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Hotel staff uniforms design I see

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Abstract: the hotel staff uniforms reflected as the hotel service and management of the spirit, according to the different venues designed hotel on behalf of the hotel has a different style of uniform characteristics, this paper puts forward his own point of view.
Keywords: hotel; staff uniforms; design of
Hotel staff uniforms, hotel service and management as the embodiment of the spirit, has been more and more important, and gradually develop, become the flow recognition system of hotel enterprise image, in order to convey all kinds of information of hotel, to the customer to leave a good first impression.
Hotel service facilities in different poses and with different expressions, to create a different atmosphere environment for the guests, staff uniforms as a bright scenery line, Mantang Shenghui, plays an important role, it is important to design staff uniforms.
One, hotel service facilities
The hotel is a service industry, are divided according to the content of the service,:
1 Department: Assistant Manager, Porter, Porter, receptionist, business center, management personnel
2: Chinese food, Western food restaurant, coffee shop, bar, Chef Uniform
3 rooms: Captain, supervisor, the room attendant
4 security department, engineering department, security personnel
5 Kangle: various attendant
Two, hotel uniform design characteristics and
Hotel uniforms belonging to the occupation clothing category, regardless of the five-star hotel, uniforms have some commonality and individuality, in the design of specific performance is as follows:
1 common
Hotel uniform design and other types of clothing design, is consistent in the design concept, should also follow the beautiful rule of the form:
1.1 foreign shows overall harmony: harmony is the highest state of the design.
1.2 internal positions reflect the difference of each department: to highlight the different nature of work.
1.3 combination, a series of significant: Based on determining the principal scheme, using the form to overall consideration.Determining the main design scheme, to be a subtle change, then derive many sub program, for example the use of segmentation, heterogeneity, different techniques such as variable can be obtained.
The 1.4 reflected play dress three role: practical, decorative, social.
1.5 staff uniforms three elements of design: design, fabric selection, color should be coordinated with the hotel facilities, which is matched with the hotel's architectural features, the style of the decoration, equipment level, management level, service quality.

2 personality
Hotel staff uniforms design should take into account the specific in their work environment and the types of difference, which will make the design has a certain personality, the following will be from different places to talk about individual design:
The 2.1 part: the lobby assistant manager, Porter, Porter, receptionist, business center, management personnel
2.1.1, the assistant manager: the image should be steady and generous.The uniform by changing the fabric, color and detail based on traditional suit style, formed a series of changes.Usually black coat with black and white zebra pants.Suit fabric usually use wool.
2.1.2, the doorman, usher: characterized by etiquette clearly marked, to reflect the solemn, enthusiastic, generous demeanor.Color is red, white, black, gold or red and black contrast.Styles usually signed by the National Guard uniforms.Coupled with the necessary clothing to match, only to be able to show the ushers dress sense of beauty, but also can show the hotel grade level.
2.1.3 Porter: etiquette and simple phase combination, easy to move, style and more reference and door Tong phase, and the color is more bright and lively.Clothing mainly agile, agile, many styles for the collar, low cylinder cap, coat, short but decent, uniform color bright but not brilliant for.
2.1.4 receptionist: receptionist is one of the most important window of the hotel, is the center link of the hotel management services.Fashion design desk to generous, fashion, contracted for the premise, but also not dignified, calm and careful.In addition to style, color, but also pay attention to the clothing texture, so the most suit or modified to suit for basic style.Accessories neatly, not flowery, elegant and bright color, with deep colors.
2.1.5 managers: the image should be steady and generous.Clothing generally low brightness, low purity color composed to reflect the management personnel calm, grave, relatively simple styles.
2.2: Chinese food, Western food restaurant, coffee shop, bar, Chef Uniform
Chinese restaurant in 2.2.1: Qipao, various national costumes as a supplement, according to the restaurant location, style, flexible use of various design elements.Cheongsam design is simple and beautiful, clear lines and elegant cheongsam, long to the ankle, short to seven points; the sleeve can be long, short, can have, No.Clothing features is a solemn, generous, fabric with gold velvet, satin.2.2.2 food: food is divided into Western clients, Western-style food, western restaurant waiter jobs.
Western clients, welcome: for young women, generally wear black dress, short in Western-style shirt, wearing a white shirt and tie, belt, color is red, white, black.
Waiter: Waiter usually Western-style food vest or short suit, wear a white single shirt.With black, red, white bow tie (flower), color should be the same with the client.
Foreman: Minister, to black, white, shawl collar, lapel, gun single button or a double-breasted black dress, wearing a white shirt and tie or necktie, with a corresponding girdle.
2.2.3 coffee house: wear more casual, fashion design should reflect the theme of leisure.The waiter usually adopt Western-style waistcoat, shirt, trousers collocation, the waitress can choose the dress.The fabric can be used cotton floral, main characteristic is romantic, warm clothing.The minister, the foreman usually short suit.Color and fabric often use a coffee or other cold colors, styles according to the different decoration style, great changes.
2.2.4 bar: mostly male waiter, mostly Western-style waistcoat, can also add a vest, can choose a satin or flower material, flash spent material fabric, color, style luxury.
2.2.5 chef uniforms: Chef Uniform styles loose clean, sanitary, color.Usually white, with a hat.The chef, sous chef, kitchen chef, master chef styles according to the international practice, the French chef design style as the standard, usually lead, double-breasted coat with white, Black Zebra, canine pattern pants, white collar or other color scarf, wearing a French chef card (lime Marie-Antoine Careme) is designed and used since the chef hat: the chef is generally white cotton or cotton coat, black chain, black pants, high white hat with triangle.Chef: white cotton or cotton coat, white button, a small black and white pants, white hat, with a triangular scarf.Cook, dishwasher, white shirt, blue pants, with apron.
2.3 housekeeping, laundry and
2.3.1, housekeeping room attendant: characteristics of clothing, the clothing must adapt to a series of clean room operation, convenient movement, style concise, generous, loose, generally in the western, single-breasted on assembly trousers.Color clean wash.Fabric with a blue, brown cloth.
2.3.2, the laundry department: to adapt with the housekeeping department, the style of doing a little change.The purity of tone in bright colors.
2.4 security department, Engineering Department of
2.4.1 series: security, security uniforms, clothing styles should reflect the mighty solemn, safety and soundness of personality, therefore, the use of similar police or military uniform style.Color is usually deep tone, badges, badges, armbands widely adopted, collar badge, badge, armed belt and other accessories.
2.4.2, the engineering department: according to different departments, clothing should have wear resistance, flame retardant, antistatic, different functions, permeability is strong, easy to wash, easy care characteristics.
2.5 Kangle
Clothing, cashier service, the waiter clothing styles usually dress Yingbin; technician, dressing, pool, manicure, staff dress in tight-fitting sportswear, knitted dress or soft and loose in short suits, the waiter to quietly elegant color vest suit with tie (collar), guest service usually floral a lattice or plain, relaxed style.
.The plate quality fabrics, smooth and exquisite craft, professional design, tailored Kangle uniform.
Entertainment fashion series:
Provide entertainment uniforms made business, including clothing, clothing, nightclub bar of various costumes, costumes, princess dress, dress, as the club KTV, bath centers, entertainment practitioners, provide a small dress, ladies professional designer.Carefully tailored
the real price of genuine goods!
Dress style: emphasize women slim waist, hips dress exaggerated sense of weight, shoulder, chest, arm fully exposed, leaving space for the gorgeous jewelry.Such as: low collar design, with strong sense of decoration design to highlight the noble and elegant, to focus on the use of mosaic, embroidery, wrinkle collar, gorgeous lace, bowknot, rose, give a person with classical, orthodox dress impression.
In summary, the uniform design and design aesthetics should be based on consistent, add design language is peculiar staff uniforms, visual modeling, color, fabric harmoniously into the hotel the whole.Can clearly indicate the organized, orderly, hotel departments, identity, but also easy to manage and can reflect the cultural characteristic of the enterprise.

[1] Zheng Jian fashion design China Textile Press 1998
[2] Zhang Cuiju Shen Yin service and management in Higher Vocational Colleges "eleven five" planning materials, chemical industry press 2007
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