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The impact on international trade and Countermeasures of knowledge economy

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[Keywords] knowledge economic effects of international trade and Countermeasures
[Abstract] the emergence of the knowledge economy has produced extensive influence on international trade, comparative foreign trade industry of our country must have a comprehensive and profound understanding.To formulate effective measures, promote the trade of the network; to develop the international market.The development of high-tech industries, speed up the development of knowledge economy; increase the investment in science and technology in china.To speed up the upgrading of the industrial structure.At the same time, we should implement giving-priority-to-industry preferential policy, give full play to the role of knowledge capital in foreign trade, and occupy the initiative position in the international trade pattern.In order to promote the continuous, rapid, healthy development of the national economy.
The new century is the rapid development of knowledge economy and the rapid advance of the century, global will enter the era of knowledge economy, international trade has the characteristics of the times."Intellectual economy" refers to its content in the allocation of resources to human capital and knowledge capital is the most important factor, scientific, reasonable, intensive and efficient allocation of natural resources, knowledge and intelligence development of rich natural resources to create wealth; is a high-tech industrial knowledge intensive as the main pillar industry, its consumption in the new knowledge of high-tech products and information as the main content.Knowledge economy has new characteristics different from the industrial economy, this is investment in intangible, decision knowledge, development sustainability, as well as the globalization of business.Visible, highly integrated, the essence of knowledge economy is knowledge and economy mutual infiltration and mutual promotion, is a unification of knowledge economy and knowledge economy.
Characteristics of , the knowledge economy
1 sustainable economic development.The knowledge economy is the harmony of human and nature, the sustainable development of the economy.It produces in a variety of natural resources near depletion, growing environmental crisis era.It takes science and technology com., to reflect the human nature and the human social science comprehensive understanding.Therefore, the guiding ideology of the development of the knowledge economy is science, reasonable, comprehensive, efficient use of existing resources.At the same time, the development of untapped natural resources to replace nearly depletion of scarce natural resources.
2 investment in intangible assets.The knowledge economy is dominated by the intangible asset investment economy.It depends on the knowledge, intelligence, intangible assets investment plays a decisive role.Of course, the knowledge economy will require capital investment, for the high technology industry and even the need to venture capital investment.But without more information, knowledge, intellectual investment, it is not high technology industry.Intangible assets appreciation will also bring the social values change.Such as have more knowledge of the people will get higher pay, the concept of knowledge power will win support among the people.
3 economic decision-making knowledge.Knowledge economy is based on knowledge of decision - oriented economy.Decision-making and management of economy must be knowledgeable, a growing trend in the knowledge economy and scientific decision-making and the role of macro-control.
two, influence of knowledge economy on international trade
Effects of international trade by commodity structure 1.In the era of knowledge economy, trade in services and technology trade has become the main content of international trade.In the era of knowledge economy, knowledge has become the most important direct resources for economic development.Therefore, in order to intellectual products for trade in services and technology trade transaction object will continue to develop, more and more specialization, scale, and then across borders to the world market, and eventually become the main content of international trade.
2 World Trade liberalization.In the era of knowledge economy, the high technology breaks through the concept of velocity and weight, flow of economic activity to accelerate, the flow of goods, services, capital and technology in the global scope of the easier, continues to expand the scale.All countries and regions become more and more closely linked, the world economy and social life interdependent relationship between the greatly strengthened, any countries are not immune from events in other countries and regions and changes, especially with the elimination of tariff barriers, domestic and international market integration, market competition has become a global competition.These all greatly accelerated the economic integration and trade liberalization worldwide.The rapid development of regional blocs is a manifestation of the trend of trade liberalization.At the beginning of the new century.All regions of the world organization of regional economic and trade group trend is further strengthened, and have the trade liberalization goals in the 2O years.By 2005 American Free Trade Area will be established; the European Union 2l century 20's will be completely unified; APEC formulate long-term objectives in 2020 before the realization of investment and trade liberalization.In addition to the three regional organizations, the continents of regional economic and trade cooperation will further strengthen the cooperation in trade.In the early twenty-first Century 2O years, the world will realize all the countries participated in a regional group, respectively, into the world economy on a wide range of polymerization and economic alliances era.Of course, in the area of the wave at the same time, dominate power struggle will aggravate.
3 Effect of knowledge economy on trade patterns.The era of knowledge economy, international trade will change from traditional way gradually to the trade network, e-commerce and other emerging trade.Network trade is the entire transaction process, including business negotiation, contract, delivery, and payment delivery, are mostly through the global telecommunications network.The transaction main products are digital products, such as financial services, online entertainment, ticket service, audio books, software design, consulting services and information transfer; also have a physical product transaction, it deal negotiations, signing, payment for goods delivered on the Internet, in the specific place of delivery of goods.For better development of online trade, WTO in 1997 signed a "global basic telecommunications agreement", "information technology agreement" and "development of the global service market agreement", to further standardize the global electronic commerce, to establish the legal framework of trade network, and the network trade apply zero tariff to lay the foundation.Obviously, the network trade will develop quickly, become the main way of international trade in twenty-first Century.
Effect of 4 on trade policies and measures.In terms of trade policy, the relationship between free trade and protective trade policy has been given new meaning.Foreign trade policy is serves for the economy, in order to develop the economy, obtain foreign trade interests, all based on the degree of economic development and the competitive ability of different, in different stages of development, adopt different trade policies respectively.In the era of knowledge economy, free trade and trade protection policy has been more closely linked.
On the one hand, the emergence of the knowledge economy, the world economy to strengthen the interdependence, the extent of economic globalization, free trade policies will be the direction of development; on the other hand, the development of knowledge economy to be healthy and stable, we must to protect the intellectual property rights to ensure.This means that in the implementation of the policy of free trade at the same time, but also the implementation of the policy of trade protection to a certain extent.Therefore, in a sense, the policy of trade protection is the premise and foundation of the policy of free trade, and free trade is the ultimate objective and the protective trade policy.
three, in the face of the influence of knowledge economy.Countermeasures of China's foreign trade industry should take
1 improve the development of knowledge economy in China.The arrival of the knowledge economy is the inevitable development of history, so we should to the knowledge economy with a comprehensive and clear understanding: it is necessary to recognize the influence of knowledge economy on international trade, enhance the sense of urgency and mission, take effective measures actively, meet new challenges, and that knowledge economy is not weakness lends wings to rumours., but based on the industrial economy, is the inevitable result of the development of industrial economy.Therefore, can not be divorced from reality, to proceed from the reality of our country, to improve the overall level of our national economy, the steps of strategic development of knowledge economy, want to be somewhat, do not be somewhat, lay a solid foundation for the development of China's foreign trade.
2, vigorously develop high-tech industries, accelerate the development of knowledge economy speed.The high-tech industry is the pillar industry in the era of knowledge economy.Therefore, in order to meet the challenge of knowledge economy, we must proceed from the reality of our country, to focus on the development of the information industry and other high-tech industries, and the use of high technology to transform traditional industries, improve the knowledge content and technical content, products of our country the only way, in order to improve the quality of our export products, and grade added value, to further optimize the structure of export products in China, transforming from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, the formation of technology products with Chinese characteristics, in order to enhance the international competitiveness of our export products, in order to improve the economic benefits of foreign trade.
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