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The sports industry

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Abstract: literature, logical analysis, industry model and the industry status quo of Sino-Japanese sports industry, comparative analysis, the slow development of China's sports industry market competitive performance industry lags behind; sports consumption level is not high; should gradually establish market-oriented model of industrial and other issues, and provide recommendations for the development of China's sports industry.
Keywords: sports industry, market-oriented, sports consumption

With the development of China's market economy, people's living standards improve, more and more attention to physical exercise, "investment in health", "new consumer attitudes to eat better to sweat" The rise in China, the sports industry in Chinese have a lot of room for growth, will become China's new economic growth point. In many of our industry, the sports industry can only be called a "sunrise industry", as an emerging industry, the sports industry is classified as a service industry in China's tertiary industry. In this paper, a comparative analysis of China's sports industry and sports industry in Japan provide a reference for the development of sports industry in China.

An industrial composition compared

With the growing sports undertakings protruding countries have to pay attention to sports the enormous economic benefits to the country, the term "sports industry" have come into being, from a broad perspective, the sports industry and sports all production business activities. Affected by the political, economic and other aspects of the status of the world sports industry development is unbalanced, the United States is the world of sports industry management the highest level of countries, Japan and China, a newcomer to the national sports industry market development is relatively slow. Japan despite a late start, but to operating status second only to the United States on a specific industry.
The Japanese government attaches great importance to the development of the sports industry. At present, the Japanese sporting goods industry and the development of sports sponsorship industry in the world after the United States door to second in the world, the Japanese sports industry constitute "special". China's sports industry is a very wide scope, as a standard industry competition show business and the Development of Recreation slightly behind the sporting goods industry, resulting in the slow development of other related industries in the sports, such as sports gaming industry, sports brokerage industry, sports tourism of China's sports industry involving a wide range, most of the industry is still in its infancy, "all without special" full net trend. In recent years, China's sports tourism is gradually developed, which is closely linked with our vast geographic resources, the people in the Golden Week can relax the nerve into nature, sport participation entertainment activities, such as rafting, climbing, etc. irritating game, which is China compared with Japan's sports industry has unique advantages.

Second, the model of industrial

The industry model is divided into two categories; market-oriented government involvement. The role of government in the development of national sports industry is to determine the standard of the country's industrial model.
Japan is a latecomer national sports industry, sports industry development model of government involvement. Japan's International Trade and Industry Ministry of the development of sports industry in the country set a target, and the use of various means of guidance, regulation and norms Sports organization and operation of the market players. According to the degree of development of national sports consumption and the sports market, the Japanese government established the sporting goods industry is the focus of development in a planned, step-by-step to promote the development of sports industry, the nonprofit turned-profit institutions, reducing the Government's fiscal expenses.
China's sports industry is starting out in the state-owned State Office of sports on the basis of the initial phase of the material basis of sports industrialization and human resources are countries invest in the construction and training, the Government in the process of the development of sports industry play a leading role China is also the Government's participation in industrial structure type mode. However, with China's sports industry better year by year, this model more or less restricted industries, fitness and entertainment industry and competitive performance industry lags behind other related industries, the development of professional sports industry in China is still not with their own hematopoietic function, operating the most good club can only make ends meet, thereby increasing the intensity of investment by the Government, is not conducive to the development of the industry itself. In June 1995, the State Sports General Administration developed the 1995-2010 sports industry development outline, outline pointed out that the goal of the development of sports industry gradually built to fit the socialist market economic system is about 15 years, in line with modern sports law , wide range, reasonable structure, regulate the development of sports industry system. Mode of China's sports industry should gradually transition to market-oriented, and ultimately the formation of the socialist market economic system under the sports industry mode, straight is to allow enterprises to operate independently, market allocation of porcelain source, so that the sports industry to develop freely. The establishment of clear property rights, power and responsibility, separation of enterprise from administration, and scientific management of modern enterprise system. Industry Analysis

Development of sports industry to a broad market of industrial value-added, consumption determines the prospects of the sports industry in sports. The Sports Consumption stimulate the development of sports industry, sports rapid growth in consumption, the rapid development of sports industry space. Sports Industry are designed around the needs of consumers, the core of the industry to consumers. Countries according to their specific conditions to be emphasized, focusing on the development of those markets, small investment, high efficiency basic industries.

(A) Japan Sports Industry
Japanese sports industry and consumers are closely linked, Japan has established a special Sporting Goods Association, Leisure Development Center, these institutions specializing in sporting goods demand, production, imports and exports, the Japanese popular fitness and entertainment consumption is very popular, national sporting goods in great demand, vigorously develop the sporting goods industry in Japan, some of the leading sporting goods companies are currently doing business abroad, local production and operation, baseball and golf supplies a virtual monopoly on the U.S. and European markets in foreign countries.

(2) China Sports Industry
Driven by economic globalization and cultural exchanges, a variety of high-level, high spectator sports competitions and public fitness, entertainment and sporting events as part of contemporary popular culture of the mainstream of fashion, leisure, health, entertainment, consumer, so that our consumers There are more opportunities to participate, to cultivate the interest of consumers to participate in sports activities, updating the concept of life. Changes in the sports consumer attitudes, to sports as an indispensable part of daily life. And thus play a role to foster and expand the sports consumer market, the growth in the number of sports participants will stimulate Sporting Goods and increased demand for services. Residents sports consumption in China accounted for the proportion of the total consumption of the residents is still very low, due to the economic impact, with the developed countries far apart. Chinese residents sports per capita consumption in 2002 was $ 78.5 million, the sports consumption accounted for about 1.65% of the per capita income. Developed countries are very different, It is reported that the Japanese the sports consumption per capita in 1998 amounted to $ 26.2. Sports consumption only after people meet basic survival consumption and have some remaining to become a reality. China's economy is still underdeveloped, the imbalance in the development of regional economies, relatively low disposable income of Chinese residents, sports spending is relatively lower. Survey showed that the country residents for Sporting Goods expenses (in addition to the daily consumption) of important consumer spending, the first children's education, the second household appliances, housing, bit books, newspapers, high-end clothing, after consumption Sporting Goods, average family expenditures for Sporting Goods in 2000 yuan. At present, China's sports industry. Sporting goods sales momentum; development of competitive sports club direction, the sports lottery also started, sports career awareness and development intangible assets, license rights and advertising sponsorship has increased year by year in the name and logo of the sports delegation a series of industry development, closely around the needs of consumers. In recent years, with the weekend, the holiday leisure sports development, sports and tourism relationship more closely, sports tourism and leisure industry will enter a rapid development stage.

Fourth, the proposed

(A) increase of Sport Performance Industry packaging, formed the core of the "small and specialized sports competition show business and fitness and entertainment industry model in the Chinese market, vigorously develop sports tourism industry with Chinese characteristics.
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