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Accounts Receivable Management Countermeasures construction enterprises

Author: ZhaoLin From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-06 21:22:07 Read:
Abstract: walk since the market economy, the construction enterprises late payment phenomenon intensified, more owing more and more. Not only seriously undermine the social and economic order, and deterioration in the credit environment of corporate transactions, greatly troubled with the normal operation of the construction enterprises, and would bring many uncertainties. Therefore, a careful analysis of the causes of receivables owed, and to take timely measures to collection of receivables, in order to reduce business risk and improve the financial position of the enterprise.
Keywords: construction enterprises; accounts receivable; reason; countermeasures

For construction enterprises, accounts receivable refers the project acceptance settlement and signed by the Employer, should the Employer charged to the contractor. Enterprises have certain receivables is normal, but if the amount of accounts receivable is too large, or too fast, it will seriously affect the cash flow to enable enterprises to shortages of liquidity, affecting the normal production and the deteriorating financial position . Therefore, the study of construction enterprises accounts receivable related to the success or failure of construction enterprises key.
The 1 construction enterprises receivables main reason for high
1.1 macroeconomic environment. In recent years, the implementation of macro-control policies to control the money supply, to effectively curb inflation. But domestic demand is still prosperous countries to reduce deposit and lending rates, but is not yet effective in stimulating the domestic consumer market, especially in the real estate market and construction enterprises, resulting in a large backlog of real estate. Real estate developers due to Chengpinfang sell, take up a lot of money, but also the burden of interest on bank loans, and overwhelmed. An inevitable part of this burden is passed on to the construction enterprises, cause a large number of works shall be in arrears.
1.2 construction market does not regulate competition. China's construction market competition is very intense, construction companies continue to increase its production capacity continues to excess, the formation of "adequate" situation. Construction enterprises in the process of contract projects, compete to lower the price, construction enterprises Loaning capabilities, financial strength is its ability to contract to the important factors of the project. Many projects to undertake the premise that Loaning, and the amount is increasing. Construction enterprises in order to survive, had to accept the the Employer demanding Loaning conditions.
1.3 Construction internal management of enterprises, there are many problems. (1) At present, our country in the accounting system implementation of accrual, the project acceptance denominated and signed by the Employer, regardless of whether the amounts recovered are formed project settlement construction enterprises current income. (2) construction business leaders re-production, re-market operators, the heavy output value of light fund management, resulting in more and more accounts receivable. When the production needed money, just go to the external financing or credit, without taking effective way to ask for projects, resulting in a while debts while they add new account receivables. (3) more frequent due to the construction business leaders replace individual in any leadership unwilling to discuss the former leadership left to clear the old account. Old accounts once formed the allowance for doubtful or bad debts, but also for processing, will affect the profit or loss affect the realization of business objectives.
1.4 Accounting accounting implications. Its internal division of labor for construction enterprises report the implementation of the summary made smaller, independent accounting of the professional company, most of these professional contract engineering construction enterprise internal subcontracting. In accounting, on the one hand, the total package a result of the construction side project payment arrears increase in accounts receivable, on the other hand, these professional companies increased receivables not receive project funds should, in fact, this part of the receivables have been included in the total package to the construction side of the settlement, in a summary report, is not this receivable, accounts payable offset resulting in false claims and debts.
Strengthen the management of accounts receivable and debts measures
2.1 due to the external environment arising from late payment, take each joint efforts of the whole society can be resolved. Must be done: (1) the whole society to strengthen the integrity of education, vigorously develop the credit total estimated industry. Strict implementation of the State Council issued "the decision to standardize market economic order. (2) improve laws and regulations and strengthen law enforcement. Malicious default, evading debts construction unit should intensify law enforcement, the use of mandatory sanctions are owed to the old protection of the law to the interests of business. (3) strengthening the control, put an end to the phenomenon of the construction market funds are not available. Only start from the efforts to strengthen the monitoring and implementation of construction projects were approved funds are not allowed to enter the market governance, in order to fundamentally curb delinquency, Loaning phenomenon spread. (4) to improve the construction market access "threshold. A sharp increase for the current construction team, the Ministry of Construction has implemented a new construction enterprise qualification regulations. Implementation of the implementing provisions, to eliminate the non-qualified enterprises and personnel engaged in the construction industry, so as to enhance the quality construction team. 2.2 internal factors of arrears, companies must produce the source of the problem from their own grasp, to take effective measures to strictly control, and consciously safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises . (1) new receivables to prevent owners, management, supervision can not relax, to prevent the occurrence of new arrears. : In the construction process, to improve the construction process information, including covert acceptance data, engineering change, increase or decrease, special materials unit price of the visa. Settled information in a timely manner to prepare and deliver phased settlement work, on time and according to urge the construction unit examination and re-settlement, to speed up the receivables aging. The only way to make the project complete data record, well documented, and enhance their ability to protect themselves and reduce the difficulty of receivables to reduce the new late payment. (2) to set up the the legal studio or imprisoned system, the introduction of legal advisers to participate in enterprise management, standardized operation of enterprises. China is moving towards the legal community, corporate enterprises according to law, to the pipe, in order to conform to the requirements for the development of society. Appointment of a lawyer, the purpose is to provide legal services and legal advice to participate in the major contract negotiations, effective action to prevent the occurrence of economic disputes, reduce business risk, timely comments will be corrected. (3) to strengthen the concept of the rule of law, strengthen legal education, enhance the legal awareness of employees. Strengthen legal education is to strengthen enterprise management, improve the consciousness of employees to operate in compliance with the law, to pave the way for future project settlement. Such as: corporate seal, manage the consequences of the legal basis, the special seal of a project to specify: "shall not be used for the confirmation of the contract and debt", which can satisfy the confirmation of the engineering and technical information, but also enable enterprises to avoid the risk of the risk of loss. (4) late payment over the years to clean up, take poor selling approach, set up a special debt settlement group, under different circumstances, there are differences, to focus on settlement. (1) on the clean-up of the normal accounts receivable. Such as: construction units belong to the normal production and operation, solvency, to strengthen ties, kept a sharp look. Especially around the holidays, organize the main direction of the reason of the payment of wages for migrant workers and other factors to the construction side, make demands. Especially during the Spring Festival, National Day two major festivals, the debt reached more than 40% of the project, for enterprises to solve the difficult situation of working capital turnover. (2) For the long-term is difficult to recover accounts receivable clean-up. The construction unit is insolvent, not the normal production or stop production, to rely on the law to take legal action to force the means to recover. V. Chung, reducing implementation effort to reduce enterprises to adopt the flexible dunning way. (3) through the constraints and incentives to mobilize the the chase dragged staff enthusiasm for work. To better mobilize the corporate officers, the enthusiasm of the project manager, to increase its efforts to recover the arrears will be cleared for assessment indicators, rewards and punishment approach. (4) continue to improve the reconciliation of the accounts receivable and signing. The smooth progress of the clean-up project payment arrears, the financial sector usually to do the reconciliation of accounts receivable. Set specific accounts in the accounting, the operating characteristics of the enterprise itself, set up by the project name and the construction unit name account, accounting include: the construction unit of the amount of the settlement of the class executed complex and each charged for the works, abstract set out Each date of receipt, and Chien invoice number, amount. Check regularly with the construction unit and asked to confirm the signing. If the data does not match, you want to find out the reasons in a timely manner and make corrections. An increasing amount of time receivables to be reflected to the corporate debts departments.
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