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Discussion land consolidation sustainable development factors and indicators evaluation system

Author: ChenQiong GuoXueJun From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-07 12:12:55 Read:
Abstract: land consolidation is an important way to achieve sustainable use of land resources and means, analysis of land consolidation project the impact of land use, reasonable evaluation index system for the practice and development of land consolidation has important practical significance. This article describes the the land consolidation sustainability influencing factors, discusses the evaluation index system construction principles.
Keywords: land consolidation; sustainability; influencing factors; evaluation index system

, Sustainable land consolidation Overview

The concept of sustainable development, land consolidation activities are integrated in the region's social, economic and ecological conditions, a mode of development in the case of environmental costs and the minimum cost of resources to obtain the maximum economic benefits. Has the following characteristics:
(A) improve the production performance of the land and ecological functions
Land consolidation through land leveling, clearing obstacles affecting the large-scale land use, construction tractor road, shelterbelts to gutters and farmland protection, can effectively improve the performance of the finishing area of ??agricultural land, improve farmland ecological environment conditions.
(B) reduce the possible risks of land consolidation
In the land consolidation, there are many uncertain factors, some consequences are difficult to predict. Agricultural land consolidation process must pay attention to the risk measurement evaluation consequences virtual analyzed to find the lowest risk land consolidation mode.
(C) increasing the amount of arable land and protect the ecological environment quality of the organic unity
A land consolidation project can not increase the area of ??arable land, the project is difficult to start and run. In order to increase the arable land in some areas is often to reduce the waters, garden plot, the cost of unused land or woodland, which will inevitably reduce the diversity of land use, protect the ecological environment quality at the same time constitute some sort of impact. Therefore, sustainable agricultural land consolidation, you must pay attention to the amount of land the coordinated development and environmental quality.
(D) economically viable
Land Consolidation enables the use of water-saving agricultural land, energy, labor, increase production, and can be replaced by 60% of the arable land of new construction land profitable, its economic benefits are significant. However, how to choose a scientific and rational planning and design and construction program, reduce finishing costs per unit area, creating more input-output ratio, is still one of the important criterion for evaluation of agricultural land consolidation sustainability.

Second, land management sustainability of factors

(A) Economic factors
Land consolidation project investment objectives, under the premise does not exceed the carrying capacity of ecosystems to improve the productivity of the land consolidation project area, to meet the welfare needs of the farmers growing the economic benefits to maximize growth. That increase the long-term economic wealth and well-being of the project area is essential connotation and the ultimate goal of sustainable development of land consolidation project. Therefore, the sustained economic development is an important factor to determine the land consolidation project is sustainable. The direct beneficiaries are the farmers in the finishing area of ??land consolidation, the performance of its economic benefits to farmers after the land has been collated increased production and lower production costs two, thereby increasing the income of farmers. Reasons for the increase in production can be summarized in three points: First finishing effective amount of arable land increased; second is to improve the productive capacity of land after land consolidation; land consolidation farmers to invest in land with the possibility of new agricultural technology increases. Lower production costs: First, As the plots centralized labor cost savings; due to terraces structured, cost savings to the implementation of mechanized farming; improve irrigation facilities and field road system, reducing the cost of irrigation and saving transportation time.
(B) the ecological environment factors
Sustainable land consolidation project is a reasonable balance between the ecological, environmental and landscape protection project area economic development without destroying the resources and the environment and without prejudice to the interests of future generations under the conditions of development. The land consolidation investment behavior of the main economic activities on the structure and function of the natural ecological environment system impact, so that the natural ecological environment of human production and living conditions and quality of direct and indirect ecological effects, this effect may be is good, it may be bad, that is the final result of the investment behavior, may bring a succession of natural ecosystems, the so-called positive ecological benefits; may be such that the the natural ecosystems reverse succession, the so-called negative ecological benefits. Therefore, the ability to protect resources, maintain or improve the ecological environment system of the project area and its landscape aesthetic degree, improve system stability and balance of the ecological environment of the project area, is an important factor in continuing to determine the complex system of land consolidation project.
(C) organizational system factors
Land consolidation project organization operating mechanism and management mechanism, is the protection of the land consolidation project to continue as a going concern. Good land consolidation organization and sound institutional system is an important guarantee for land consolidation project goals. Therefore, the system of land consolidation project soundness, forms of organization in line with the actual organizational system elements affect the sustainability of the project. Sustainability of the organization of institutional factors affect the investment in land consolidation project including land consolidation organization-related decision-making mechanism, feedback mechanisms, management mechanism, financing mechanisms and other aspects.
(D) coordination factors
Land consolidation project is a composite system by engineering measures, economic, social, ecological environment, organizational systems and other subsystem. The structure of the subsystem combined mode, determines the overall efficiency of the land consolidation project. Optimize the structure combination, can promote land consolidation system material, energy value and the flow of information and exchange, resulting in synergistic amplification effect, promote the comprehensive benefits of the system to maximize. Therefore, the degree of coordination of land consolidation project within the subsystem affect the sustainability of the project of land consolidation, land consolidation project sustainability assessment should consider. Third, the evaluation index system construction

In order to make the evaluation system can accurately reflect the real situation of the land consolidation area, the establishment of land sustainable organize evaluation system should implement the following principles of constructing:
(A) scientific and operational principles
Science is to develop the most basic principles of evaluation index system. Build the index system to be able to reveal the benefits of land consolidation, but also reflects the socio-economic development of the internal demand. But it is not simply a theoretical exploration, but to be able to play the actual role of the system shall be operable. If you do not have the maneuverability, the established system would be meaningless. For different land consolidation area, it should be specific issues, rather than mechanically.
(B) the systematic and integrity principles
Index system as a whole, to compare comprehensively reflect the characteristics of the evaluation of the development of the region. Therefore, building evaluation system of land consolidation, from a systems point of departure, through the entire process as a relatively independent and closely linked with its surrounding environment system system. Guarantee the principles of integrity, take full account of global factors, selected to reflect the characteristics of land consolidation and socio-economic resources of land consolidation and land area to reflect the specialized use of the combination, to take into account the breadth of the land consolidation and the depth of the various factors. The only way to make the evaluation system really reflect the range of implications for land consolidation.
(C) the principle of dynamic
Dynamic, sustainable development has two meanings, one is the evaluation system of land consolidation must focus on the ecological and environmental protection and rational utilization of the need to take into account a number of years on different inputs of land consolidation, will result in different ecological, economic and social effects; the other hand, for the social development of land resources, increasing population and urban construction land gradually expanded, the connotation of tapping the potential of land consolidation activities will be the inevitable choice to achieve the sustainable use of land resources .
(D) The principle of combining qualitative and quantitative
To be able to fully reflect the land consolidation, the selected indicators, including qualitative and quantitative indicators; In order to objectively reflect, to quantify the qualitative indicators, the value applied to the indicator system, and ultimately draw quantitative conclusions.
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