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The globalization of Multi-National Corporation and China regional innovation system construction

Author: ChuTianJiao From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-07 22:46:27 Read:
Keywords:   the regional innovation system; globalization of Multi-National Corporation
Abstract: has a significant effect on Multi-National Corporation R & D globalization open, on the regional innovation system evolution path, differentiation degree and its role in the global innovation system status.The development of Multi-National Corporation R & D institutions in China will increase the difference of regional innovation capability in China and differentiation, and it is possible to change the structure and function of the regional innovation system in a certain extent.In response to these challenges, the adjustment of regional innovation policy in china.
1 Introduction
Data shows, both R & D institutions or the number of R & D funds, Multi-National Corporation have occupied a large share in the field of research and development in china.As of the end of 2007, the number of Multi-National Corporation to set up R & D institutions in China reached 1160, but in 6 years ago, Multi-National Corporation in China set up a separate and independent R & D institutions a total of not more than 200.In addition to the significant increase in the number of foreign institutions, R & D investment are accelerating growth.In 2005, reaching 23100000000 yuan investment in research and development of foreign investment enterprises, large and medium-sized enterprises investment accounted for 18.5%, 7.5 percentage points higher than in 2000....According to the United States of America Kearney management consulting company report (2005 foreign direct investment confidence index "shows, China continues to be the R & D investment destination for the next three years the world's most attractive.Therefore, it can be expected that, China will gain more Multi-National Corporation R & D investment in the future.
The rapid increase of Multi-National Corporation in China R & D institutions and R & D investment is an important part of the globalization of Multi-National Corporation, will also have a significant impact on the construction of regional innovation system in our country.Therefore, this paper examines the role and influence of globalization of Multi-National Corporation of the regional innovation system's function, structure and evolution, and put forward the adjustment of regional innovation policy in China by the globalization of Multi-National Corporation opportunity thought.
2 Effects of globalization of Multi-National Corporation of the regional innovation system
Since the nineteen seventies end, Multi-National Corporation R & D globalization tendency, has become an important economic phenomenon in the world.Multi-National Corporation in order to obtain scarce in the context of the global R & D resources, changing its R & D organization and management mode, actively to abandon its long R & D institutions retained in the home country within the traditional concepts and practices, in the global search for the right location of R & D institutions, and assign different tasks on R & D institutions located in different location thus, construct the global innovation network, to realize the integration of global innovation resources, improve the ability of innovation, maintain the international competitiveness of the objective.Globalization of Multi-National Corporation, as the main force of the globalization of science and technology, making a far-reaching influence on regional innovation system.
(1) Multi-National Corporation R & D globalization more deeply expand the opening degree of the regional innovation system
Multi-National Corporation R & D institutions location global search, which has strong innovation ability more and more into the Multi-National Corporation's view.Multi-National Corporation set up offshore R & D institutions, due to the following reasons: the general use of local resources, including research and development personnel, local innovation system innovation, advanced production knowledge and the user knowledge; the occupation of the local market, mainly to obtain local market information, strengthen support for with local specific product development and technology; the lower costs, mainly the use of R & D personnel place cheap, reduce the cost of innovation.For the reasons set up R & D institutions, are inevitably associated with local innovation system, that is to say, the node Multi-National Corporation offshore R & D institutions as Multi-National Corporation innovation network with local innovation system combining (see photo), their appearance and operation, better to break the closed boundary of the regional innovation system, the occurrence of knowledge flows in the regional and even national beyond the range, thus becoming a more open regional innovation system.

(2) R & D globalization Multi-National Corporation changed the evolution path of regional innovation system in a certain extent
Multi-National Corporation set up offshore R & D institutions, primarily for the use of the regional innovation resources.Therefore, they will enter the most innovative advantage, and they enter, concentration will further promote innovation resources to these areas, and further strengthen the innovation power of these areas.In other words, the path dependence of regional innovation system.For some technology innovation is relatively single area, this effect is more obvious.China and Taiwan as an example.With the rapid development of Taiwan's information technology, Multi-National Corporation R & D activities are mainly concentrated in the information and communication fields, large investments have been attracted to the information, electronic industry, or even continuous plastic such industry leading enterprises have investment focus to the electronics industry, resulting in the development of traditional industry to a standstill.The distribution pattern of the R & D resources can cause Taiwan to improve information industry R & D level in a short time, but in the long run, it will cause depends on Taiwan path in these areas of expertise, its influence on complex technology, technology integration and other aspects of the development.For the field of technology innovation more diverse areas, due to enter the field of Multi-National Corporation R & D institutions, the minority areas to strengthen the phenomenon may be too weak.In this sense, globalization of Multi-National Corporation has the separation effect on regional, enhanced specialization areas, and expand the differentiation between professional and comprehensive region.
(3) Multi-National Corporation R & D globalization accelerates the differentiation of regional innovation system
In terms of the regional innovation system, Multi-National Corporation R & D resources is undoubtedly a high-quality resources, its injection will make regional innovation ability in a certain extent increase, despite the improvement may be the development goal deviate from the desired the place.In this case, those who have entered the Multi-National Corporation R & D institutions of the region, will have more development opportunities than those areas without access to Multi-National Corporation R & D resources, develop faster, and into the Multi-National Corporation's global innovation network, and play different roles in the.And those who do not get Multi-National Corporation R & D resources area, mostly weak innovation ability, will more quickly marginalized.Influence of Multi-National Corporation R & D institutions of the regional innovation system can be seen in many developing countries.In India, local software industry mainly concentrated in southern Karnataka county (Bangalore), Ande (Hyderabad) state and Jose Milner (Chennai) city area of our state, and the area around the western Maharashtra Pradesh and Delhi such, and these areas are also the most attract Multi-National Corporation R & D institutions.Huge amounts of foreign investment to stimulate the rapid development of the regional software industry, also widened them with the backward areas of technology gap.Therefore, globalization of Multi-National Corporation, not only increased the area between the technology innovation in the field of differentiation, but also intensified its innovation ability of differentiation of J.
(4) Multi-National Corporation R & D globalization has accelerated the global innovation system, and influence and role of different regions in the new global innovation system status
Globalization of Multi-National Corporation will have an impact on the relative position and the role of the regional in the innovation center in the world, change their relative importance in a certain extent.The formation of Multi-National Corporation's global innovation networks, further promoted the formation of global innovation system.Those who attract Multi-National Corporation R & D institutions, comprehensive regional innovation domain, become the top node of global innovation system, with control and dominance effect of global innovation activities, is a global innovation region.Those areas attract Multi-National Corporation R & D institutions, innovation field more relatively single, become the middle node in the global innovation system with regional significance, or in a field of great significance, is a regional or industry innovation.Those who had a small Multi-National Corporation R & D institutions of the region, a node at the end of global innovation system, knowledge flows in the global innovation system, but in control, management status.In addition, there are a large number of backward areas, can not enter the global innovation network, are marginalized status.
The construction of regional innovation system in our country is facing 3 Multi-National Corporation research and development under the background of globalization challenge
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