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Construction of Inner Mongolia regional innovation system

Author: SunZhiWei From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-07 04:56:46 Read:
[Keywords] regional innovation system construction model of
[Abstract] in constructing the regional innovation system, enhance regional innovation capability has become a regional economic gain competitive advantage, the social and economic background to realize fast and healthy development of the decisive factors, the construction of regional innovation system is an important measure to achieve Inner Mongolia first-class modern regional development.In this paper, on the basis of the Inner Mongolia overall economic strength and the regional innovation ability, strength analysis on the regional disequilibrium economic strength and weak technology, education design model to build the regional innovation system of Inner Mongolia short chain structure, network structure.
Inner Mongolia medium level, regional unbalanced economic strength and weakness of the science and technology, education and innovation ability to - strength, the decision to build the regional innovation system of Inner Mongolia's more to rely on the power of the government to promote, need to go through the integration of the administrative region and economic region to establish efficient regional innovation system.In the mode of establishing the regional innovation system of science and technology, the strength of weak reality determines that Inner Mongolia should rely on a technology paradigm is unlikely to improve the regional innovation system, and the technology paradigm general did not help to build a regional economic competitive advantage of unique.Therefore, in the case of Inner Mongolia, the construction of regional innovation system should go from the chain structure to the evolution of the road network structure, regional innovation system more effective construction mode will be the first to the formation of regional innovation system specific through government-led industrial agglomeration; secondly, to strengthen the integrated innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption, based on the the establishment of regional technology innovation system with enterprises as the leading, regional innovation system construction to final value network type, formation stages of the regional innovation system of Inner Mongolia.
A, short chain structure
1 the first short chain, at this stage, Inner Mongolia should establish a regional innovation system of short chain structure.Factors affecting the construction of regional innovation system in many aspects, can be roughly summed up to two aspects of the economy and technology from two aspects of regional economic strength and technological strength, we can more clearly analyze a regional innovation system.We can take the economic and technological strength of matrix variables to construct a four quadrant, as shown in Figure L.Located in different quadrants of the region, the construction mode of regional innovation system will be significantly different.

(1) the regional innovation system of value network.When a region's economic and technological strength is very strong, each innovation subject to enterprises enjoy full innovation resources, subject to certain innovation incentives will actively carry out innovation activities.
(2) the regional innovation system is the dominant type of enterprise.When a region of strong economic strength and technological strength is relatively weak, its own innovation ability is not strong, but it has sufficient funds.In these areas, the economic structure dominated by traditional industries, in the face of the fierce market competition, enterprises in order to obtain sustainable competitive advantage will actively carry out innovation activities, has become the main driving force of regional innovation system.
(3) the regional innovation system of university scientific research institution oriented.Some regions of the relatively backward economic development, education and science and technology strength is strong, the typical as Shaanxi Xi'an, may show for regional innovation system leading university scientific research institutions.
(4) the regional innovation system of government leading type.All weak in the economic and technological strength, scientific research institutions and universities enterprise innovation ability is not strong, strong support the need for an external force.The economic strength of the weak and often means that the market mechanism is not perfect, there 'market failure ", then the role of the government will be highlighted.The government rely on administrative power can quickly gathered together all the resources required for innovation, and regional economic development is of great significance in the industry and technology implementation of major breakthroughs, in order to promote the construction of the regional innovation system, promote the development of regional economy.
Based on the above analysis, at this stage should be selected to establish regional innovation system mainly by the government guide type.First of all, to strengthen and promote a government enterprise university - contact, Inner Mongolia governments at all levels should introduce some cooperation between important and aims to promote interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral project, one of the most important point is to create an environment encouraging independent innovation, encourage enterprises to become the subject of technological innovation.Attention is conducive to the development of independent innovation of preferential policies and creating a legal environment conducive to independent innovation.To play the guiding role of economic science and technology policy, increase investment in research and development enterprises, guide, encourage enterprises to establish research and development institutions.In the past the intermediate links in the innovation chain is a small amount of investment, establishment of university industry and local industry research organization enterprise level three scientific research system.Research institutions to encourage enterprises and institutions of higher education, the establishment of various kinds of technological innovation organization.Support through the reform plan of science and technology, research and development of mission support enterprises to undertake autonomous region.To establish and improve the incentive mechanism and the intellectual property rights trading system, to develop various kinds of intermediary service organization of science and technology for the enterprise services.The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Key Laboratory, engineering center to expand open to the enterprise.The technical innovation ability as an important index of state-owned enterprises evaluation, the technology factors participate in the distribution of income as an important content of the reform of property right system of high-tech enterprises, to support the development of private enterprises and technology actively financing system of small and medium enterprises and risk investment mechanism.
2 second short chain, industrial cluster initiative to promote the construction of regional innovation system.An important carrier of industry cluster can become a regional innovation system, constitute the main elements of regional innovation system, industrial cluster through the establishment of an effective cooperation network, production, diffusion and application can promote the main body of regional innovation system for new knowledge and new technology, can improve the industry and regional competitiveness.As Potter points out, the regional economic growth and competitive advantage depends on the promotion and development of cluster's ability to a great extent, its core is the cluster innovation network development.Inner Mongolia in the competition has been formed to Erie, Mengniu Dairy Industry Cluster as representative; cashmere industry cluster with Erdos Cashmere represented; energy industry cluster has strong advantages in resources; has strong development potential of the chemical industry cluster and other industrial cluster, the massive industrial cluster has begun to take shape, can learn from this experience. To promote the construction of regional innovation system.Industry Cluster Initiative Practice Model of regional or national social, political, and economic environment based on process, industrial cluster, industrial cluster target by a guide and industry cluster initiatives performance, as shown in figure 2.

In the case of Inner Mongolia, the implementation of industrial cluster initiative, must establish the enterprise generic technology and service platform, culture innovation foster learning and cooperative competition, the development of knowledge cluster and technology industrial cluster, continue to promote the unique, enhanced international competitiveness.At the same time, must not to move or retreat to the high-tech zones, economic development zones and University Science Park Development for regional innovation base, by speeding up the innovation of infrastructure construction, further to the development of innovative cluster direction.To construct included market service system, technology development system, innovation network system, the government support system of industry cluster external support system.
In the relevant policy guidance, the need to cluster policy alternative industrial policy.At the same time, Inner Mongolia in the industrial clusters to build the effective platform for technology innovation.Different ways can choose the innovation center of science and technology according to their own situation to different clusters, either through clusters of related main action body jointly set up the science and technology development center, can also be based on the cluster in a large enterprise R & D center.In addition, to break the link between innovation behavior barriers, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between each other, according to the regional industrial development planning, through system innovation, to provide the necessary infrastructure, economic good ecosystem, the formation of the flow of elements' hanging ", to help entrepreneurs to develop professional, to reduce endogenous transaction cost, promote the division of labor among enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, through the development of industrial clusters in regional marketing, and then to build a regional innovation network.
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