts, explore new scientific laws, the establishment of a new scientific theory, put forward new scientific ideas and new scientific methods. Colleges and universities are an important source of high-tech. Enterprises, universities and research institutes are technological innovation actors. The enterprise is the main body of the funds investment in innovative technology, innovation income, innovation activities and innovation needs, should be the core of technology innovation actors, but the college is also an important technological innovation source. Colleges and universities in the disciplines cross comprehensive talent base, the liberal academic atmosphere, the research resource aggregation technology agility has significant advantages, which can make it through a variety of ways to become a provider of new technology. At present, enterprises in China due to technological innovation forces are relatively weak, unable to play the main role of technology innovation and core. Colleges and universities in the cultivation of innovative talents, knowledge, innovation and technology innovation based on objective needs of enterprise technical innovation and high-tech industrial development, technological innovation for the enterprise knowledge base, personnel support and technical achievements, prompting companies to gradually become the mainstay of technological innovation .
(B) the creative talents of the college and educate personnel and intellectual support for regional economic development
2l century wave of regional economic competition formed a huge demand for creative talent. Who has a large number of high-quality human resources, whoever has sustained regional innovation capacity and regional economic competitiveness. Cultivation of innovative talents in a key position in the regional innovation system depends mainly on the cultivation of innovative talents in colleges and universities. Colleges and universities to train all kinds of talents in the academic atmosphere and vast technology resources and environment, the ongoing personnel support and protection for the development of the regional economy.
(C) colleges and universities for the high-tech industry cluster in the region to play the role of incubators
Industrial clusters capable of producing regional competitiveness. But the key to regional competitiveness in industry cluster is the cluster innovation advantage. Colleges and universities as a regional high-tech industry cluster incubator role is mainly reflected in: First, the incubator of high-tech industry. Run enterprises, colleges and universities by Jiao Industry Group to assume the role of enterprise incubator. The latest scientific and technological achievements quickly into practical productive forces directly. Radiation and led the development of the area of ??high-tech industries. The second is through the construction of University Science Park to promote high-tech rapid industrialization. All types of colleges and universities and regional economic industry asked by the ties of the Science and Technology Park for college Hi-Tech rapid commercialization, industrialization and provide the right environment and conditions. The third is to promote the formation and development of high-tech industries. For example, the Stanford University-based development of the "Silicon Valley", the distribution of more than 3,000 high-tech research and development institutions, universities and industry rely on each other, mutual promotion and the research coordinated development, scientific and technological innovation, dissemination, application to obtain organic integration, resulting in a huge energy l3.
Second, the impact of the constraints of the universities into the regional innovation system
Although the university innovation system in our region already has a preliminary basis for integration of university innovation system to provide a strong knowledge and technical support points for the innovation system of the District City distance built there is still a wide gap between the main issues are as follows.
(A) the supply of university innovation and enterprise innovation demand dislocation
University research activities and more oriented to the research results, in order to fight for research funding, government incentives, published papers, publications as the main target, there is a certain distance away from the market-oriented applications, enterprise demand innovations can be used in the production process and can bring good economic benefits of high-tech. University research activities usually declare Master Bo: on point and discipline construction as the main objective, it is difficult to press the unified technological innovation goals cohesion and integration-related innovation activities in order to enhance the regional industrial structure upgrade to integrated innovation capacity of the date of the subject area.

(B) regional coordination mechanism is not perfect
Interaction between universities, innovative network system has not been Tong advantage of all colleges and universities and technology innovation resources is difficult: the effective integration of university research projects and enterprises, research institutes cooperation, the university asked not much scientific research cooperation . There is no unified innovative resources within the region as a whole can be in line with the market requirements effectively together and all colleges and universities in the region to provide scientific equipment, scientific literature and resources required to service the regional coordination mechanism.
(C) technological innovation inefficient use of resources
Scientific and technological innovation and total lack of resources and a large number of idle coexist is a prominent issue. Innovative resources of the various colleges and universities in the region has not been effective use of scientific instruments and equipment resources, science and technology resources, scientific data resources, technical resources, and other research resources utilization is low, waste and idle serious. The reason for this phenomenon is that each unit of each array, contained use. This leads on the one hand. Innovative funding shortage; On the other hand, many innovative resources idle, of no use. The lack of a unified layout construction of the basic conditions of the Science and Technology Innovation, highlighting the phenomenon of low-level redundant construction.
(D) technological innovation talents severe shortage of resources
The area within the high-level innovative talents. Have a significant impact in the field of scientific research, and a few well-known experts and scholars in the international and domestic, the total lack of scientific teams, especially in the field of information technology, biotechnology, new materials technology, environmental protection industry and other high-tech talent shortage, not adapt to the needs of the development of high-tech industries, and the loss of high-level personnel of the phenomenon is not a fundamental solution to.
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