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Review on the theory of regional innovation system risk

Author: YangJian LiangZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-07 11:46:31 Read:
[Keywords] regional innovation system and regional innovation system risk
Regional innovation system [Abstract] (RIS) also integrate innovation resources within the region, plays an important role in promoting cooperation in R & D, knowledge flow, but it also faces many risks.Based on the summary of the related theory research results, a comprehensive introduction to RIS risk, define its concept, connotation, characteristics and types of basic theory problems.
Regional innovation system (RIS) which is composed of division of labor in the geography and the associated enterprises, research institutes and institutions of higher education, support and innovation of the regional organization system.Ill along with the global economic competition, regional competitiveness is of great importance for the study, RIS also increased interest.
The advantage of RIS is that it reflects the role of learning and social environment in the development of the society and economic growth in the region, in the category of more manageable, explain the process of regional economic development and the cycle of knowledge and learning relationship.Pl "although cooperation can reduce or risks as a method, but the cooperation inherent risks," as a dynamic and open system, the risk of RIS is a multi-level and multi-angle, and not all RIS can be sustained and healthy.For example, Detroit was once the world famous automobile city, but due to the lag of adjustment of the lack of innovation and industrial structure and the decline of many years; the Swiss watch industry because of the neglect of innovation, once by the electronic watch Japanese occupy a large market share; the world famous Silicon Valley also had a brief decline, these all indicate that RIS is facing a huge risk.
A review of related literature, both at home and abroad
(a) review of foreign literature
Potter (Porter) pointed out that the cluster is a dynamic evolution, on the one hand, excessive mergers, mutual understanding, cartels, competition and other opponents will damage the local competition, and destroy the original innovation environment; on the other hand, thinking of group members of the cluster will cause group thinking inertia, individual companies to accept new ideas.D1 Austria regional economist Tichv proposed the theory of regional product cycle, analysis of the RIS internal advantage of industrial clusters innovation risk and based on the analysis of structural risk of regional cluster.Risk of technology life cycle mDohse to emerging biopharmaceutical industry in Germany as an example of RIS development.Hakansson believes that industrial cluster network rooted in macroscopic culture atmosphere, which could lead to "regional lock", continues to hinder development of industrial cluster.TN-Iarrison on the analysis of the cooperative form of Italy industrial zone after the crisis that, trust may be the protection of the traditional methods of power, inhibit innovation, and points out that the network is a double-edged sword.May lead to exposure to specific assets of private proprietary information, search for new information of enterprises enthusiasm and knowledge sharing consciousness.Prouder in the evolution of cluster innovation ability after that, initially agglomeration economy, institutional strength, mental model of managers constitute the regional innovation environment, but as time changes, the power to create a similar inhibition of innovation atmosphere.19tKuhlmann believes that the technology risk in different innovation industry within the region faces are not the same, and based on the investigation results, the RIS crisis, the industry innovation in technology innovation risk that may occur is divided.
(two) review the related literature
Cai Ning, from the perspective of network, network risk of industry cluster, analyzes the risks existing in the industrial cluster development.Wu Xiaobo risk from the regional cluster and sustainable development point of view, the industrial cluster "self-fertility risk".Zhu Ruibo in the analysis of "from the basis of fertility" risk analysis model, analysis of the four major causes of its existence, mechanism and demonstrate modular resolve these roots.Li Xunlai from the strategic management theory, analyzes the reasons of recession of cluster competitive advantages.Jia Xiaoxia studied the exogenous structural risk of RIS, proposed the concept and composing factors of RIS exogenous structural risk, the coupling relationship between various elements is given.The domestic and foreign research achievements can be found throughout the old, current research on the risk of IRIS and there is no systematic, mostly on the risk of industrial clusters in RIS discussion and research.
Two, the regional innovation system, the connotation and characteristics of risk
The so-called regional innovation system risk, refers to the running results of the system due to uncertainty, complexity of system operation area of the external environment and the innovation main body own reason and inconsistent objectives, the possibility to cause fading or failure.Manifestation of its consequences are: (1) low operation efficiency of the system, not to promote regional innovation; (2) could not operate system to promote the development of innovative main body, it may endanger their own interests; (3) the decline or even disintegration.
The risk of RIS in addition to the uncertainty, the negative of general risk, also has the relative duality, and diffusion characteristics.
Relativity: each RIS has its own unique characteristics, innovation, network structure, innovation atmosphere and so different, will make the system of risk response and tolerance of different, even the same system, in different stages of development of risk resistance ability is also different.
A dual nature: many RIS with objectivity, such as natural disasters, and at the same time, because of the influence of subjective factors of different innovation subjects, the manifestation of the risks and the impact is different, therefore, the risk of RIS is the result of the interaction between subjective and objective.Proliferation: the RIS is a kind of network organization, complete with integrated function, between the main contact more closely, a subject's behavior will be more or less influence on other subjects.Therefore, risk is inevitable through this network in RIS are spread, the face of an entity's risk could evolve into a whole system risk, the risk faced by the system will be spread to all the main system.
Category three, regional innovation system risk
Due to factors such as the completeness of the information, value, need not and can not put all the RIS risk be arranged arrangement, to seize the key criteria listed in the main risk can be, so that you can make the research more targeted and focus.In this paper, from a macro point of view, according to the sources of risk to RIS risk into the risk of exogenous and endogenous risk of two major categories of risk factors, and the most important, the most prominent.
(a) exogenous risk
Any RIS must be running in the system, the legal restraint, political, market, social and cultural environment variables, objective environment variables affect the composition, structure and operation of RIS in different degree.These exist in the system uncertainties in the external environment will pose a risk of exogenous RIS, is caused by the induced factors of the decline of the system.
Policies and regulations: refers to the risk of policy, law, system changes to RIS uncertainty.The policy direction, due to the reform of the government's macro-control or system of laws and regulations, will be the development and operation of the RIS have brought great impact.In addition, because of the policy and regulations are not perfect, the government often adopt administrative measures to intervene directly in RIS, although the government intervention can to some extent make up for the market failure, but the government sometimes exist the failure phenomenon, leading to deviation of RIS.
Social order: refers to the risk due to social problems or social instability of system losses, including the normal order of threat to social behavior, such as emergency social confusion and led to the development of RIS affected behavior.
Financial capital: refers to the risk factors of financial or capital market brings to the development of RIS uncertainty.Most of today's technology innovation, especially the need to invest a lot of money technology innovation of high-tech industry innovation, still need to rely on external funding to a large extent, such as risk funds, bank loans, and other financial instruments, which is the source of financial risk.
The risk of economic fluctuations: is caused by the macroeconomic fluctuation or macroeconomic short-term trend of fluctuations.From the microcosmic aspect, the economic downturn, enterprises will lose their investment in research and development of new products of interest, inflation will lead to government tightening in innovative research and development enterprise funds are limited, these will affect the development of RIS.In the macro sense, economic fluctuations will not only make the enterprises affected, but also to the entire industry impact, this impact may lead to industrial cluster weakened vitality, bring adverse effect to industrial clusters as the center of the RIS.
Human resource risk: the talent is one of the key factors of RIS and stable operation of the unfavorable factors, will occur in the human resources led to the decline of RIS, these factors include human resource structure unreasonable, talent is in short supply, the flow of talent is not smooth and personnel labor and social security system is not perfect etc..
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