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Study on the effect of regional innovation system and local government learning

Author: DanYingJie From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-08 08:27:57 Read:
Keywords: the regional innovation system learning region learning effect government function
Abstract: regional learning and innovation ability is the key factor of regional economic development.Based on analyzing the domestic and international research, defines the connotation of the learning region innovation system, mechanism of action between the main elements and their learning and innovation of the two analyzed, and pointed out that the local government should play in the construction of learning in regional innovation system.
Nowadays the development of world economy has step in the era of knowledge economy and show the regional characteristics.Regional innovation and learning ability is becoming a decisive factor of regional economy can obtain the international competition advantage, and the construction of regional innovation system effectively has become the strategic choice of fast development in the new century.Based on the famous high-tech industry around the world such as Silicon Valley in the United States, Hsinchu, Germany Baden of Taiwan a symbol of Baden-Wurttemberg state shows, these areas are considered to be the learning innovation of regional typical, its characteristic is to obtain relevant resources through the web of mutual dependence, formal learning system, as well as with the surrounding the understanding of communication, encourage enterprises to obtain sustainable competitiveness by learning based.The learning and innovation is the key problem to achieve sustainable development of regional economy.This "learning regional innovation system" is put forward under this economic background.
A related study, review
Regional innovation system is a subsystem of the national innovation system, is a new field of economics and geography, by "Ford", "industrial cluster", "the rise of the region" and other economic practice and economic theory on development.Regional innovation system refers to technology innovation and diffusion from a range of enterprise, University and research institutions, intermediary service institutions and governments, provide network system of AC relations to create, use, storage and transfer of knowledge, skills and new products.
The learning region is a new concept, domestic and foreign scholars from different angles and elaborates on its connotation: Richard~ofida in 1995 in the "future" magazine published the "towards the learning area" in an article pointed out, learning region included in the multidimensional and interactive innovation system, this system will produce the collective learning process.The learning region is a collection of knowledge and creativity, provide a conducive to knowledge, thought and learning environment or infrastructure; BjomAsheim to the learning region is defined as "embeddedness" learning geography and system organization and interactive learning, namely the learning region is to provide space and system to realize the interactive learning area, and attaches great importance to learning, the organizational form of the network learning process of innovation in the collective; Chinese scholar Gu Xin from the learning organization, learning region, a learning society in three aspects of the learning region are discussed."Whether it is learning organization and learning region, is the emphasis on learning interaction between organizational learning and organization innovation from the point of view.Learning organization, learning and learning society is expressed in terms of innovation system from different angles, the learning organization is micro innovation system innovation of organization system, the learning region is the concept of innovation system of regional innovation system, the learning society is a national innovation system and innovation system".The domestic and foreign research is generally believed that the essence of learning region, is the innovation and learning as the core of regional economic development.
Two, the connotation of learning and action mechanism of regional innovation system
The definition of learning region innovation system 1
Comprehensive view of scholars at home and abroad, this paper will study area is defined as: in a geographic region, under the guidance of the government, regional innovation subjects such as enterprise, University, scientific research institutions, intermediary service organizations and the government to establish a network of mutual trust, interactive learning through the network, forming a region based on innovation network learning, enhance regional innovation capability through learning, promote the development of regional economy, and eventually form an effective regional innovation system has a competitive advantage.Therefore, the learning region is a kind of regional innovation system based on learning, it has the following characteristics:
(1) between learning the subject domain namely enterprise, University, scientific research institutions of learning is active learning, is a dynamic learning process.Study the formation and development of regional is actually the main innovation of the collective learning process in a certain geographical area, to changes in the environment have quick response and flexible response, can interact with the collaboration between each unit.
(2) the learning region is the essence of the regional innovation network based on learning.The fundamental characteristics of the learning region innovation network is different from the general area of study, each unit region of the formation of regional innovation network on the basis of mutual trust, deeply rooted in the local social and cultural environment, conducive to the formation of the innovation environment.
(3) the learning region in the study including individual learning, organizational learning and learning.The individual learning and organizational learning is a learning based region, while the regional study is to establish a critical factor in learning region.
(4) the learning region is a social and economic study on spatial learning performance.Learning emphasizes the construction and improvement of infrastructure, a lifelong learning and learning ability to the main improvement.
Mechanism of learning region innovation system 2
The core learning regional innovation system is the learning and innovation, two have the relationship of mutual promotion and interaction.
(1) and spread learning effect in the region to promote knowledge and technology.Learning subject area through the study of effect of initiative can quickly, widely, high quality, knowledge diffusion region technology mature and the potential economic benefits to play out, the realization of the overall advantages of the region, and the learning effect is more conducive to the diffusion of tacit knowledge.Tacit knowledge is the most important part of knowledge, including the management and technical expertise and know-how, has the characteristics of strong personal practice, not specific, not easy to spread and metastasis.The regional body in the flow of personnel and private communication process, and establish a stable and lasting relationships, and then contribute to the tacit knowledge learning and sharing, learning effect to realize the diffusion of tacit knowledge.
(2) the learning effect in the region to promote regional innovation.Knowledge and technology to gather in the region is the basis of regional innovation, the region formed a learning effect depend on efficient individual learning, organizational learning and learning, these different levels of learning for learning region provide the human capital, structural capital and social capital, the accumulation of capital is a necessary condition for regional innovation.The diffusion of knowledge and technology have become the basic mode of regional innovation main body operation, is also an important way to improve the innovation performance.As previously mentioned, the diffusion of knowledge and technology is realized through the learning effect within the region, thus promoting the regional innovation.
(3) learning innovation region to promote the formation of learning effect.Regional innovation includes technical innovation, system innovation, organization innovation and social innovation.Limited resources within the region innovation decision requires cooperation between innovators, sharing information and public infrastructure, integrated innovation resources within the region.In this process, cooperation, voluntarily and consciously to complete the study plan innovation subject, form a complex interaction, and this interaction embodies interactive learning.Through the interactive learning process, to achieve local knowledge, information and technology in the main exchanges, communication and learning, so as to form a knowledge network.This kind of knowledge network is the foundation of the learning region innovation system.
Three, learning subject of regional innovation system elements and functions
The network structure learning region innovation system 1
The main elements of learning regional innovation system for regional strong enterprise, University, scientific research institutes and intermediary service agencies, and local governments.All the actors in the system by learning from each other, communication to build simple relationship, with the accelerated increase, the participation main body of knowledge flows, in strengthening the regional interaction and international background, premise and strengthening regional innovation environment of the main behavior of regional main supporting role, to improve the regional innovation capacity and the formation of innovation efficiency as the goal with open boundary, in certain geographical area, high complete elements, regional dynamic network structure (see below).
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