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On the economic value of the ideological and political work

Author: XuChangHui From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-08 05:33:30 Read:
Ideological and political work as one aspect of the day-to-day management, belong to the category of "soft management", not as "hard" economic benefits created so intuitive, it is often overlooked. In fact, in the planned economy period. The ideological and political work have played an important role. I believe that, in today's market economy, the ideological and political work also contains inestimable economic value, as long as it is to play good use of the wonderful, will greatly promote the social and economic development. Fully understand the functions and economic value of the ideological and political work, to promote the coordinated development of material civilization and spiritual civilization has very important significance.

The material productive forces of the unity and the spirit of productivity

Productivity is the ability of the human transformation of the material world, is the ability of people to produce material goods, which reflects the relationship between man and nature, productivity, including the material productive forces and the spirit of productivity. Material productive forces people to transform and conquer nature, the ability to create material wealth. Spiritual Productivity refers to the ability of people to produce ideology products. Material productive forces or spiritual productivity, workers are among the most active factor, but also the factors that play a decisive role. Workers only in a conscious and voluntary basis, with strong enthusiasm for labor and degree of motivation and dedication to engage in labor, in order to give full play to the physical and mental workers, the workers and the factors of production best combination to produce more material wealth. Spiritual Productivity is the study of human thought, stand, viewpoint formation and changes in the law, people give full play to their physical and mental capacities of the most important factors that can play a role in promoting material production. Therefore, the material productive forces and the spirit of productivity is to reinforce each other, and can be transformed into each other.

Second ideological and political work involve great economic value

Ideological and political work as the spirit productivity, can be transformed into the material productive forces. Comrade Mao Zedong pointed out: "correct ideas of the advanced class, once the grasp of the people, it will become the transformation of society, the transformation of the material forces of the world". The substance is the basis and prerequisite of the spirit, the spirit of the dynamic reaction in the substance. This reaction not only focus on the performance in terms of ideological guarantee, spiritual motivation and intellectual support, but also in the ideological and political education, the spread of ideological and theoretical, moral values ??as a spiritual force directly involved in the creation of material civilization and the spiritual civilization achievements In the process of material production into material achievements.
Healthy moral beliefs and norms constitute a necessary condition for the healthy development of the market economy. China's renowned economist Li Yining, in addition to the socio-economic activities commonly referred to as market regulation (the "invisible hand") and government regulation (the "visible hand") both resource allocation and means of regulation, but also there is between the "invisible hand" and "visible hand" between the third adjustment, habits and moral regulation. Moral strength not only affects the efficiency of the allocation of resources and economic activity, regulation of economic behavior and the spiritual driving force of economic development, but also to social fairness and justice (distributive justice), the impact of social development and improved quality of life. And promote good social climate, and create a moral environment conducive to economic development, improve the function and mission of the individual ideological and moral qualities is the ideological and political work.
Productivity of production and workers (that is, material factors and human factors) two major elements. In the productivity of the two elements, the elements of the matter is a relatively stable factors affected by the environment is not very clear, the human element is a very active, larger affected by the environment. The only good material conditions, there is no specific labor of workers, not to create a cost-effective; focus only on the labor of the workers do not pay attention to the quality of workers, ignore the people's initiative, there will not be a good economic benefits. The human mind is unstable, mentally unbalanced, it is necessary to lose the enthusiasm, creativity is necessary to weaken; no matter how good the material conditions it does not produce good economic returns. Ideological and political fundamental task is to improve people's ideological and moral quality, and promote the comprehensive development, through the intermediary of the "people" to participate in social life, affecting economic development, through advocacy, education, inspiration, and induction of ideological and political work side enamel , the scientific theory of Marxism instilled into the minds of men, and with the true, the good and the beautiful to influence and construction of the spiritual world, adjust the mood of people's thinking, digging the potential of human wisdom, to stimulate people's intrinsic motivation. In short, the ideological and political work contains a great deal of economic value. The economic value of the three effective ideological and political work

Under modern conditions, the ideological and political work by stimulating the body awareness and sense of competition to help people establish modern ideas, improve their own quality, so as to promote social and economic development and all-round progress.
To make the ideological and political work for economic development to provide value-oriented. Ideological and political work through the spread of the scientific theory of Marxism, the laws, regulations and the Party's line, principles, reform policy advocacy, as well as socialist values ??education, economic development in order to ensure the correct orientation and economic activity of the normal operation of play a role. In building a socialist market economy, vigorously develop the productive forces, paying particular attention to the formation of a socialist market economy to adapt to the spirit of the modern economy. It is throughout the whole process in the modern economy, affecting even the invisible forces to determine the direction of economic development. The ideological and political work should play a more active role in promoting the spirit of modern economic formation.
To make ideological and political work to create a good social environment for economic progress. Market economy as a "double-edged sword, with the two sides on the economic and moral. Therefore, the healthy development of the market economy need of social norms and restrictions, the main economic activity of the market, it requires not only a clear legal norms defined and clear ethical constraints. In other words, the orderly and healthy development of the market economy requires not only the force protection of the law, ethics and economic behavior is more reasonable, more civilized.
Let ideological and political work to provide a reliable guarantee for deepening the reform. Reform of the benefits. However, in the course of reform, often encounter a lot of resistance, especially resistance to the maximum, then we should give full play to the important role of the ideological and political work. To clarify the policy to allow trade unions to be sensible. Their ideological problem is not fall from the sky, is not innate in the mind, explaining the policy, made it clear that the reason enhance workers and consciously implement the policy initiative, to gain their understanding and support. Ideological and political work not only to be better at doing. We must be practical, do their ideological counseling. To follow a respect for people, caring for people, understand the principles, identify the workers say "no" reason, solve problems, blood circulation, resolve conflicts, unite the people and the development of human potential, to mobilize the enthusiasm of people, so as to deepen the reform Shop flat road.
Let ideological and political work for the economic agents to provide the motive power and moral incentives. In addition to the economic needs, social, psychological and other needs. People's initiative, in addition to the material interests of this basic reason, but also significantly affected by mental factors. In personal income reaches a certain level, the material interests of individual initiative, enthusiasm excitation of receded, and inspired by the spirit and moral incentives will rise. Ideological and political work is in its own unique way, provide the motive power and moral incentives for economic agents such as corporate culture, as modern enterprise ideological and political work of the new carrier, is playing an increasingly important role. In particular, the core of corporate culture - corporate values, corporate survival and development of the soul and the spiritual pillar. Such as Haier Group's selfless dedication to the pursuit of excellence "spirit of enterprise, Shandong Road" with the times, and civilization-friendly "industry concept, are a concrete manifestation of corporate values. Not only guiding ideology for corporate business development goals, business ethics, and all production and operation activities with guiding role, but also for the enterprise spirit of every member state will have a huge impact, thus creating a sense of social responsibility, highly entrepreneurial, pioneering spirit corporate employees. Corporate culture also create a unity, cooperation, hard work and enterprising culture, harmonious interpersonal relationships, and enhance the sense of belonging and team spirit of the employees, the survival, development and growth of personal survival purpose of the work with the enterprise consciously linked, thus have a strong cohesion and competitiveness.
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