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The colleges and universities in China "international trade" course construction should pay attention to the problem

Author: Gong Feng From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-08 06:50:18 Read:
Keywords: the problem of the construction of international trade course
Abstract: is a main course of economic and trade professional, "international trade" course construction quality to the professional construction, subject construction and talents training quality.Colleges and universities in China Economic and trade professional "international trade" course construction, should and school orientation and talent training goals, combined with the discipline construction, professional construction, WTO related knowledge to improve the teaching content, teaching method and improve the teaching methods in the project, and combining with the school campus minister way of optimizing the teacher resources, in order to improve the the quality of the course construction.
Survival and development depends on the quality of personnel training in Colleges and universities, and the quality of talent training depends largely on the level of teaching level.Teaching is an important way to realize the goal of personnel training for colleges and universities, students acquire knowledge and skills, improve the quality of the important means of [1].The most basic factor of teaching is not only a decision a school teaching quality and talent training, comprehensive reflection of teachers, students, and also the management level and the teaching conditions.Therefore, the curriculum construction in Colleges and universities in our country is one of the basic tasks of building undergraduate teaching is most important in recent years.
"International trade" course is one of the designated by the Ministry of education finance and economics of eleven core courses, but also the international economy and trade and other trade specialized backbone course, help the students master the basic concepts, basic theories of international economics and trade, international trade policies and measures as well as the main factors affecting international trade and other related knowledge, and "international trade practice", "international investment follow-up courses such as foundation".Can say, business school students professional quality depends largely on the learning of the course the effect.In view of the importance of this course, many universities have put it as a course or key course construction.In order to improve the construction of "international trade" course, need to pay attention to several issues.
, the curriculum construction should be consistent with and school orientation and talent cultivation target
China has more than 2000 kinds of colleges at present, according to the education level and different specifications of talents, can be roughly divided into teaching and Research University, university research and teaching university three class.Although the fundamental task of any university is training talents, but different types of university personnel training objectives and quality standard is not the same, this is not the same in different] will bring the teaching plan, content and teaching methods, curriculum system, curriculum.Visible, the curriculum construction in Colleges and universities should adapt to the school location, matching with the specific goal of talent training.The course construction, covering all aspects of teaching content, teaching methods, teachers should reflect this point.
"International trade" as a specialized branch curriculum and professional, of great significance in the training of talents in international trade.Because of the difference of target culture orientation and talent, various institutions of "international trade" course system should also have differences.For example, high level research university in the course of teaching content planning focuses on theory, especially the theory of international frontier trade, give students to cultivate more theoretical and research quality; and for those with teaching in local universities especially in higher vocational colleges, can will focus on teaching content on the policies and measures of international trade and WTO basic knowledge, focus on training students' practical ability to lay the foundation.
two, course construction and subject construction and specialty construction combined with
Discipline is a certain scientific fields, is the academic classification; professional is the special field according to the division of labor and production division and separated, represent different training program and curriculum system; curriculum is to cultivate professional talents and open teaching subject.Discipline, specialty and course consists of three basic elements of colleges and universities, and the construction of the three major elements will become the three items of basic construction tasks in Colleges and universities.
Although the discipline construction, specialty construction and curriculum construction and extension are not entirely consistent, but the three never separated.On the course construction, must be combined with the school's subject construction and specialty construction, otherwise it will affect the realization of the goal of school personnel training.Therefore, we must understand the relationship between the three.Specifically, the course construction, professional construction is the support, and course construction is the foundation of.Professional personnel training function is through the curriculum implementation, curriculum to cultivate talents for the target service.The curriculum construction should be professional construction as the basis and goal.On the discipline construction, it is the school construction, because the division and courses professional settings are based on subjects, subject to professional and curriculum, also higher than the specialty and the curriculum, the school decided by the level of discipline construction.Of course, the discipline construction is more macroscopic, to truly implement, also rely on the professional construction and courses construction, especially the construction of curriculum.The results of discipline construction, will eventually be reflected in the curriculum construction.In a word, should focus on the professional orientation and talent training specifications do a good job of course construction, will drive the professional construction and subject construction in discipline construction.
"International trade" as the main course of international economy and trade and other economic and trade professional, professional construction should serve the college and university discipline construction, reflect the professional construction and subject construction ideas and characteristics.Of course, level and characteristics of the University's economics discipline construction and international economic and trade professional development to a certain extent by "level and features of the construction of international trade" course reflected.Therefore, we must combine it with the subject construction of our university and specialty construction in the construction of "international trade" course, otherwise it can not form system, no characteristics.
three, WTO related knowledge and improve the teaching content
"The core of the construction of international trade" course is teaching content, that is to teach the students.Generally speaking, the teaching content should be novel, should be updated continuously with the development of the times, to be able to reflect the latest scientific research results and theoretical point of view, but also deal with other courses especially between follow-up courses."Construction of the teaching content of international trade" course is mainly refers to the construction of textbooks and other teaching materials construction, now the use of the universities and colleges in our country's "international trade" materials are published by the foreign economic and Trade University Press and higher education press materials, or by the various institutions of higher education textbooks.From these different versions of the material, system, structure and content of the same.Generally, including the basic concepts of international trade international trade development history, the theory of international trade, international service trade, international trade policies and measures, regional economic integration, the World Trade Organization (wT0) etc..Although these different versions of the materials include the world trade organization, this part of the contents, but belong to the nature, including the establishment of the world trade organization process, aim, principle, organization structure and operation mechanism, without revealing the WTO on international trade and the world economy by influencing mechanism, also did not take full account of WTO as a whole the force effects on international trade and world market, in the analysis of influence of "the world" on the Chinese economy, the general is only limited to the "cons" analysis, without deep analysis from the perspective of political economics.
In a word, as a main course of international economy and trade and other economic and trade professional, ink to WTO our existing "international trade" textbook is too little, too shallow, showed no significant effect of WTO on the contemporary international trade and the world economy.At present, most of the world economy has joined the WTO, but in the near future, even the whole world all economies are likely to join WTO, the world's economies are under the framework of WTO, the related principle and protocol follow WTO, to carry out various types of international trade and economic activities.In this context, if our country university talents trained international trade a lack of global vision, do not understand w T0 rules of the game, it will be difficult to meet the w T0 framework more integration and the increasingly fierce competition in the world market, and this talent does not accord with the high-level economic and trade talents.Therefore, knowledge of WTO neglect in China is a big defect "international trade" textbook construction and even the whole course construction even mishap.
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