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On the regional innovation system in the level of innovation with the main problem

Author: ZhangWangCheng LiuChang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-06 07:58:17 Read:
Paper Keywords: regional innovation system innovation level innovative body
Abstract: building regional innovation system become an important strategy for regional economic development in China in recent years. The current situation around the regional innovation system in terms of the technical level or on the economic function of the difference is very huge, a high degree of heterogeneity. Appropriate theoretical tools to understand and analyze these very different degree of development of the regional innovation system and its prospects, apparently inseparable. Through the analysis of the level of innovation and innovative body when in the regional innovation system, the husband Zhang believes that these two analytical perspective helps builders to understand the development status and the problems of their own where the regional innovation system, a renewed focus.
Along with the rapid development of globalization, regional innovation system that captured the interest of more and more researchers. But the vast majority of studies have too much attention to the forefront of world economic development area, to the neglect of contact with the world production system is not so close regional as well as those being marginalized in the process of globalization, has an absolute advantage in the number of regional , but these areas also need to build their own regional innovation system in the process of economic globalization. How to build the regional innovation system theory, analysis and guidance underdeveloped areas of the regional innovation system has become the top priority of the theoretical circles.
This article from the theoretical study of the regional innovation system back into the level of innovation and innovative body two perspectives, by regionalization treatment of the regional innovation system, try to build such areas The theoretical analysis tools to help these regional innovation system builders looking for problems and clear positioning.
Under Economic Globalization regional innovation system
All pre-modern economy (measured to the number of new products) innovation is slow, is not long-term social lock system goals. However, innovation in modern economies been given a distinct function and status. To space restrictions, we can not accurate and comprehensive overview of the innovation system functions interdisciplinary problem can only be as succinct as possible prompt us to think that at least should not be ignored points:
First of all, the nature of the modern market economy is a competitive economy, but also for the purpose of economic profit. Systems theory according to Luh-mann (1984) (System Theory), the maintenance of modern economies rely on the payment behavior occurred one after another, but each producers are faced with two aspects of non-payment may, competition has forced the aging (The result is a decline in profits), which prompted the emergence of new products, the uncertainty in the new product introduction process. Therefore, the modern market economy must continue to introduce new products, while minimizing the uncertainties in the process of introduction. This means that innovation is a necessary condition for modern economic system to maintain - this economy either growth or death.
Secondly, the constant competition to promote the economic system itself completely rationalized (Durchrationalisierung), the result is one of a variety of "standard" (unified production standards, the propensity to consume, the establishment of educational content and rules of the game), so as to clarify the right to speak of the competition. This process can also be referred to as market integration: it not only refers to the integration of economic agents in a market (integration) also means that the market standard unification (unification).
Again, the modern market economy, promote globalization and the economic implications of globalization does not just mean Giddens see when an empty partition is rapidly abatement, but also imply that the various global standards "the establishment. In the end, all the world's economic entities may merge into a fully competitive economies play a decisive role in this economy, is no longer the country's competitiveness.
Fourth, the systematization of technological change, Luhmann's system theory language, the scientific system of economic, scientific and economic systems, science and economy strong mutual penetration . This new knowledge production as its mission the economy responsible for the technical use of relatively independent division of 19th century science is obviously different. Technological change is no longer a major completed independently by the enterprises, research institutions and government have become more involved in the process of technological change. Close cooperation between the three knowledge innovation showing the so-called "triple helix" pattern (Etzkowitz and Leydes of-Dorff, 1998), also deepened the technological innovation and its overall (and the region as a whole) dependence of the environment, resulting in 7 innovative linear paradigm "conversion to" network paradigm "(Isaksen, 2001). This conversion process can learn for the regionalization of innovation process, ie, the formation process of the regional innovation system.
In the process of formation of a world economy, regional differences are also expanding. Cooke and Morgen (1998), only in Silicon Valley, Emilia - Ro-nlagla and Baden Wiirttemberg regional systems of innovation in the strict sense, because only in these areas of scientific research and mutual penetration between the economies to play to the extreme (Peter Franz, 1999). This standing in the global height-examine the regional innovation system, although somewhat frustrating, but it is useful to summarize the ideal elements characteristic of the regional innovation system. Some scholars contend braided In fact, all the world has some type of regional innovation system (Toedtling and Kaufmann, 2001): not only in those areas with better conditions precedent, and in the old industrial zone , marginal areas, and even in rural areas there are some regional innovation system. Therefore, the more important research work should be placed find the strength of the different types of innovation and compare the innovation capacity of influencing factors, which will help us to find a suitable reference system and recognize the lack of relevant regional innovation system.

I do not intend to continue in-depth discussion of the definition of regional innovation system, but given two restrictive conditions: First, the regional innovation system should be able to at least support the emergence of new products in the region, so as to promote regional economic development in the context of globalization, it must have the ability to maintain this trend in a certain period of time.
Second, market segmentation and innovation level
In addition to the innovation has a different degree of common factor, when specific innovation is more important reality it faces environmental factors, including: (1) the development of all regions, not only in level and structure there is a huge difference; (2) politics (including regional political) decision is still to a large extent (at least affect) the flow of resources; (3) market is largely split ; (4) capital, technology, especially the movement of people suffering from a variety of restrictions; (5) invention and innovation with a lot of chance and uncertainty. To space restrictions, market segmentation on regional innovation.
Although the trend of market integration in the global, national, inter-regional and regional levels anytime, anywhere can be felt, but overall, the market is still in a divided state, and this state will largely long maintained. This is partly because of differences in trade policy, in part due to differences in purchasing power and consumer preferences, or even by geographical and climatic factors. Therefore, product upgrades and alternative long-term view on the producers shall not go free, billions of people are in a state of inadequate consumption of reality, almost all types and levels of product has the potential consumer market .
From the perspective of the production network, we can see that the market segmentation another layer of meaning. Although there has been inter-regional exchanges, each region has a relatively complete but before the intrusion of modern production, independent production network. Modern, market integration and globalization in the transformation of regional production networks at the same time continue to erode the integrity of the regional production networks, but also have all the areas or strong or weak, the degree of completeness is not the same degree of modernization , the technical level a huge difference in the production network. Although the implicit goal of the regional innovation system is clearly to assist the region better, faster and modern production network, but can not be denied, even those behind the production network for their area or the meaning of existence, at least in the short This is known in time. - Conditions, they are also able to meet the needs of the customer. It should be noted that the regional production networks and regional markets only partially overlap. This overlap should be a feature of the modern economy. Pointed out that the market segmentation, for Business Innovation positioning has a certain significance, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, they do not necessarily want to become global competitors (global player) do not even need to become a national supplier; appropriate customer base, they can also be aimed at the local market and other regional markets. In other words, as long as it does not relate to the issue of intellectual property protection, the so-called new products can have different levels: global, national, inter-regional, regional, and local enterprises. The purpose of a point in time the same product, all of the size of the market is clearly decreased in accordance with the above order, but for specific businesses, their products in the market or potential market is not necessarily there will be such a sequence.
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