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Research and practice of the cultivation of talents of undergraduate students

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Author: Chang Yu Xuan Yanjiao Ma Xinrui Gao Bin Song Miao Li Chengjie Zhong Rugang
Abstract: in order to meet the need of the society for talents, the development of higher education for all-round training to students, especially to strengthen the cultivation of practice ability and innovation ability of College students.My school training mode and management system in personnel, through long-term exploration and discussion, form, promote the teaching model in practice, through the implementation of tutorial system to create a good space and atmosphere for the training of elite talents with bachelor's degree.
Keywords: quality education; undergraduate; tutorial system; the elite

One, pay attention to the education reform, construction of new talent cultivation mode

(a) education reform necessity
"Quality education" has become the most concern in the field of education.Drawbacks of traditional education, teachers' "teaching" and "learning" students more, to utilitarianism, the all-round development of students has been severely constrained, even abnormal development.Some of the students into the container to accept knowledge, take all your time and energy are limited to the textbook knowledge, high through various machine learning and training to obtain test scores, but as a modern man should have the quality is very poor, with high scores, the lack of others and social concern.
A weak culture influence, the students' humane quality is not high; over narrow professional education, make the students academic field of vision is not wide enough, the academic base is not firm; excessive utilitarianism orientation, so that the overall quality of students training and basic training is not enough; restrict excessive generality, so that the development of students' personality deficiency.Students through the "ducks" to "fill out" duck "to roast duck (do)", became the idiotic "plate duck", no innovation.The ancient Greek philosopher F Rota Gore said: container is not a need to be filled, but a torch lit.In terms of education, the torch to point is the students' innovation ability.
Science Master Einstein once quoted a quip: "if people have forgotten what they learned in school, education is that which remains."In other words "not forget is the quality".Quality education despite the raise a Babel of criticism of the noisy, but the face of the exam-oriented education, a rocky road, is not optimistic.We see a problem, see a solution to the problem of difficult, must have been ingrained traditional education mode, education reform is not a short duration of time can work.Therefore, as every educator should have the courage to explore, constantly explore the new way of teaching reform.Will integrate teaching and educating people, create more talents for our society.

(two) personnel training focus
Training is not only to teach students knowledge, more important is to improve the students to obtain knowledge and the ability to use knowledge.This ability to cultivate and improve only in the innovation process, and through close to or participate in the innovation practice, enhance the ability to adapt to the social needs of students, to train and bring up the advanced innovative people development, enterprise rapid update only.
As an important base for cultivating talents -- Laboratory, is an important base for training students' practical ability and innovative ability, especially for engineering students is more important.At the same time, the laboratory is an important part of quality education and the cultivation of innovative talents, has an irreplaceable role in cultivating college students' innovative thinking and practical ability, is an important part of university undergraduate training.However, students in the undergraduate laboratory contact opportunities are few, just in the curriculum arrangement for several test number is not much, and can't make them truly understand the true face of scientific research, more have no chance to show more of innovative thought and ability of their.Therefore we need to create conditions, to guide them, carry out more effective scientific research practice.

(three) the new talent cultivation, we how to do
College students "tutorial system" is to deal with the quality education of higher education in the challenge of a kind of teaching reform and exploration.From the practice of some colleges and universities at home and abroad, combined with the characteristics of our hospital, in the 2002 stage, 2003 stage and 2004 stage implementation of undergraduate tutorial system of high grade.Tutorial system, help students improve the professional thought, is conducive to the teaching of specialized courses, but also conducive to the improvement of students comprehensive quality.Of course, there are some problems in the process of practice, we need to in-depth study and solve, such as how to properly guide students into the laboratory, the undergraduate timely in grade three or four, and the use of their limited knowledge in the laboratory, exercise their own scientific research quality and etc..The implementation of the undergraduate tutorial system, and combined with the education and management of students, guide students to engage in professional field of research and practice, the comprehensive level graduates is the research starting point.

Two, the undergraduate tutorial system in the practice of

(a) the undergraduate tutorial system the significance of
The tutor system in Colleges and universities in our country is mainly used for postgraduate education, along with the continuous deepening of educational system reform, many universities have begun to try to implement tutorial system for undergraduates.In its positive functions: one is to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, fully improve the efficiency of higher education."Teaching" is the "teaching" and "learning" combination, teachers need to cooperate fully with the students, the implementation of education and different methods according to the students' characteristics and requirements, to enable students to love learning, active learning, give full play to the initiative of students, improve the learning efficiency: two is in line with our requirements for quality education.The goal is to cultivate "compound talents wide foundation, strong ability, innovation", the undergraduate learning stages tend to theory teaching, the students' practical ability is poor, poor thinking, lack of innovation capability, the implementation of undergraduate tutorial system, can make the students learn to independent study, independent thinking, to face the social continuous high speed the development of the situation.
China's traditional education often imperceptibly "teaching" and "educating people" as two independent educational activities, such as professional teachers imparting professional knowledge, but the teacher of "Two Courses" and student staff pay attention to moral education of students, so that the school moral education can't to the attention of the teachers and participation.Two skins phenomenon formed the "teaching" and "educating people".And the fact of professional teachers in the students' ideological work plays a very important role.Because of the professional education covers almost all aspects of university education, and professional teachers in Colleges and universities occupy a higher proportion of.They are college students contact most frequently in a wide range of groups.As educators, teachers in the determination of the teaching task, teaching content, teaching process control, evaluation of students' behavior and teaching activities, the personal behavior plays an enlightenment and demonstration role.Therefore, professional values, personality tendency, will always have an important impact on students.So the implementation of the concept of modern education tutorial system is helpful to the realization of "teaching" and "full education".Help to promote the transformation from knowledge to ability in transforming students knowledge and ability, process can play a supporting role and an important catalyst.
As a breakthrough in the teaching mode of the traditional mode of education, the tutor system set two-way interactive, participatory, heuristic education in one.To cultivate the students' active learning in the teaching activity habits, to enable students to further understand the purpose of learning, stimulate interest, expand their knowledge, but also helps to stimulate teachers' enthusiasm.In addition, the tutor system pay more attention to the training of creative ability of students in the professional field.Because of the professional teachers each have their own field characteristic that interested students can participate in the research activities in the study of knowledge at the same time, accumulated certain experience, enhance the awareness of innovation, ways of thinking, learn to creative thinking, improve the professional interest.

(two) the tutor system -- the Shuo cooperative learning
In our hospital, implementation of tutorial system: tutor in a certain period of time, individual guidance to minority undergraduates.Objective is to cultivate the ability of practice and innovation ability of students, cooperation learning ability.It encourages students to participate in the study and explore the experience, from scientific research backbone teacher mentor, by a small number of undergraduate and graduate students, the learning group is the basic unit, to mentor guidance as the platform and the carrier, the students learning methods similar to scientific research, comprehensive guidance teachers to the students moral character, learning, research teaching methods.
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