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To explore the innovation of Ideological and political work staff

Author: TangXiaoLan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-06 17:14:27 Read:
Abstract: at present, China is in a crucial stage of reform and development of the golden period, has complex and profound changes of social life.The economic composition and economic interests, the diversification of social life style, the diversification of social organization form, diversification of employment and employment and the world trend of political multi-polarization, economic globalization, information networking, brought a large number of new circumstances to the ideological and political work.Ideological and political work only to keep pace with the times, new features, new pattern of Ideological and political work in the new situation in-depth study, new ideas, explore new ways of Ideological and political work, to be faced with the new situation, solve practical problems.
Keyword: Ideological and political; economic; employee

The new situation faced a staff ideological and political work, under the new situation, new problems

(a) focus on the economy, weakening politics.With the gradual establishment of China's socialist market economy system, many people's way of life, ideas and values to present diversification trend.People's thinking is unusually active, the mutual impact of ideology and culture, has brought a series of new problems to ideological and political work.Especially in the staff of political economy of lay particular stress on and desalination.Discussion of labor remuneration, bonus distribution, people indulge in elaborating on; on the policy, to talk about national affairs, to change the subject, or indifferent as.Even in the "political work three lesson" in talking about work, talk about learning, the mention of the ideological and political work, many employees are not extremely impatient, is not to the point, touch on lightly."A hard, a soft" and "two pieces of skins" problems have not been fundamentally resolved.Many employees in economic, engage in business, and the lack of political sensitivity and political discrimination, political and economic two work in a cold a fever, be quite distinct from each other, is a sigh.
(two) political learning, desalination.The strengthening mechanism of interests, social distribution of income gap, corruption of some staff, resulting in people's minds more perplexing, and thus gave birth to psychological imbalance; some people lack confidence in the society, even shaken the belief in communism, and the activities of feudal superstition is of intense interest.Some employees think: political learning Mao Zedong era, is the leading cadres of the thing, own without the right to the post, has nothing to do with.So there is only a form of political learning without effect, even higher learning content, is arranged, a mere formality and payable.Many people think: learning techniques useful useless, theory; learning to play sing refreshing, political trouble.So in the individual employees in the emergence of the "political blind", "ideal", blind faith "blind".

Two, the ideological and political work under the new situation of effectiveness and Countermeasures of

Ideological and political work in the face of new situations and new problems that appear, as the ideological and political workers how to do good work, and make fruitful.The author thinks, can focus on the following aspects of work.
(a) the political complementary, combining with the.The so-called "by government is complementary" economic levers, economic means of Ideological and political education together, complement each other, economic interests as the means, the ideological and political education is the ultimate goal of excellence.The so-called "combination" is the material civilization construction and spiritual civilization construction to both hands, both hands is hard.
People under the new situation is often the "affordable" hang in mouth edge.Because we are human beings and not God, people have to anthropophagi firework.Ideological and political work to obtain actual effect only by your breath. "Jabber", "air to air" is not enough! Retreat not with pragmatic combination will be without a single success.Review of our party from development to create every victory to grow until finally achieved in each historical period and the new period of reform and opening up the regime has not from the "real" to start, from the real into the virtual, and combined with actual situation of.In the current also requires us to do ideological and political work should start from caring for people, the economic benefits of a breakthrough, to do the right thing for form, combined with the actual ideological and political work can get twice the result with half the effort.
Comrade Deng Xiaoping said: "do not pay attention to material interests, can the minority advanced molecular, for no staff people.A period of time, if things go on like this.Revolutionary spirit is valuable, not revolutionary spirit, there is no revolutionary movement.However, the revolution is always generated in the base of the material interest, if only the spirit of sacrifice, not material benefits, it is idealism."This comrade Deng Xiaoping said, as the government ", the new idea of complementary our ideological and political work in the new period the combination" of the new strategy for most powerful evidences.In short, is the "will to meaning, Xiao with".Here the "Li" is the material interests, is the material civilization construction, is "the best interpretation of both hands, both hands".That strengthening the staff of Ideological and political work is "jabber", "writing" is totally wrong argument.We should not only pay attention to material interests principle, and emphasize spiritual leader, it is necessary to emphasize the people's social value, individual value and emphasizes the human, to put the two at the same time linked to the staff, unified action to ideological and political work.
(two) it is, by combining.In order to improve the effectiveness of Ideological and political work, in addition to the above mentioned by political complementary, combined with actual situation, it is necessary to do a little face, Dianmianjiege, on combination.The so-called "point" is the typical individual; the so-called "surface" is common, ordinary.Combining point refers to two aspects of the practice, one is to establish viable typical side, on the other hand, is the leadership itself play an exemplary role for typical positive, consciously let the masses always always follow and supervision, which is more than any measures are more convincing, more deterrent, is our ideological and political work "killer" of "tolerant" "be" "selfless world wide".Political work cadres of their own role models, always clean and self-discipline, impartial and clean up everything, everywhere, no matter what the work will be handy, be invincible, ever-victorious.Public health that, Lian Shengwei, impartial and clean, what better than this strong invincible? This is a point to face, new measures on combination of.A good tree a "point", "line", with a live with a "surface".The key is to grasp a "point".People often say that "the village visits a village, door look door, the masses of cadres"."Train to run fast, thanks to the front belt".These vivid and simple folk saying is the ideological and political education work of the silent words.The most accurate best "point" is our political work cadres whatever political appeal, no matter what the goal, to lead by example, to keep up with the masses, all begin from me, everything is found in the action, called on to carry out with drive and sweep, target into conscious action, this is "it is, by combining" Ideological and political work.
(three) flexible combination, the whole of zero.Politics is the work of a man, it is the most complex and the most difficult to do the work, for it is complicated and difficult, you need most flexible way, we need the whole of zero binding.Do employees of the ideological and political work, can not follow the beaten track, also cannot follow the prescribed order, but can not act with undue haste, expect to accomplish at one stroke; and should be based on the "live" word.Comrade Mao Zedong once said: "from the reality, concrete analysis of concrete conditions, is the living soul of Marx doctrine."Comrade Mao Zedong's argument tells us, the ideological and political work in the staff do ideological and political work method must be flexible.To seek truth from facts, proceed from reality in everything, from the time of the objective reality of the local.Even if the same person.The same unit, the same place, different things, different time, will have different change, not flexible to do a good job of staff of Ideological and political work is not effective.
The staff of Ideological and political work done "live" is a combination of the whole of zero?.Two is a realistic and innovative."The whole of zero with" that is the most suitable ideological and political work of the whole zero, Sheng should be gentle, steady, the most appropriate individual communication, be good at giving systematic guidance; zero also have a whole, overall mobilization, surface called, is necessary, but not excessive and inappropriate.Units held various work summary commendation meeting, carry out technical labor contest, held various seminars, let the staff brainstorming; let the leaders make a special report, let employees to discuss; carry out Memorial festival activities, let employee learning, entertaining and so on, are effective ways to engage in Ideological and political work staff.The whole of zero binding does not do to live is whether we seize the opportunity, seize the opportunity.Truth-seeking innovation that is the perfect combination of content and form, the "realistic" refers to each of the ideological and political work should be put, avoid formalism, "novelty" refers to each item of Ideological and political work should strive to form of innovation, do not follow the beaten track, echo what the books say, dull.
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