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Study on the construction of the sustainable innovation of regional innovation system

Author: YangJian ZhuYaKun From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-07 05:19:18 Read:
Keywords: the regional innovation system life cycle of regional innovation system structure of   sustainable innovation;
Abstract: regional innovation system based on the life cycle model, sustainable innovation for regional innovation system construction, starting from the composition of the system, put forward a series of measures in the network of innovation subject, innovation atmosphere, foundation, innovation resource etc..
With the knowledge economy and globalization development deepens, the economic development shows the characteristics of regionalization, regional innovation ability becomes the key point of growth of regional economy.At present, the scholars at home and abroad to build a variety of regional innovation system construction model, puts forward a series of important policy implications and recommendations, but these models and suggestions are based on the successful experience of other regions on, objectively in different regions of the social environment, resources, infrastructure, policies and regulations etc. there are differences, for the regional model does not fit in other regions.Moreover, regional innovation system faces many risk factors in its development, cause and not all of the regional innovation system can maintain the sustainable innovation.Therefore, this paper proposes a general sense of the regional innovation system, to the sustainable innovation as the guide, to the regional innovation system life cycle based on structure, construction and operation of regional innovation systems as a starting point, to study the construction strategy.
The connotation of regional innovation system of sustainable innovation of the 1
Regional innovation system of sustainable development oriented, is refers to the focus on the innovation ability of the future, it can be continuous innovation and regional innovation system target, constructs the reasonable effective innovation network by optimizing the allocation of its resources, environment, sound operation, to promote the sustained and healthy development of regional innovation capacity and regional innovation system.
Compared with the regional innovation systems in general, the biggest difference between them is the different directions, regional innovation system more generally is embarks from the present innovation capability perspective to construct innovation system, focusing on the innovation performance, while the sustainable innovation of regional innovation system is based on the sustainable development of the innovation ability as a starting point and the home to return to, planning structure and operation mechanism of innovation network from the point of view of system life cycle, to coordinate the development of the innovation system to promote the construction of the innovation system.
According to the innovation ability, development of regional innovation system can be divided into incubation period, high speed development period, newborn period, mature period and decline period...The characteristics of each stage, each are not identical.Indicates that the life cycle theory of regional innovation system, innovation system is a dynamic, innovative ability is cyclical, due to the impact of external and internal factors of the system innovation, difficult to maintain long-term vitality, this is decided by the system's development.In order to prevent periodic risk, regional innovation system to create sustainable innovation, must proceed from structure and the operation mechanism of the system, according to the characteristics of the regional innovation system is constructed in order to determine the strategy system.
2 regional innovation system structure
In order to regional innovation system construction of sustainable innovation orientation, we must first understand its structure, domestic and foreign scholars structure on regional innovation system has a variety of understanding, but in general can be divided into two types, namely dynamic and static structure.The so-called dynamic structure refers to the dynamic process of innovation from the point of view, to analyze the innovation system structure based on knowledge creation, use and transfer of different stages.The typical view is proposed by Autio, the regional innovation system is mainly composed of two subsystems, rooted in the area of social economy and culture environment, respectively is the application of knowledge and the development of subsystem, and knowledge production and diffusion system.
The so-called static structure means starting from the cross section of the regional innovation system, to analyze its structure according to the part of the regional innovation system.Andersson and Karlsson point of view are representative, their industry cluster as the center, surrounded by different elements of the infrastructure, incentive system, consists of three parts, together to form the regional innovation system.Asheim and Isaksen also pointed out that the regional industrial cluster, regional innovation system is supported by peripheral tissue.
From the theoretical proposal angle, this paper takes the static structure analysis of regional innovation system, a reasonable structure of the regional innovation system should include: innovation networks, innovation base, innovation resources and innovation atmosphere of four subsystems (see Figure 1), in which the network innovation main body is a subsystem of the core, innovation base, innovation resources and the innovation atmosphere is a subsystem of support, can be collectively referred to as the innovation environment, mutual influence, mutual promotion.

Strategy for constructing the regional innovation system of 3 sustainable innovation.
3.1 incubation period: the development of regional industry cluster
The incubation period is the first stage of the life cycle of the regional innovation system, which is characterized by the initial formation of industrial clusters, the development of regional industry cluster is the dominant strategy incubation period.
OECD, in a report in 1999 pointed out: the industrial cluster is composed of interdependent enterprise, knowledge producing organizations (Corporate University research institutions, provide technology), intermediary institutions (such as technology and consulting service provider) and customers, through value-added production chain and connect to the network.Industrial cluster is an important prerequisite for industrial development and innovation, is the core of the regional innovation system.First, industry cluster close relationship of enterprise ", is beneficial to the cooperation between enterprises, to accelerate the innovation diffusion between cluster enterprises, promote technological progress of the whole cluster.Secondly, the connotation of regional innovation system innovation is technical innovation not only, also includes system innovation, management innovation, industry cluster provides a communication platform for the enterprise, make the enterprise to adjust its organizational structure and management system, accelerate institutional innovation and management innovation of enterprises.Finally, the industrial cluster including education research institutions and intermediary service agencies and other organizations, spatial proximity can make to establish communication mechanism between them, providing a platform for the flow of knowledge.Therefore, provides the necessary hardware industry cluster as the regional innovation network, the establishment of industrial cluster is the prerequisite for the development of the regional innovation system, innovation system is the dominant strategy of incubation period.
Due to the development degree of each regional industry cluster is different, need to formulate corresponding strategies according to the actual situation.
For the characteristics of the industrial zone already exists, the specialization should support the existing industries, on the one hand to strengthen the professional services, such as financial services, legal services and consulting services, on the other hand, the relationship between enterprise and University, research institutions closely, strengthen their exchanges, is conducive to the formation of knowledge flow network.
For the characteristics of the industry has not formed or just starting area, the government should set up a science and technology park to attract high-tech company, Professional Company, research and development institutions, and the construction of professional incubator.The science and technology park with the traditional industrial park is different, the former emphasizes the interaction between Park organization, can exchange network composed of these internal organization, while the latter is the introduction of independent enterprises, completely is the production capacity of aggregation.
For the traditional old industrial area, need to the system as the center to reshape its.One is the exchanges and cooperation between, ask information and technology promote existing enterprises and research institutions, promote the transfer of knowledge and human capital supply; two is to market product and process innovation as the guide of innovation, encourage the shift to the new industry of traditional industries, realize the leapfrogging of technology.
3.2 newborn period -- create a good atmosphere for innovation and innovation foundation
The primary stage of regional innovation system is the second stage of the life cycle, the phase of RIS is just a prototype, at the exploratory stage of development, therefore, need in two aspects of hardware and software for sustained development of innovation system based on hardware from the material basis of hands, innovation, creating software, pay attention to innovation atmosphere the.
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