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Analysis of resource-based regional innovation development model based on self - Reinforcement Theory

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[Keywords] since the enhanced   resource type area;
[Abstract] through the elaboration of the formation of the existing industrial development model of Resource-based Region, as well as its relatively "locked" state, put forward to promote the sustainable development of Resource-based Region, need to remove the existing development model of "path dependence", seek innovation and development path, development mode of Resource-based regional new.
Regional economic development is often as much as possible to rely on local advantages of resources, speed up the development speed of the characteristics, and these characteristics in the resource type area was significantly greater in.The so-called resource type area, is refers to the natural resources (forest resources, mineral resources, etc.) mining and the rise, development and growth, and resource industry occupies a larger share in the industry in the region.Resource-based regions in economic development are often more rely on their own resources, formed in the resources industry as the core of the regional industrial structure.
, the enhancement theory
Autofrettage theory first appeared in physics, chemical kinetics and in theoretical biology, in this kind of discipline, self enhancement or dynamic system autocatalytic type, which has partial positive feedback, tend to have multiple asymptotic state or possible "explicit structure".The initial state and the early combination of random events or disturbance, the kinetic push domination of one of these asymptotic state, thus a structure selection, will eventually "locking system".
In 1988, the United States Stanford University economics professor W, Brian Arthur (W.BrainArthur), in the proceedings "economics as" a complex system evolution in published "a" self-reinforcing mechanism in economics, for the first time since enhancement theory into the research in the field of economics, put forward in increasing returns to scale assumptions, economics there exists a self-reinforcing phenomenon, the economic system can produce a local positive feedback from the enhancement mechanism.Effect of self-reinforcing mechanism formed mainly from four aspects: (I) the high building or fixed cost (the lower unit costs than increased output dominant); (2) the learning effect (when the production growth in general, the effect will be improve production or reduce production costs); (3) the benefits of cooperation (which take the same action and other economic agents "live together in peace together" dominant); (4) Adaptive Expectations (popular on the market to make people believe that it will further pop).
In the self-reinforcing mechanism, economic systems are often characterized by four aspects: (1) polymorphic equilibrium (Multiple - Equilibrium): asymptotic "system may have two or more distinct market share solution", finally choose a "solution" is uncertain, not only and not predictable.(2) possible inefficiency (PossibleInefficiency): if a first world "better" than another (according to some measure of economic welfare), but because of "bad luck" was not adopted, then, the final result will probably not be the maximum possible return.(3) lock (LockIn): once a system reaches a "solution", it is difficult to quit.(4) the path dependence (Path - Dependence): a previous history of market share is small events and random events -- can decide which "solution".
two, self-reinforcing mechanism of resource-based regional development mode selection of the form
Since the enhancement mechanism is a kind of marginal income increasing economic theory, the use of traditional economic general equilibrium analysis of diminishing returns to scale is a great impact.Although the autofrettage theory due to its own has not yet formed a complete theoretical system, has not been incorporated into mainstream economics.But the theory in guiding the technology progress, economic development mode change etc are good inspiration.Krugman (Krugman, 1995) have pointed out that the industrial agglomeration is the result of increasing marginal revenue.The economics of the "Matthew effect" also reflects the local white enhancement mechanism results.
In the resource type area in the development process, there are also self enhancement mechanism.Resource type area in the long historical process of economic development, the formation of regional resources in support of regional leading industry pattern.From the autofrettage theory point of view, the resource-based regional industrial structure will cause with resources obvious characteristics in the following aspects:
(a) fixed cost
Resource type area in the initial choice of industrial process, is the best way to a small price with the help of resource advantage, once the industry pattern formation, there is the establishment of cost and fixed cost, become the inevitable choice of regional natural resources industry continue to develop and become the main choice, sunk cost of Resource-based regional transformation.Especially with the development of energy resources of coal, oil and other major economic pillars of regional industry, the leading industry in the formation process is often follow this rule.Start of resource-based industrial scale is small, but the initial development costs and the large and small initial development profits; due to the increased efficiency of scale economy and market demand, expand the scale of production resource industry constantly, so as to obtain the biggest economic benefits; finally in the interior region, resource-based industry cluster has huge fixed costs the.
(two) the learning effect
In the resource type area, once a business began to take advantage of local resources, and achieved good economic benefits, other regional enterprises will form the learning effect imitate each other, thus forming a cluster advantage relying on resources within the region of the.With the development of economy, resource type industry gradually become the region's leading industries, the formation of resource-based regional industrial structure.Once the industry pattern formation, due to good economic performance and the huge sunk costs, will enable the regional development pattern choice continue to rely on existing path.
(three) cooperation benefits
The formation of the leading industries in based on the resources in the resource type area, related industries and the industry will gradually develop and grow up, forming cooperation benefits within the region.Such cooperation benefits the formation of regional resource industry chain, the change of regional leading industry faces the sunk costs increase, to further strengthen the development mode of regional natural resources industry.In the resource-based regional development process, often there will be related industries based on resource type industry accompanying development.For example, coal mining regions often have agglomeration coal transportation, chemical industry and other related industries, to further enhance the degree of stability of resource-based industrial chain.At the same time, the benefits of cooperation has also increased the difficulty of the industrial transformation of resource-based region.
(four) Adaptive Expectations
In the accumulation of foundation of regional development experience, people form the adaptive expectations.Formerly depends on the resources superiority industry choice to the development of regional economic benefits, and this income has not yet been resources, market demand has not yet reduced sharply, technological progress does not constitute a significant impact under such circumstances will always exist.Therefore, resource-based regional form easily continue to use this mode of regional economic development, will continue to promote regional economic development is expected, led to the development of the model of resource-based industrial area to form and strengthen.
Characteristics of three, the regional development pattern of resource type
Because of the fixed cost, learning effect, cooperation benefit and adaptability of the existence of these factors, the regional development model of Resource-based Region often has very strong to resources industry as the core of the characteristics, formation of resource-based regional industrial structure selection of "lock", and the formation of "path dependence" in the regional economy development mode, cause of resource-based regional economic system has the following features:
(a) path selection results
Formation of resource-based regional industrial structure, often under various path selection results.The regional economy in the early stages of development, the existence of multiple equilibria in the economy, the formation of "polymorphic equilibrium", there is a variety of development path choice, each path from the regional industrial structure is not the same as.At the beginning, each industry within the region is even and symmetrical, but still with asymmetric ends, there is a "symmetry breaking".The pattern of industrial structure under different path, leading industry market share "arrangement" or model is by the initial market "fluctuation" and "show".Regional industrial structure in a variety of optional compete with each other in order to occupy a "niche", a regional industrial structure leading has "competition on his opponent's exclusive".And, if a regional industrial structure and has a priority, and is used by most of the regional competition power, then it is likely to be enduring, that is "selection advantage".For example, some regions of resources in the early stages of development, not only has the development of resource-based industry condition, but also have regional tourism development conditions.In the process of choosing regional leading industry, is the choice of resource-based industries or tourism, often is the result of game area inside and outside of the main parties, depending on market demand, government policies, enterprise behavior
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