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Taihu Lake area, regional innovation system concept

Author: ZhangDingZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-08 09:15:12 Read:
Paper Keywords: Taihu Lake region innovation system of science and technology cooperation
Abstract: Taihu Lake area, in the regional system of protection of the ACC system, industrial clusters as the basis to create a background to the Yangtze River Delta, open Taihu Lake Regional Innovation System by accelerating the development of scientific and technological innovation intermediaries , so as to promote sound and rapid development of regional socio-economic.
The rise of a regional innovation system research
In 1987, the famous British technological innovation experts Freeman first proposed the concept of a national innovation system, he believes that the national innovation system is the network of public and private sector institutions and stressed that the system of the various actors in the system arrangements and interactions. Regional innovation system theory of evolution evolved from the theory of the national innovation system is an extension and development of the national innovation system. National innovation system theory emphasizing only within the scope of the national innovation activities, while ignoring the special circumstances of a country's domestic economic region. The first to propose the concept of regional innovation system is a professor at the University of Kadiri, UK Cook, he believes that the regional innovation system is mainly constituted by the geographical division of labor associated with production enterprises, research institutions and other regional organizations, the system support and innovation, which aims to promote new technologies or new knowledge in the area, flow, renewal and transformation. China in the late 1990s, started to pay attention in the national innovation system within the framework of the regional innovation system. National Technology Innovation Conference held in 1999, the improvement and development of the national innovation system as a long-term strategic task put forward. The 16th CPC National Congress, to strengthen the national innovation system and economic development, it has a clear economic policy implications. The report of the 17th will improve the capability of independent innovation, building an innovative country elevated to the height of the core of national development strategies.
2 practical significance of building a regional innovation system in the Taihu Lake region
2.1 help to improve the Taihu Lake area of ??scientific and technological innovation
In 2003, the Yangtze River Delta provinces and one city science and technology administrative department "Yangtze River Delta Regional Innovation System Forum" held in Hangzhou, it was decided to set up a "joint meeting of the Yangtze River Delta regional innovation system". Since then, the scientific and technological innovation cooperation between the Yangtze River Delta cities is increasing. However, the region is similar popularity to each of the Taihu Lake five cities in the field of scientific and technological innovation, participation is relatively slow. In the Yangtze River Delta in 2004 the first batch of joint scientific and technological projects 9 unit commitment, the Taihu Lake area is just a L3 participating units in the Taihu Lake area is only 2; Yangtze River Delta region first start of the Customs clearance integration of the four cities, a Taihu Lake City. Heartland in the Yangtze River Delta economic status and the Taihu Lake region disproportionate.
Therefore, the strengthening of the Taihu Lake area of ??science and technology collaboration to enhance regional innovation capability of the region, it is extremely necessary. Build regional innovation system of Taihu Lake area is conducive to the formation of the common interests of the Taihu Lake area, core, create a win-win mechanism to strengthen cooperation in the field of scientific and technological innovation, can reduce the cut-throat competition, to avoid redundant construction and innovative resources caused by waste in the region, in order to Taihu Lake area, development of the new platform shared by the resources, technology, thereby enhancing the region's scientific and technological innovation.
help optimize the industrial structure of the Taihu Lake area,
The Industrial Structure is an important factor in regional competitiveness of a region, the level of industrial structure depends largely on the ability and level of scientific and technological innovation. Therefore, accelerating the regional scientific and technological innovation system, promote the progress of science and technology has become an important breakthrough in a region to address the low level of industrial structure, low level of technology, economic efficiency and poor. To strengthen scientific and technological cooperation in the Taihu Lake region, optimize the allocation of talent, information, and other innovative elements, to reduce the cost of innovation, the formation of the elements of integration, network interaction, the system is open, the sound development of regional innovation system, can fully meet the high-tech industries, pillar industries, transformation of traditional industries and product structure adjustment requirements for technical support; can promote innovation diffusion, to speed up the spread to industrial innovation from business innovation, the pace of innovation of industrial clusters from a single industrial innovation diffusion; promote high-tech development zones and industrial parks become the habitat of industrial clusters, and accumulation of capital, technology and personnel and other factors shaping the regional brand, thus promoting the whole Taihu Lake area upgrading of the industrial structure.
2.3 contribute to the Yangtze River Delta regional innovation system construction
In recent years, the regional scientific and technological cooperation and development, attracted national attention. National long-term scientific and technological development strategic planning, regional science and technology development strategy as an important task to promote technological development. Taihu Lake area, the establishment of the regional innovation system will break the boundaries of administrative divisions innovative links and interactions contribute to the achievement of the Taihu Lake region, institutional innovation, give full play to the advantages of this area of ??scientific and technological achievements absorption, transformation, rational and effective use of scientific and technological resources within the region, together to advance the source of innovation, the main innovation, the innovation environment, and gradually improve the ability to innovate in the area of ??Taihu Lake area, so as to promote the coordinated development of the region's economic and social. This practice of regional innovation system, the construction of the entire Yangtze River Delta and other areas of regional innovation system, but also has a very important reference, but also lay a good foundation for the construction of China's national innovation system.
Building Taihu Lake area, the basic idea of ??the regional innovation system
To promote the rational allocation of the Taihu Lake area, innovative elements, increase the intensity of the Taihu Lake area, scientific and technical cooperation and resource sharing, to enhance the competitiveness of the Taihu Lake area, the need to build the Taihu Lake area, the system of protection of the ACC system, industrial clusters as the basis, by accelerating the development of scientific and technological innovation intermediary, to build a Yangtze River Delta background open Taihu Lake Regional Innovation System.

3.1 Establish the Taihu Lake area, the ACC system, provide an institutional guarantee for the Taihu Lake region innovation system
For a long time, the Taihu Lake area, formed its common geo-cultural learn from each other, complementary industrial structure, artificial administrative division lead to local protection is a serious impediment with further joint in the area of ??this region. In the process of the construction of the regional innovation system in the Taihu Lake will inevitably encounter cross Administrative Region of the major scientific and technological infrastructure, major scientific and technological resource flows and cross-regional scientific and technological achievements transformation. ACC system by constructing the Taihu Lake area, so it is necessary to solve these problems, and provide an institutional guarantee for the Taihu Lake Regional Innovation System.
The regional ACC system refers to to guarantee economic region around the common goal of coordinated development of all aspects of society and the establishment of regional management agencies. Regional governments at all levels on the basis of the establishment of regional organizations, the use of economic, administrative and other means to promote the development of the members of the regional coordination. "In the market economy, the ACC and market regulation is the coordination of regional development are two basic ways in which market regulation play a leading and basic role, ACC is a supplement of market regulation in the single market mechanisms asymmetric information between the pursuit of maximizing their own interests and the interests of the main factors under the regulation of local government as a stakeholder, regional cooperation is very likely to fail in this case to strengthen the ACC can play compensate for the effect of 'market failure'. "based on the experience of developed countries, an effective way to build a regional administrative coordination mechanism is to establish cross-regional management agencies to coordinate the regional interests of all parties, to promote scientific and technological cooperation, including regional cooperation to achieve scientific and technological elements of the optimal configuration. Such as the United States established in the regulation of the Tennessee Valley Tennessee Valley Authority, the agency in the process of remediation Tennessee Valley give full play to the function of the cross-regional coordination, organization and management, received good results. Specific to the Taihu Lake area, the small triangle as the core area of ??the Yangtze River Delta, the Taihu Lake area, try to build the physical regional innovation coordinating agency, the agency coordination and joint deployment of the Taihu Lake area of ??science and technology development and industrial development, unity planning, rational allocation of resources in science and technology, in order to achieve the purpose of one plus one is greater than 2, so that the Taihu Lake area, the overall regional innovation capability be enhanced.
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