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Study of hospital human resources management under the background of Harmonious Society

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Abstract: the medical community proposed the conception of "the harmonious hospital" in the context of a harmonious society, human resource management plays an important role in the "build a harmonious hospital", this paper carried out a detailed study on this issue.
Keywords: harmonious society; Hospital; human resource management in
In the theory of socialist harmonious society under the guidance of, the medical profession is deeply on "theory of harmonious hospital", form a good atmosphere for the construction of harmonious hospital.But we must realize soberly, constructing harmonious hospital is not accomplish at one stroke, need the joint efforts of all sides in order to construct harmonious hospital real.
Human resources management refers to the organization, to attract, develop and maintain an effective workforce activities.Like Panasonic, Haier company with its effective human resource management to become famous the world, which is the basis of their success.Human resources management plays an important role in constructing harmonious hospital.
A hospital human resource management status of
Now most hospitals adopted is mainly in personnel management mode of human resources management, centralized management of the human resources department of the main energy in the staff attendance statistics, staff mobility, the basic situation of the personnel archives, personnel and labor relations, labor contract management.At present, our hospital personnel department is only an administrative services, do not have their own functions, which greatly influenced the development of hospitals and the improvement of the medical staff, objectively restricts the development of medical science and people's demand for high-quality medical services.How to make the traditional personnel management to modern human resource management and development, has become a deepening reform of the personnel system, promote health institutions in the development process an important issue placed in front of the cadres and personnel.Therefore, the human resources to the program files, and in accordance with the file organization, the personnel training, human resources planning, focus on the implementation of, and gradually spread, from the initial mode of personnel management to human resource management, strategic human resource management model transition.

Human resources management has 3 important ideas: first, all managers are human resources managers, such as hospital director of every department should be concerned about the staff development and satisfaction.Second, the worker is regarded as wealth, brought to the hospital competition is talent instead of a machine or building, American management expert Carnegie said: "you can put all our factories, equipment, capital market and all of it, but to keep my body and who, a few years later, I am still the king of steel."This passage shows talent problem is: talent is the world's most precious resources, the most decisive resource, high intelligent human resources -- labor productivity, is the most important factor.Third, human resources management is a matching process, is to target and hospital staff needs to match, every employee should be satisfied and the hospital.
(a) to strengthen the system construction, people-oriented establishing effective incentive and constraint mechanism of
System construction is the key guarantee for hospital development, is necessary to improve security hospital staff quality, shaping a good image, the staff of constructing harmonious hospital."Our people are our most important resource", "the day as location, terrain than talent."So, when the system construction should fully reflect the humanistic care.
Pay attention to emotional incentive infection.Managers should focus on employee care and care, they encounter setbacks to be a matter of conscience of sympathy and encouragement, when they encounter difficulties to effectively do everything in one's power to help.
For effective constraint mechanism.An important basis for performance assessment as paid, and reasonable performance appraisal can motivate employees, morale.The unreasonable performance evaluation, not only can cause errors in decision-making, but also seriously dampened the enthusiasm of employees.Therefore to improve accuracy, performance appraisal, performance appraisal to ensure fair and timely feedback to staff performance appraisal, promptly identify problems, analyze and solve problems.
(two) the strategy of famous brand effect on human resource management
The features of knowledge economy is the focus of resource transfer from natural resources to human resources.As the talent intensive provincial hospital, to become a national first-class hospital, the key lies in efficient human resources management and excellent talent mechanism.Personnel management system is now the hospital still remain in the "file management" stage, such as the recruitment, pre-service education, personnel management, promotion, for the death of workers condolences.In the area of personnel management not reward and welfare experts, no training and development experts, rarely have the costs and benefits of assessment personnel planning.Now, the brand strategy management, human resources management should be directly involved in the hospital, to the hospital competition strategy deployment of the right employee combination to achieve the strategic goals of the hospitals.In creating the learning process in the hospital, we are more willing to seek is open, full of curiosity, willing to break the normal procedure, tenacious not dial staff.We pursue the passion, that their life to complete their career passion.(three) to establish the reasonable human resource planning
Only have the talent, to the business success.The ideal of personnel management activities is the human resources in the direct leadership of the management and service, search, recruitment, education and retain the best talent.Human resource planning should be consistent with the needs of hospital, core values and strategic objectives.Human resource management is more important than ever today.In the modern era, which hospital has the high quality talented person of a large number of dedicated to the life science, it can gain a firm foothold in the increasingly fierce competition.Hospital personnel department to reasonable selection, training, use it, but only, show it.
Selection, is the first step of the human resource management, the selection of excellent talents is one of the essential conditions for the development of hospital.Identification of personnel is an important link in the construction and management of hospital personnel, but also basic skills for managers.Chollima often, but Bole not often.This requires managers to act as "Bole", and "Bole" eye to identify talent.With the historical development, comprehensive and vision to identify talent; talent research object knowledge, characteristics, papers and achievements, comprehensive comparison; will be using objects in the practice, especially the difficulties and key moment, can truly identify talent.In the process of identifying talents, it is necessary to pay attention to the talents fail to show restraint, but also pay attention to potential talents.In the selection of personnel, to not to stick to one pattern, but is the lift, not demanding the choice of talent perfect.We must focus on the advantages and strengths is selected in the selection of personnel, as long as the people have needed to accomplish a goal or task knowledge and skills, he is fully qualified selected.A manager if only one short and not one long, then the administration itself is weak.Talent is the essence, so a person of rare talent, especially talent in the whole society under the condition of insufficient.
Yucai, is needed for training of staff working in a variety of professional skills, professional quality and the ideological quality.Unit to create a variety of ways of training, learning opportunities for employees.
Use talent, good use in the steel blade, the ability of employees and job requirements of matching principle, to give full scope to the talents, to create greater efficiency.Also refers to the knowledge, expertise and interest in professional, ability, experience, personal and job required professional knowledge, ability, experience, skills, adapt, make great play staff person can obtain the knowledge to be in this position, and feel happy.At the same time, the responsibilities of this position to fully implement and coordinate with the up and down, the whole hospital to obtain the maximum benefit.
Cherish, because the talents to be not easily won, hospital training talents to spend a lot of efforts, job skills, professional and technical personnel is increasing, while working on the highest efficiency, the loss of such talent, is the largest loss of hospital."Our people are our most important resource", "the day as location, terrain than talent."Only have the talent, to the business success.Only have the talent, to be in the advantage position in the competition, to the rapid development in the construction of harmonious hospital road.
Show only, workers with work experience and the ability to work, the hospital also need to give employees to provide opportunities for promotion, to create a display of its platform to give workers.The development needs of talent to promote, personnel stability also requires the business to attract.The demand is gradually sublimated from low to high, talented people, their demand is not only material benefits, more important is to achieve the display and value.Therefore, leaders and managers to build their talents to display their talent career platform, can realize the common development of hospital and talents.
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