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Study on regional innovation and development in less developed areas

Author: YangFeng From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-06 15:37:30 Read:
Keywords: the underdeveloped areas   regional innovation; regional development
Abstract: owed Diego area and affected by the state policy and the surrounding environment, science and technology talents and scientific research institutions, regional innovation environment, regional economic structure in the regional innovation and development.To realize the innovation and development of the region should be exerting local regional advantage, develop local traditional industries, vigorously improve the soft environment of regional investment, the development of small business network, flexible production, strengthen the enterprise as the core of the construction of innovation ability, enhance the cooperation between regional innovation main body.
, owes the developed area characteristics of
The so-called underdeveloped area is relative to the developed areas of coastal areas and some central city, the economy is relatively backward areas.From the development of economics, "owes the developed area" refers to the "non - industrialization and modernization" areas, or is still not achieve industrialization and modernization of the area.Underdeveloped region economy three times industrial structure is a "one two three" or the accounted for about 30% of the structure, is still in the early stage of industrialization.Although the causes of these areas are different, but most regions have common characteristics, 4 aspects of market effect, decreasing in live marginalization, economic basis and the weakening of the regional innovation capability is weak.In the aspect of the regional innovation ability, as a stack area under national economic central region, compared with the eastern region knowledge creation capability and economic performance of innovation is less than half that of the eastern region, the comprehensive score only the eastern region 6O%.At present, compared with developed areas, owe hair Diego region faces to accelerate the contradiction between development and protect environment, contradiction and capital, technology and talent shortage, contradiction and started late, high starting point.
two, innovation and regional innovation meaning
Austria economist Inpet 0osephAloisSchumpeter) will be the first innovation a word into the economic field, he believes that innovation is the establishment of a new production function. The new combination that is a never production factors and production conditions into the production system.Including the introduction of new products, the introduction of new technologies, develop new market, mining new sources of supply of raw materials and the implementation of new enterprise organization aspects.Innovation can be divided into the awareness of innovation, technology innovation, system innovation and management innovation, in the knowledge economic society, they play important but different roles, and mutual influence, mutual coordination and comprehensive function, which plays a leading role in the awareness of innovation, technology innovation plays a central role, system plays a premise effect of innovation, management innovation plays a role of integration.Regional innovation is the innovation of a region, it can be divided into regional innovation, regional technological innovation, regional innovation system and regional innovation in management.
factor analysis of regional innovation and development in the underdeveloped areas, effects of three
1- national policy and the surrounding environment.National level policy mainly refers to the national innovation plan, innovative policies and laws, the state enacted these policies should be implemented in different regions of space, therefore, has an important influence on the development of national level policy on regional innovation.As the development of regional economy in our country, from the 2O century 8O coastal areas take the lead in the development strategy of the western development strategy in 1999 officially started, and then to the revival of the old industrial base of the northeast, central position in national development strategy has not been clear and definite.While the "CPC Central Committee and the State Council several opinions on promoting the rise of central China" was promulgated, a clear direction for the rise of central China, the central provinces have established their strategic goals and development initiatives, forming a good situation for rise and fall over each other.
The innovation and development of regional environment and region also there is a certain relationship, because in the foundation of the regional division of labor and cooperation, regional existence of trade and the flow of production factors.At the same time, different regions exists objectively the economic and technological development of regional gradient difference and industry and technology diffusion from the high gradient regions to lower gradient regions and the transfer trend.Therefore, less developed regions should strengthen cooperation and exchanges with the surrounding area. Seize the opportunity to the innovation and development.
The 2 scientific and technological talents and scientific research institutions.At present, the society has entered the era of knowledge economy, the development of economy and society demand for knowledge and talent is more and more urgent.The United States of California innovative region has benefited from many in Silicon Valley high-tech talent and research institutions.The development of Beijing new region also has the strongest and its scientific and technological strength and talent resources are inseparable, Zhongguancun is a research intensive, intensive, talent intensive education, hi-tech industry concentrated areas.Compared with the developed regions, less developed areas of less University, scientific research institutions, enterprises and technical personnel, scientific and technological innovation capability is weak, it is bound to affect the innovation and regional development.
3, the regional innovation environment.Here mainly include local government preferential policies, regional innovative services and regional innovation environment.The main local government is the regional innovation activities, organizers and regulation is the regional innovation activity.Service environment mainly refers to the market system is not perfect and innovation intermediary service socialization, standardization degree and level.The hard environment including transportation, communications, utilities, public libraries, public laboratory infrastructure and conditions.Owes the developed area in the aspects directly affect the innovation atmosphere, scale, and the degree of sustainability, thereby affecting the regional development.
4 regional economic structure.Here mainly refers to the ownership structure, industrial structure and urban and rural structure.There is difference in different operating mechanism of ownership itself and by the national economic management system constraints, operational flexibility and business performance is significantly different.Regional industrial structure, technical level, the benefits are also different.Urban and rural structure and reasonable development of regional innovation has important influence.State-owned economy in underdeveloped areas, a higher proportion, irrational industrial structure, two urban and rural economic structure is prominent, which affects the regional innovation and development.
four, means that less developed areas of regional innovation and development
1 to play the local regional advantage, develop local traditional industries.At present our country in the implementation of the national industrial policy and other economic policies, most are not combined with their own district area condition, make the regional economy policy, the regional industrial homogeneity, asked repeated introduction, repeat construction phenomenon is quite serious, regional innovation is not active, resulting in the region between the blind competition and the market closed, unable to play a regional advantage, also caused great destruction and waste of social productivity.Underdeveloped areas should give full play to regional advantages, make good use of the national policy and the surrounding environmental conditions, in the deployment, the national strategic development, regional coordination gradient industry and technology diffusion and transfer, regional spatial structure and development stages of development opportunity period, with their own practical, play the local characteristics, the innovation and the development of regional.Such as India if the poor less successful examples of the economic development of developed area has a very practical significance to China's underdeveloped areas, to play as long as the local regional advantages, development of traditional industries with local characteristics.Still can make the regional economic development success in the modern world.
2 to improve the soft environment for the regional investment.The soft environment of regional investment including the regional social cultural environment, regional innovation service and regional innovation system and macroeconomic environment.We should make efforts to improve the soft environment of regional innovation in Underdeveloped Regions: to standardize the government behavior, coordination and service to regional innovation activities; improve the system of regional innovation policy, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprise, University and scientific research institution, intermediary agencies, local government innovation; to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, and resolutely crack down on fake and shoddy products, the protection of intellectual property rights and interests; strengthening the construction of credibility subject of regional innovation activities; promote innovation and entrepreneurial culture, and strive to create a good atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship.
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