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Study on the Countermeasures for the construction of regional innovation system in Langfang City

Author: TianYaPing ZhuChuanYan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-07 21:17:31 Read:
Keywords:   the Langfang regional innovation system; countermeasures
Abstract: of the Langfang regional innovation systems are discussed, analyzed the problems in the main elements of regional innovation system construction of Langfang, and combined with the practice at home and abroad on the construction of regional innovation system research, and puts forward some ideas and Countermeasures for the construction of regional innovation system in Langfang city.
Several modes of the 1 regional innovation system construction
The English expression of the regional innovation system for the RegionalInnova - ti0nSystem (RIS).With the rise of global economic integration and regional collectivization and the knowledge economy, research of international and regional innovation system becomes economically developed countries to improve an important part of the regional group of global economy and science and technology competitiveness.Is generally believed that the regional innovation system refers to participate in the development and diffusion of new technology in an area of the enterprise, University, research institution, intermediary agencies and government together, is the network system to create, use and transfer of knowledge and skills in reserve, and new product interaction.
In the regional innovation system, regional science and technology park innovation is one of the important contents.The characteristics and differences of different regions based on the combination of practice, throughout the construction of innovation system of regional science and Technology Park, can be roughly divided into the following several innovation mode:
1.1 to the United States Silicon Valley as the representative of the high-tech industrial complex model
The advantage of this model is not only focus on research and development, and pay attention to industrial development, more emphasis on research and development in cooperation with industry, form the innovation mode of the integration of the characteristic of the.The United States Silicon Valley electronic information industry is taking Stanford University as the source of innovation, and always get the Stanford University in terms of technology and talent support in the development process.Transistor, personal computer, integrated circuit technology, the information processing technology such as a large number of high level technical innovation achievements are derived from Standford and a number of University, the rapid rise of Silicon Valley, and then to become the world's highest level of electronic information industry R & D and manufacturing center foundation.
1.2 China Taiwan as the representative of the Hsinchu technology park mode
This model features focus on high technology manufacturing industry, focusing on the introduction of technology, mainly to the development of the foreign capital technology intensive industry.Taiwan Hsinchu Science Park has a set of perfect talent agency, management consulting institution, financial institutions, all kinds of evaluation mechanism, information services, and provide the legal, financial, management and other services to other agencies, they constitute the cooperation for technological innovation service system.
1.3 to Japan as the representative of the Tsukuba science city model, this model is characterized by focusing on scientific research
The end of the Second World War, the Japanese economy is relatively weak research foundation in order to pursue the Europe and the United States, has adopted a "innovation" to "independent innovation" technology innovation strategy, focus on the introduction of Europe and the major innovation technology, on the basis of the two innovation.In the innovation, the government through legal, economic and organizational management in the system, the environment and the policy level, to guide the direction of innovation activities, cooperative innovation between University and enterprise stimulation, contradiction of protecting innovation and coordination between innovation subjects.
1.4 in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai as the representative of the market and government dominant mode
Regional innovation system in Shenzhen is dominated by market and the choice, the real form of the independent innovation system with enterprises as the main body.Shenzhen has a good financing conditions, loose policy environment, a leading commercial awareness and perfect market mechanism and the proximity of Hongkong.As an immigrant city there is conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship culture, entrepreneurship, truth-seeking, work hard and perseveringly spirit has been integrated into the practice of entrepreneurship in Shenzhen.Regional innovation system in Beijing is the government leading, the government acts as a subject of scientific research and development in a certain extent.If the Shenzhen regional innovation depends mainly on the "external", Beijing is "endogenous".Regional innovation system in Shanghai is the market and the government leading, by virtue of superior business atmosphere, solid industrial base, the dominant position of enterprise innovation, the Yangtze River Delta economic linkage.
From the above regional patterns can be seen in the construction of regional innovation system, regional innovation network construction must have their own characteristics.The innovation network is centered on the enterprise, between enterprises, between enterprise and university and research institutions, government agencies in close cooperation, actively participate in various subjects, innovation behavior of mutual stimulation resulting in the formation of knowledge flow and innovation ability of the mechanism system.Network structure system of this kind of body type, can be realized between the creative subject integration, effective allocation of resources to achieve the innovation, it can realize mutual coordination of technical innovation and system innovation.
2 the construction of Langfang regional innovation system of main elements analysis shows that, the main elements of enterprise, University, scientific research institutions, intermediary service organizations and local governments, to carry out its functions in the system in the process of the construction of regional innovation system in the regional innovation system determines the degree of integration of effectiveness and efficiency.At present, Langfang has the main regional innovation system elements of the following items.
2.1 Langfang city regional technology innovation ability need to further improve the overall
Langfang city in 2006 the new identification and review of 34 high-tech enterprises, a total of 305 homes, a new identification and review of 45 kinds of high-tech products, a total of 404.The city to achieve high total income 22150000000 yuan, up 20.6%; increase the high-tech industry was 5460000000 yuan, up 21.3%.The total number of private science and technology enterprise development to 548, total income of 10030000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 18.4% and 31% respectively.The scientific and technological achievements made 51, wherein, reached the international advanced level of 9, reached the leading domestic level of 21, the domestic advanced level 20, the leading level of L.Throughout the year by the provincial science and technology award 6, the Municipal Science and technology progress prize 30.Throughout the year a total of 559 patent applications, 286 patents.
Although Langfang city in technological innovation has made remarkable achievements, but compared with the advanced technology innovation area, the gap is still large.The Langfang city enterprise technology innovation are the main influencing factors of enterprise technology innovation ability, enterprise technology innovation dynamic, enterprise technology innovation service system three aspects.As the science and technology funds investment mainly depends on the government, and as the technology investment of enterprises are the main body of investment funds, less, its science and technology investment accounted for the low proportion of sales revenue.The majority of enterprises in Langfang as the main body of technological innovation status has not really set up, enterprise independent innovation ability is weak, small scale, lack of unified planning, has not formed a complete system.From the overall situation, the majority of their own research and development capabilities are weak, the independent development ability is not strong, the lack of original innovation capacity, product upgrading slow, low grades, poor market adaptability, high technology, high value-added products of smaller proportion.
2.2 Langfang city and university and research institutions of the need to further clarify
Basic regional innovation lies in talents.At present, construction must solve the following problems of Langfang regional innovation system: one is the overall science and technology team, professional and technical personnel shortage; - is the talent structure is not reasonable, can not adapt to the high-tech industries in the field of science and technology innovation ability.First is the unreasonable professional structure, high technology in the field of information technology, biotechnology, new materials technology, environmental protection industry, talent shortage; second is the occupation structure is not reasonable, professional and technical personnel only 20% distribution in enterprises, professional and technical personnel and nearly 80% are distributed in Colleges and universities, research institutes and institutions.Three is a serious shortage of high-level talents.Four is to give full play to the talent enthusiasm, improve the mechanism of knowledge innovation and achievements transformation and application ability needs to be optimized and improved.Langfang has not yet formed a good social atmosphere conducive to regional knowledge innovation and diffusion, mechanism and results of optimal allocation of human resources market transformation and industrialization is not perfect, the waste of talents not fundamentally solve the problem of social security system is not perfect, the talent introduction work lag.
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