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Thinking about the economics of colleges and universities to defend

Author: YuanZuoMian From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-07 18:22:19 Read:
Abstract: The current college security organizations with schools can not keep up with the pace of development, in order to alleviate the weakness of the security forces, by means of schools Property Management Public Security Fire Prevention business, enhance campus public safety protection. Property management malpractices at the campus increased incidence affect the campus order. In this paper, the effective angle from quasi-public goods in economics to analyze the reasons why and propose a solution.
Key words: college security; quasi-public goods: property management

Of University Security Services quasi-public goods

Goldin, an economist, believes that there is "equal access" and "selective access" difference in the consumption of public goods. "Equal access" public goods by any person to a consumer, such as free city roads, public places and public security. "Selective enter" means consumers only to meet certain constraints such as pay, before the consumption of public goods, such as toll parks, community law and order. Limited to staff and students in colleges and universities within the scope of the object of the college public safety services, with a certain degree of exclusivity, of University Security Service is a quasi-public goods.
Quasi-public goods provision has three basic ways: the supply of government, non-governmental supply mixed supply. Community public security grass-roots organizations is the the government main supply of University Security Services. Colleges and universities to defend non-governmental supply of university security departments or the private sector to provide guard services on campus, do not rely on the intervention of the government departments will be able to provide their own campus security, a move aimed at the introduction of social forces to participate in college and security, ease of community policing starved predicament. Of University Security Services mixture supply, which can take the main governmental and non-governmental supply, together with the way of private supply, lower-level university and college guards to prevent Affairs consider the introduction of market-based mechanisms to achieve the optimal allocation of factors of production, through market means, by the enterprises to undertake the work of public security. In practice, a variety of services not only to the campus community teachers and students more choice; market competition may also obtain approximate income.
Of University Security Services has a strong public, private weak exclusion. Its way should be chosen based on the principle of efficiency, fairness and cost affordability, macro-control to determine the need to consider the fairness of the efficiency of resource allocation, the allocation mechanism, cost affordability constraints of the principle of profit maximization.

Second, the current confusion and college guards work

(A) Property enterprises to undertake part of the campus security origin
The current staffing of the university to defend the organization is still in accordance with the institutions of higher learning in the eight years to develop, in the face of rapid enrollment in colleges and universities, university security forces thin cases, the face of campus security and emergency handling capacity does not drop, community policing is not sufficient to The large universities defend Services University security is facing a great challenge.
The enrollment has brought not only to defend the problem, logistical reform. Because to logistical matters proliferation of school enrollment, in the past planned economy system University Logistics everything, practice meet the current form of higher education. Since 2000, universities across the country actively promote the university logistics socialization reform, so that the university focus turned to teaching and research, improve teaching efficiency. Rear Service in Universities One of the main content is to implement school property entrusted to the management of the enterprise. Consists mainly of housing and public facilities management, greening and environmental health management, vehicular traffic and public security fire management business. In order to solve the difficulties of university security forces thin, colleges and universities in the introduction of property management, the original security departments assume full responsibility for building security work outsourced to school property management companies. Security department remains responsible for road safety and security of public places and schools focus on vital parts. Of University Security mode is formed by the campus security department is mainly responsible for the property management company of the schools with community police station, supplemented by the defense mode. But a considerable part of the school property company in order to pursue the best interests of the non-performing security work contract, the measures are not implemented, the funding does not put poor oversight. Lead to the generation of many of the problems affecting the stability and harmony of the school safety and security, development and school. The property company's business model to the college public safety risks.

(B) university property company negative externalities risk of
University public safety is a significant positive externalities, quasi-public goods. Due to the presence of positive externalities, the factor inputs and factor returns do not match, due to the diminishing marginal cost of property management companies in the supply campus public safety are often underpowered. Property companies generally there is a free ride opportunism psychological, as long as it is not an accident, property companies or security companies willing to take the risk of the contract to perform security work, to get the maximum profit in the minimum capital investment. The business philosophy of the external economic interests first, the cost is low ", the strong public college public safety can not be security of supply, the low efficiency of resource allocation, welfare losses caused by the teachers and students. Reflected in: property companies are not willing to buy the necessary security equipment, transport vehicles, communications equipment, to defend the facilities supply can not be guaranteed; property companies take to work longer hours or lower the treatment of persons in order to control costs, damage to the interests of employees behavior, and ultimately lead to property staff mobility too fast, and also a large number of left college a potential security risk: property company in order to save money, take random attrition, fire exits reduce job preparation, and even conceal the school to set up a virtual post, resulting in campus security elevated incidence. (C) property between universities and companies, the risk of information asymmetry
According to the theory of information economics, it is generally believed that moral hazard refers to the operators or persons involved in the market transaction, under the obtain from third aspect of the security conditions, even if it made the decision-making and behavior of loss, do not have full responsibility, or may be compensated somehow, this "incentive" operators tend to make risky decisions in order to win greater benefits.
University security services have some of the characteristics of the private, the introduction of property or security company under fierce market competition mechanism, survival of the fittest in the management, to some extent, improve efficiency, promote the efficient allocation of resources. However, many colleges and universities property concept of corporate social responsibility is not strong, the chase to maximize the benefits of selfishness, can easily breach the expense of the many home campus security issues, at the expense of the interests of teachers and students, should be the responsibility of enterprises economic pass the cost of staff and students, the information asymmetry between the property enterprises and universities, is apt to cause the moral hazard of corporate behavior, resulting in the difference between the actual behavior of the enterprise commitment and corporate universities. Reflected as follows: some college property company false managed funds data, to deceive the school, forcing the school additional security funding; inadequate safety equipment maintenance checks, maintenance procrastination, such as outdated fire fighting equipment, failure monitoring probes did not promptly reported to the relevant departments. ; teachers and students to carry belongings stolen, the report is not timely or concealed and unreported security departments within the range of its management, delay in the detection timing, the thieves again succeeded, more and more rampant committing the crime.

Third, the elimination of university property business risk countermeasures

(A) colleges and universities in the tender should strictly check the property business operations background, the selection of reputable property company stationed.
(B) property company signed a detailed security contracts, and improve the work of public security of property enterprises appraisal standards, the property company strictly fulfill the terms of the contract, the security departments of strict supervision, to honor the contract rewards and renewed its fully fulfill their contractual: The terms of the contract implementation is not in place or serious breach of contract, to be deducted quality bond penalty equal to resulting in the loss of teachers and students, and held accountable for their liability for breach of contract, or even replace the property company.
(C) in conjunction with the relevant industry authorities, to carry out the safety management which include industry rating, expand the binding of industry management, enterprise assessment, but off demotion. Public assessment results, and strengthen-oriented measures to strengthen the consciousness and initiative of enterprises to standardize the management of their own safety.
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