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On the Development Zone, land management

Author: ShiWeiGuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-08 02:26:13 Read:
Abstract: In recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization around the strengthening of investment, the country's arable land at an alarming rate in reducing the shortage of resources, food shortages, abnormal fluctuations in grain prices. The same time, due to the construction of various types of parks caused by land acquisition contradictions and group clashes, all that the fact that the land of China has threatened the country's stability and security. Purely economic growth does not mean that the development of real development should be coordinated development and population, resources and environment. Land is the foundation of people's livelihood, the development zone problems faced by the increasing pressures and challenges. Therefore, to explore the development zone land management, to seek reasonable to carry out the development zone land management methods, has important practical significance.
Keywords: Development Zone; land management; method

1 Development Zone Land Use Problems
Development Zone as a product of China's reform and opening up, economic construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the demonstration area, rationality and necessity of its existence, its economic role in promoting is immeasurable. Only development zone policy running away like some non-standard Development Zone Development Zone, the overall image. Land use in the zone, the following problems.
1.1 planning and layout of the lack of scientific.
1.2 Development Zone total is too high.
1.3 Land utilization is low.
1.4 of land resources is a serious loss.
China's development zones land management measures to be taken analyze
2.1 Land resource planning measures.
First, to strengthen the management of the Development Planning and Development Zone status, function and role analysis, scientific and reasonable development of land-use planning in the park give full play to the role of the planning. Reasonable assurance as to the direction of the land-use planning constraints and guidance from the zone reality, structure and layout, to co-ordinate the arrangements for the various types of land to promote the the park land intensive use of resources and optimize the allocation of sustained, rapid development of the industrial park. Development Zone set up the Planning Advisory Committee to fully listen to the views of experts, to improve the scientific and advanced planning. Second, the development zone to follow the principle of combining short-term planning and long-term planning. Zone planning should be based on the existing level of development, function, and its own characteristics, but also has enough ahead. Recent planning to do, Development Zone, the existing planning framework, the direction of the new city development, the formation of the industrial area, supporting the area, the central business district, living residential area function zoning pattern. To do long-term planning, as the center to the zone extended to the surrounding, Development Zone, economic and geographic conditions, development, where the regional economic base and infrastructure and other conditions to determine the planning area and the layout of the development. Furthermore, the park land development must be strictly in accordance with the planning, before the stock of land is underutilized, and never new levy occupation of land to determine a reasonable time to land development, development order, development scale and intensity of development, so no earlier levy, not much sign, planning a development of a piece of an effective to reduce the land idle and inefficient development.
The same time, to play a supervisory mechanism to ensure that planning and implementation. On the one hand to establish a strict system of notification of land use permit system, land use can not be altered once the provisions of any substantive changes to the land development on land use need to develop an application for leave to the planning authority, on the other hand, the establishment of granted land development supervision of land development, land use planning to strengthen rigidity. 2.2 land resources effective regulatory measures.
2.2.1 Improved management tools to improve management efficiency. With the advancement of China's economic reform, land as a factor of production into the market, the increasingly significant economic benefits. At present, China's development zone land management system reform progress and perfect, but due to a number of factors, institutional aspects also exist such as bull management rights have been other administrative departments contain. Summarize the experiences and lessons of the Development Zone, land management, at home and abroad a number of national and regional land management practical experience, from the following aspects: (1) the establishment of the land management sector and related sectors of the economy to cooperate with each other mutual restraint, and the integrated use of kinds of control means to ensure economic development and rational land use coordination of new land supply mechanism. (2) clear the land management department, Development Zone, land management and other relevant departments to establish and improve the unified leadership of the powers and responsibilities in accordance with the principles of effective separation, a clear division of labor, coordinated management system the vertical management with relevant government departments at all levels. (3) to strengthen the system of land legislation, according to the law, do illegal land laws to go by, and strictly enforced, and severely crack down on all levels of government ultra vires land violations of the land grant and developers. (4) to strengthen land use control, improving the land use approval system.
2.2.2 Establish effective monitoring and feedback mechanisms. Levels of management system, the spokesman for the interests of local government, both local and legal policy makers and implementers, lack of effective monitoring and feedback mechanisms of their behavior and consequences of land-use, resulting in at the expense of a large number of valuable land repeated acts of resources to local interests. It is necessary to use of various techniques to conduct a comprehensive and dynamic follow-up survey on land use is the regular production of the current land use within the scope of the Development Zone detail to provide a scientific basis and means for the implementation of land use regulation, improve land use monitoring and feedback the timeliness and feasibility, give full play to the role of the regulatory mechanism. The following improvements:
(1) strengthen the functions of the vertical management of land management department, cut off the intervention of the administrative departments of land administration department management functions, in strict accordance with the "Land Management Law" and other relevant land management laws and policies on land to stop violations and penalties. (2) the establishment of land use of joint supervision and inspection committee, public administration, and to receive reports from the masses, to appoint inspectors to the land administration department, work directly responsible for the supervision and inspection Commission. Authorized by the State Council National Land sector organizations, joint supervision and inspection of the Commission on behalf of the State Council in exercising Lands the right to monitor, supervise and inspect the land management practices at all levels of local governments and land management sector and ensure its oversight behavior from local government constraints. (3) improve the transparency of the administration, the implementation of public participation in the system, to accept supervision by the masses, so that the public can make their own opinion or advice on the formulation of land use planning, urban planning major land-use behavior (or revision), to ensure that major land trading behavior Development Zone, a large area of ??land acquisition, the public's right to know. Open all the legal rights and interests of the land use rights and the government departments of internal processes and procedures. (4) to strengthen the tracking and management of land development. After the approval of new construction land for the project should be to strengthen the tracking and management of land for the project, create a file, and timely feedback of land development, and take the appropriate measures in a timely manner, in order to promote the efficiency of land development.
[1] Tian Fang. Gather Industrial Park to promote the development of urbanization [J]. Hangzhou Land, 2003.
[2] Lu Hongsheng Land Management General [M] Beijing: China Agriculture Press, 2002.
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