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Study on the dynamic factors of cluster innovation of industry of our country

Author: ShiXiaoZhong From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-07 21:43:03 Read:
Keywords: the     industrial cluster; innovation; regional innovation network
Abstract : technical factors of industry cluster development is not only the cause and the inherent development mechanism of cluster formation. And with the technology innovation and human capital as the region innovation network formed on the basis of sustained, healthy development is the fundamental power of industrial cluster security. And promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.
Theoretical basis, industrial cluster innovation
Michael Porter of Harvard University (MichaelE - Porter) in "the competitive advantage of nations" in one book first proposed the concept of industry cluster, industry cluster is to connect with each other in a certain field, in the geographic concentration of companies and institutions set the scholars of our country week Ming Wei thinks, industry cluster refers to a certain fields. A group of industry closely related enterprises and related supporting institutions, because of commonness and complementarity and together. In the geographical space agglomeration of local production network, and form a strong, sustainable competitive advantage phenomenon.Through the research on industrial cluster domestic and foreign scholars on the definition of industrial clusters, we can see a little consensus. In the industrial cluster internal enterprises of mutual associations exist. But this relationship is mainly reflected in the technology through the analysis of the industrial cluster. It can be found that this kind of Technology Association not cluster formation after. But along with the development of the whole process of the formation and clusters of Marshall fAlfredMarshaJI) from the angle of economics of scale that the agglomeration of enterprise products similar. Have a common production technology and knowledge. Agglomeration can expand the market capacity. Increasing the total economy. And the industrial sector is divided into basic production departments and supporting departments. Two Department of building a close-knit system. Auxiliary Department has reduced the cost of production, can support more specialized production Weber (MaxWeber) from the cost saving was discussed from the view point of industrial cluster formation cause each enterprise through the related organization and production centralized process technology development, equipment. The development of the labor market, professional market plays a role in promoting.With the development of technology and equipment to strengthen the overall function of specialized equipment. The technology and equipment of interdependent promote agglomeration of enterprises: enterprises in the industrial workers constitute a huge professional labor market. To provide the needed labor for the enterprise, so as to promote the industrial agglomeration.Michael Porter received from the view of competitive advantage of industry cluster. It is the demand of the market, the production factor conditions, related supporting industries and peer competitors, substitute products four factors determine a country or a region's industry competitive advantage: the elements in geography on the interaction between each other, prompting the formation of competitive advantage of industry, enterprise and other theories to explain the cause of cluster innovation, such as: the growth pole theory, transaction cost theory, the industrial cluster is not the production of the same, similar, related products enterprises simple aggregation, but as a basic factor of many enterprises as a link with the basic factors of this organism. Many enterprises is the technology factors.Because in the cluster, machinery and equipment, production process, raw materials, products are the category of technology. Even the labour is "live" technology.Technology makes independent firms produced. The enterprise group has become associated organisms technology organization has certain significance of the longitudinal and transverse association association including longitudinal association is the main industry agglomeration and upstream and downstream enterprises. The main embodiment of division of labor and specialization industry of.
Two dynamic factors of industrial cluster innovation
(a) the impact of scientific and technological factors on the industrial cluster.With the great improvement of transportation conditions. Industrial agglomeration and dependence on the resource and location advantages greatly weakened. But more reliance on technology."Scientific and technological knowledge which belongs to all mankind," any new technology, new knowledge no matter in which country or region the first invention, will eventually spread. But the technology diffusion and knowledge spillovers have space limitations.Radiation effect and distance "technical knowledge and technology" has the very big relations may be encoded knowledge through modern communication tools is almost spread rapidly without cost. But those non-coding knowledge is tacit knowledge propagation speed depends on the space distance non-coding knowledge in the transfer process will be distorted and distortion the phenomenon of.The longer the path, twist and distortion phenomenon more serious.Space limitations of the dissemination of knowledge is not high technology become an important condition of the formation of industrial clusters of traditional industries of high-tech components, investment is not much, so the low barriers to entry is easy to form the cluster of small and medium enterprises.As the area of such enterprises more and more. On the formation of the textile industry cluster.Because these enterprises are using homologous technology enterprises. So with the cluster formation, technology of network in the cluster have gradually established between these enterprises competitive urge enterprises through technological innovation to ensure that their market share.Due to some production technology and technical know-how to obtain from a book or a formal education, they are tacit knowledge. So the technical knowledge that inevitably attached to the technical worker.Along with the enterprise between labor mobility. Technology is the enterprise from a spread to the technical level of another enterprise this region across the industry was gradually improved. The product is the market the products sold on the market as possible. Will inevitably lead to capital and technology to open more enterprises in the region, the initial formation of industry cluster.The spatial agglomeration of through some form of joint production, sales of these enterprises.Not only to large purchases of raw materials. The raw materials prices lower, but also can save transport costs: and establish a common sales center can reduce transportation costs, inventory costs. To achieve industrial internal economies of scale.At the same time, the enterprises in the cluster has also carried on the specialized division of labor. The production equipment, technical services, using waste specialized enterprise for auxiliary production.Convergence of these technologies associated enterprises can through the agglomeration effects of self-reinforcing. The external benefit increase scope benefit, industry cluster is more remarkable, technology of network have become more perfect.Due to similarities of technology. Technology innovation within the region of an enterprise can quickly transfer to other enterprises or grafting technology. Through the technology of network. The enterprise and between upstream and downstream enterprises more closely.Based on network technology, enterprises and the formation of social networks and exchange network.The three network constitute the entire area network, through the network.All aspects of technology, culture, system, management and other exchanges between enterprises greatly reduces the transaction costs.In high-tech industries, the internal mechanism of technological relevance as the formation of industrial clusters have more significant effect
(two) analysis of the human capital factor of industrial cluster innovation.The development of industry cluster can lead to cluster human capital continue to flow of human capital as the core capital and economic capital. Capital is polarization effect produced by industrial clusters in the most precious of all capital. Effectively promote the human capital to the agglomeration of industrial cluster. This not only makes the enterprises in the cluster with the high-quality human capital more and convenient invention and adoption of new technology, new technology. For the clusters enterprises more competitive advantage. But also provide a strong intellectual support and personnel security for the innovation and development of industrial clusters, the visible human capital on the competitiveness of industrial clusters play an important role, promote the sustainable development of industrial clusters.
First.Human capital. It is the basis of human capital and the enterprise human capital. Both the traditional industrial cluster and high-tech industry clusters. Especially in the traditional industrial clusters in cluster, human capital is smooth form of guarantee.Secondly, professional human capital.Professional human capital is the necessary condition of industrial agglomeration. Will affect the spatial layout of industry cluster area.The higher level of technology in the cluster need professional human capital stock more. More need of hi-tech industrial cluster of professional human capital Marshall pointed out that the distribution and cluster of skilled workers will have influence on the location choice."Employers tend to find excellent workers they need special skills to find occupation, natural to have many employers need to like them skills place, where skills will have a good market."For example, Multi-National Corporation will be labor-intensive enterprises to overseas transfer. It is not blindly pursue low cost of labor, but more to consider the local economy development foundation and the quality of the staff.At the same time, in the development of high-tech industrial clusters. The specialized human capital is an important basis of the formation of high-tech industry agglomeration.For high technology enterprise, product development is the core part of the whole value chain. The stock it is highly dependent on professional human capital.Study shows that among all the factors influencing the agglomeration of high-tech industry, intellectual density ranks first in the high-tech industrial agglomeration areas, direct founded by researchers of high
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