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Research on policy supporting system of regional innovation and Entrepreneurship

Author: ChangZhongYi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-07 05:14:49 Read:
Keywords: the     of regional innovation; entrepreneurship; policy innovation mode of
Abstract: through the basic goal of policy, regional innovation and entrepreneurship support system for the general principles and the main content of system analysis, points out that the construction of regional innovation policy support system should pay attention to the objective conditions, the region of the target, the choice of innovation mode and efficiency issues.
Policy support system of regional innovation and entrepreneurship, refers to the regional government (here refers to the "province" level administrative region) is called a series of public intervention to improve entrepreneurial ability and vitality of the regional innovation developed criteria and all public intervention behavior.Construction of system of regional innovation and entrepreneurship support policy, some defect of the national economic space structure to correct market mechanism causes, to improve the ability of regional innovation and vitality, and regional competitiveness.Policy support system is the construction of regional innovation system is extremely important soft environment.
1 regional innovation and entrepreneurship concept analysis
Research on regional innovation system rise of nineteen ninties, is the new development of technology innovation and national innovation system theory, it is the growing demand for new research of regional economy and the resulting birth to.As the theory of national innovation system in the regional economic development in the specific application, the regional innovation system is given more rich content.Regional innovation system refers to a certain region and certain social economic and cultural background, with enterprises as the main body, with a relationship and the role of local government, education and scientific research institutions, financial institutions, intermediaries and the formation of economy, science and technology, education and other factors integrated development.In the construction of regional innovation system, regional innovation and entrepreneurship ability and vitality is an important issue, but also the basic conditions to improve regional innovation ability and industry, enterprises within the region competition ability and development should have.
By the definition of technology innovation can be seen, the technological innovation is the enterprise to the market as the guidance, the science and technology potential into economic activity, it emphasizes the unity of effective technology development and application of technology, attach importance to the technical elements combined with other elements of the new.The process of technological innovation includes development knowledge invention, technology, transformation also contains mature technology to engineering and industrialization, but also the whole process including commercialization realizing market value.Theory and practice of technology innovation for generations model evolution development so far, linear can be thought of the process are not independent, but in an interaction, mutual connection of highly integrated network.However, the concept of technological innovation always contains the mature knowledge, process technology can be applied to industrialization, and at the beginning of that process is entrepreneurial activity period.Thus, entrepreneurship is the important content of innovation, innovation is part of the.The ability and vitality of the venture is the basic conditions and potential of technology innovation system should have in the entrepreneurial process.
2 basic objectives and general principles
The 2.1 target
The guiding thought for constructing regional innovation policy support system: by cultivating the subject, perfect mechanism, optimize resources, improve the environment, focus on the construction of regional innovation in accordance with the socialist market economic system and pioneering new system, improve the ability and the vitality of regional innovation, enhance the competitiveness of the region.
The general goal of policy support system of regional innovation and entrepreneurship include improving the regional innovation and vitality and improve regional entrepreneurial ability and activity of two.
(1) the activation of innovation mechanism.The formation of integration of production enterprises as the technology innovation investment, the rapid development of intermediary organizations, government administrative efficiency, the construction of enterprise incubator.
(2) perfect innovation mechanism.Perfect the market operation mechanism, the formation mechanism of interaction between the innovation mechanism, establish the evaluation and incentive mechanism.
(3) enterprise resource integration and innovation.Mining includes strategic human resource development and utilization of resources, technology, government funding for entrepreneurship support, innovation achievements transformation.
(4) to improve the innovation environment.Including the legal system, credit, finance, environment, infrastructure projects.
Policy support system of regional innovation and entrepreneurship is a complete system.According to the specific situation of the overall needs and different stages of development of regional economic development, we must first ensure that the main target, the key goal, but also to take into account other objectives.
2.2 principles
(1) in accordance with the establishment of socialist market economic system of our country, give full play to the basic role of the market in the allocation of resources.Construction policy of regional innovation support system must give full play to market allocation principle, the policy of regional innovation support system and market mechanism are organically combined together, can realize the policy of regional innovation support system to achieve policy objectives.
(2) focused, concentrated force to solve urgent problems.Different regions in the country, its economic strength and the power of government and national difference is very big, and the regional policy effect is very limited.In the construction of regional innovation policy support system, we must focus, concentrate on solving the urgent need to address the problem of regional innovation and entrepreneurship.
(3) to a comprehensive, systematic, and constitute a complete system.Policy support system of regional innovation and entrepreneurship is to improve regional innovation ability and vigor as the core, and to ensure the efficient operation of the system of regional innovation and entrepreneurship as a starting point.This requires the policy of regional innovation support system itself to a more comprehensive system, each component should be able to cooperate with each other, play the whole function, but also in their respective roles and the scope of the field play an independent role.
(4) have strong operability.In the selection of policy measures, must use economic, legal and necessary administrative means to ensure the implementation of the policy support, the regional innovation and entrepreneurship.
2.3 basic basis
(1) the national innovation policy.Regional innovation policy is the important content of the system in regional innovation and entrepreneurship support policy.Regional innovation policy and national innovation policy is consistent with the goal of the construction of regional innovation and entrepreneurship, policy support system must fully absorb the state to formulate relevant policies are the means and methods of use, according to the local subject to the overall requirements, to the national innovation policy oriented, combined with the region's own condition, can make not only the in line with the actual, and coordination of regional innovation and entrepreneurship policies consistent with the national innovation policy support system.
(2) the national high-tech enterprise development policy.The realization of technical innovation is to a great extent by a number of high-tech enterprises, especially high-tech enterprises entrepreneurial activities to promote.Support system of entrepreneurship policy is also important content of regional innovation policy.
(3) the policy of regional economic development.Regional economic development policy is about a regional economic development overall economic policy.The policy of regional innovation and entrepreneurship as part of regional economic development policy, the formulation of standards should be consistent with the overall policy framework, constructing innovation policy support system, and regional industrial policy and the adjustment of economic structure and economic development policy of close together.
(4) regions in reality.The construction of the system of subject to the regional situation of regional innovation and entrepreneurship support policy.Large regional differences exist in the natural, social, historical, economic development level, regional culture, at the same time, innovation mechanism, the regional innovation system, innovation resources and innovation environment and other factors also each are not identical, this is the limit conditions for the construction of regional innovation and entrepreneurship policy must take into account the support system.
2.4 support for key
(1) innovation system.Cultivate and perfect market system, establish perfect market rules and regulations, supervision of market operation, ensure the fairness and transparency of the market rules, to create a fair, fair, open competitive environment for the development of enterprises, an important content of policy support system of regional innovation and entrepreneurship is not only, also system operation support policy of regional innovation important conditions.
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