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Effect of regional innovation system of enterprise technology innovation

Author: ChaiLiJun KongXiangYan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-07 02:05:50 Read:
 , the regional innovation system [Key words]; technology innovation dynamic factors of the integration of
[Abstract] through the integration of various factors affecting the power of technological innovation, think enterprises in technological innovation of the expected benefit of enterprise technical innovation is the most fundamental driving force.Enterprise technology innovation needs and has the innovation ability of enterprise technology innovation is the internal factors and external factors, the market environment, the level of science and technology and policy environment, by working on the internal influence factors to realize its effects on enterprise technology innovation.Influence of regional innovation system on the enterprise technology innovation is mainly reflected in the aspects of market environment, policy environment, technology diffusion.
, the introduction of
Regional economic development is a complex social, economic, technological process, construction of regional innovation system and perfect, be more effective integration of economic, technical, political resources, to the enterprise competitiveness and regional competitiveness plays an important role in the formation of.Therefore, the regional innovation system attracts more and more attention in the world.
Enterprise is the main body of regional innovation, under the market economy system, from knowledge to the conversion process of goods, mainly rely on manufacturing enterprises to complete.It is because of the large number of enterprises through continuous technological innovation, the invention or other scientific and technological achievements into production, enhanced technology and production capacity, the market need of the goods, the formation of scale industry, knowledge, technology transformation in order to material wealth.At the same time, it is also because of the development of enterprises and their own wealth accumulation, it can form a new R & D investment, promote the renewal of knowledge and technology breakthroughs, will change the knowledge and technology for greater material wealth, so as to realize the benign cycle of economic and technological development.Under the condition of market economy, enterprise market directly, the understanding of the market and consumer demand, most can find and grasp the direction of technological innovation.If no business use, any scientific and technological achievements are hard to become a reality.
Therefore, from the perspective of influencing factors of enterprise technology innovation, establish and perfect the regional innovation system, rich and rational allocation of regional resources, build and improve enterprise technology innovation environment, promote the culture and power of enterprise technology innovation ability promotion, and promotes the development of regional economy is particularly important and urgent.
two, factors affecting the power of technological innovation
(a) study on dynamic theory of enterprise technology innovation
Study for the enterprise technical innovation in foreign countries, has experienced from single factors affect the development process of comprehensive effect of multiple factors influence until double factors.For example, Inpet put forward the model of technology push, Schmuck Le put forward the market demand pull model, vroom raised expectations theory.Nineteen eighties, Freeman and other scholars put forward double push mode, that technology thrust and demand pull is a comprehensive role in technological innovation, technological innovation is produced may be in the scientific and technological research results and the market on the demand based on balance.Since then, scholars have put forward three element theory, four yuan, five yuan on theory, which is based on dual factors model have increased the government behavior (including economic policies, laws and measures of macro and government agencies, the corresponding behavior), the study of innovation and entrepreneurship preference and of social, technical and economic system from the organization.It is not difficult to see, with research on technical innovation unceasingly thorough, foreign scholars have gradually realized that promote enterprise technology innovation is a collection of various forces, rather than a single factors.
The research on technology innovation is from the late nineteen eighties, according to the research contents of the different focus, can be roughly divided into two categories:
The first kind of uncertainty and risk of the technology innovation.
The successful analysis model of Xiang Baohua, this is an innovation of the extrinsic motivation factors such as body set required to meet the timeliness and efficiency, human need of stimulation and pressure on the internal and external environment, the collection of technology innovation activities and innovation power source collection and the analysis model based on its characteristics is concerned, measurement of intrinsic need, and pay attention to the risk of innovation.
Based on organizational behavior professor Wan Junkang incentive theory, put forward the technological innovation of the expectancy theory, points out that the probability of generating power = technology innovation technology innovation benefit * success.The probability of success is influenced by many factors, such as the technical complexity, technical level, technical innovation personnel and intellectual advantages and incentive level and have the material conditions.
Technology innovation proposed by Xu Xiaodong expected risk dynamic theory, covers the factors and the risk of this theory, is a integration mode innovation motive expectancy theory and innovation theory of risk.Innovation of the theory of the proposed formula is: innovation power = (generated by the benefits of innovation * innovation success (expectations), innovation input x innovation failure may).
Study of Cui Jian Qin Hao high, pointed out that technological innovation and risk coexist.The technological innovation of the enterprise itself has the nature of the experiment, the various elements of various relations, technical innovation of this experimental process need to acquire, market competition, product realization of enterprise it is strange, even the input-output relationship also foot uncertainty, uncertainty is the inherent nature of technology innovation.Compared with the business risk, risk of technology innovation, strategic risk huge loss, variability and complexity.Present, China's enterprises in the process of technological innovation risk factors of national policy risk factors, technological innovation elements of market risk factors, technology innovation commercial risk factors, risk factors and risk factors of five.
Second focus on a comprehensive study of the driving force of technological innovation.Some scholars tend to be the driving force of technological innovation is divided into internal motivation and external motivation, but for internal, external power should be specific factors including but have different views, has not yet formed a unified opinion.
Zhang Gang think the power comes from the internal include: an enterprise long-term goal formed by growth of the internal needs, entrepreneurship and enterprise strategic business attraction, as well as from scientists, technologists, engineers or individual inventors a dedication, curiosity drive.Power from the external environment include: from the change of social politics and economy of power, from the sustainable development and environmental protection and technology aspects of the pressure, the pressure from market competition, industry concentration or the development impetus, the government's industrial policy orientation.
An Liren and Zhang Jianshen think, the driving force of technological innovation is composed of internal and external forces.In accordance with the direction of the effect of internal force, internal force can be further subdivided into the inner driving force and internal resistance.Internal force includes profit driving force, driving force and the achievement of social value driving force, internal resistance mainly includes risk resistance, inertia resistance, resistance and resistance of target elements.Similarly, also can be further subdivided into external dynamic force and resistance.External power including market environment, financial environment, power power power and policy environment for technological progress and social development; external resistance includes the resistance, the market demand of system and property right is not clear, the financial market is not developed resistance market resistance, talent and technology is not sound resistance and surplus labor force resistance.A joint force depends on the technological innovation of the enterprise in the internal and external forces, the internal forces and external direction and size determines the enterprise technological innovation behavior.
Wang Haishan proposed the EPNR integrated model of technical innovation.The model of the study of technological innovation activities in the whole society environment, the various factors affecting and deciding the technological innovation activities are divided into endogenous factors and exogenous factors.Among them, the endogenous dynamic factors mainly include innovation consciousness, enterprise or innovation mechanism to maximize the pursuit of economic interests, form and requirement of improving enterprise technology competitiveness and development potential of the use of traditional corporate technology, exogenous factors are mainly the progress of science and technology, social needs and market demand, market competition and government policy etc..This model suggests that, enterprises in the external environment in the pressure and the pursuit of the maximum benefit of the internal driving force of the dual role, realize the contradiction between resource and demand or not timely, will have a strong desire to technological innovation, the technical innovation activities".
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