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Talk about the style and features of modern shops in the design

Author: Zhu Xiang Lv Zuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-07 11:57:16 Read:
Keywords:   the store design; style   traditional architecture; modern architecture
Abstract: is the coexistence of a variety of styles and schools in twenty-first Century the age.Store design style as a genre be raging like a storm in the interior design of a miniature, show the people side of this century the most colorful style.Style shop design choice is not arbitrary, it reflect the times at the same time, also coordinate the relationship between commercial architectural style and characteristics of the goods, and gradually mature.
Since the human society has the commodity exchange, commercial space, it is with human beings so far.From the primitive times "barter" without any shelter open to trade, to the modern large shops, today a variety of styles of bustling commercial street.Store indoor space for the professional to provide specific style for the commodity and the commercial building has experienced the baptism of styles in different times, today entered the era of diversified styles.
Store as commercial space is an important part of commercial space, it has all the characteristics, its style of the design is not only directly related to the brand image, but also directly led to every customer psychology.In order to better display of goods, transfer information to establish a corporate image, and ultimately achieve the purpose of marketing, store style not arbitrary, it is related to all aspects of.
In order to better understand the various styles of store design, this paper will analyze from the following aspects: interior design style, design style store and its commercial building style.The relationship between the three closely linked, the author in the genre analysis of modern shops, they are divided into the store style and features in the traditional commercial buildings and modern commercial buildings in the store style and features.
The store style and features of the traditional commercial buildings within the
Both of the shuttle in the world of the century-old shop, or in the old urban commercial street.It is not difficult to find, these exist in the traditional commercial buildings in the shop never because of the time lost and lost the brilliance, they are still full of charm.From the beautiful ornate building, we can know that the business is very developed; can imagine how trade is prosperous, at the same time, can also be seen from later made in the coordination of historical and cultural protection and style selection efforts.If careful observation of store design these enclosures traditional commercial buildings, will find many interesting style combination.In the classical architecture interior, or modern interior in classical architecture.We'll be unified, they named the exterior and interior style through unity and exterior and interior style change division.
(a) "and" design style.
Here the so-called table and refers to: "table" Wailimian commercial building store where the style and design style; and "Li" refers to the internal design style shop.The so-called "inside and outside" the unified design style refers to the construction Wailimian, store design and interior design completely unified relationship.
These shops are mostly with a long history of hundred years old store, they depend on building housing may be Baroque or classical or Rococo style, their selling point is a culture and a trustworthy brand promise.Therefore the indoor and outdoor architectural style unifies be just perfect to reflect its distant culture, noble quality brand effect.Lafayette department stores such as Paris of france.It is commercial building is a typical baroque style, decorated with enthusiasm, dramatic and exaggerated effect.Because it is a century-old shop has a long culture and famous brand promise, so the indoor part and the facade of the unified design, arch roof floor hall in baroque style arcade and high color glass round, showing the elegance and nobleness and 100 years of history.
(two) "and" style changes after
The intermediate state between inside and outside and unified and not unified, it through the store design style to coordinate the style of architecture and interior design business.Such as the typical classical architectural composition of Commercial Street -- the city of Versailles city commercial street.Walking can feel the classical structured elegant features.But as a commercial street, it lacks a lively atmosphere.Therefore all businesses hope the premise in the classical style by adding active element.Store design and so we see has a modern classical style: classical interior wall external after geometric treatment with a variety of characters, in a solemn and simple means with a lively.To achieve the perfect transition of indoor and outdoor.
(three) "and" style of the Division
"Store design is the store design front, it decides the design style" shop this rule has been used in many store design books.But this rule here is broken.Open a door can be from medieval grand heroic step into modern, enjoy the latest, most modern and comfortable shopping environment.There are many successful cases in the world, success will be the perfect combination of the protection of traditional culture and enjoy the modern civilization.Such as the ancient city of Austria Innsbruck commercial center come top of old commercial plaza, in Gothic towers and Baroque architecture, facade design all the shops are representatives of local ancient architecture, interior design style is the most modern.Outside the building and facades of this type of store, they may be the Baroque, classical style, while the interior is a new concept or Deconstruction or high technology etc..This combination is full of interest, such as located in the French Paris Fendi commercial, will promote its jewelry international image in the world within the scope of its architecture of Rome, and into the interior is a with high-tech style showcase is full of constructivist style space.
This "and" store design style not unified breaks the unity of beauty of the original, but also brought a cacophony of offbeat beauty, this beauty can also make people get the feeling of pleasure.
modern commercial building housing the store design style
If the traditional commercial building housing the shop is the respect for and protection of the history of the word, the inevitable trend that modern commercial building housing the store is under progress.Along with the improvement of living standards, product constantly bring forth the new through the old, requirements of different style of the store design to better display the commodity; with the development of science and technology, new materials, such as steel glass provides broad space for the development of modern commercial building, while the modern Shang Yejian built may also store design style provides a variety of infinite.Promoting factors in these two aspects of the design, so that shops now entered a comprehensive style of the era.So we can see the high tech's gorgeous, and can see the pure white; not only can see the magic of Memphis design style and can see the simplicity of style.But regardless of what style they are in order to create a match with the commodity shopping environment for buyers.
Today in twenty-first Century, high-tech can be said to occupy a piece of land in the store design style choices.It is in line with the development of modern commercial building requirements are met to create a fashion goods need to display requirements.Here we can see the use of a large number of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, marble, glass curtain wall, reflective material, they pursue bright strong effect.Such as pipeline, escalators and other components exposed in the design of architectural space, to show the beauty of structure, the beauty of technology, material beauty, beauty of high-tech.But high-tech in today's young people's eyes is a synonym for "cool".This style has become many young for the store design consumer choice.Such as Bizo Austrilia shops is a steel glass concise geometry of light to create a cool space.But it is not one-sided that high-tech style space is cold and heartless pronoun, the development of modern science and technology has added infinite tenderness for this seemingly cold surface.As a European fashion shop in there can adjust the transparency of the fitting room and you can watch the clothes from 360 degree mirror.In fact, science provides the humanized service more people.
If the high-tech and modern high-tech products is because of its common and the words, then the Brutalism is by means of the exposed surface coarse by contrast method of modern commodity soft and delicate performance of the most incisive, using concrete.It won many to dress as the main business of goods merchants love.Such as the design of Munich virmani fashion store is used a lot of Brutalism used limestone stairs, concrete, granite floor, stone mosaic and ancient India gate to contrast clothing texture soft and brand personality.Let the customers in the shop by brand charm infected at the same time to experience this exciting combination.
This in order to seek through contrast to highlight the white style choice of interior design of goods is also a good choice.This in no
Than the delicate, both the pursuit of pure and romantic baroque style, to create a space is often used to display the color of goods, the method of colorless color background color color color more prominent, attracting many customers eye.
Style first appeared in the door Adrian's works, it is the pursuit of artistic abstraction and simplification, pay attention to linear summary function and symbolic significance.Rotterdam Xiehe Cafe facade is combination of rectangles of different area different shapes of the convex and concave show a mathematical order of store image.In the design of modern shops there are many style works.In a straight line as the dominant design not only appear in the storefront facade runs through all the interior.Create a simple space.Such as Japan's natural science based cosmetics shop, is done to demonstrate the need to cut on the wall, to bring customers a natural, healthy, clean goods image.
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