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Analysis on the regional innovation ability of Luoyang

Author: ZuoHongJuan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-06 06:15:38 Read:
Keywords: the Luoyang   regional innovation ability; innovation environment
Abstract: according to the elements of regional innovation ability of science and technology development strategy research group of China, Luoyang regional innovation ability mainly consists of knowledge creation, knowledge flow, enterprise technology innovation, innovation and environmental aspects.Luoyang science and technology advantage has not disappeared, knowledge creation capability and technology innovation capability of the enterprise has the superiority in Henan Province, but the flow of knowledge and innovation environment is relatively poor.To promote Luoyang regional innovation ability should take measures in 4 aspects: strengthening the investment in science and technology, formed a diversified investment and financing system; support small and medium-sized enterprise innovation, vigorously develop the private science and technology enterprises; to promote the development of cooperative network and perfect; perfect regional innovation environment.
In 2006, Henan Province in the "eleven five" development planning is proposed to improve the capability of independent innovation, the development strategy of building an innovative Henan.Luoyang is an important industrial city in Henan Province, in the "rise of central China" under the call, to achieve rapid and sustainable development, "the leader of the rise of central China", must rely on its rich resources of science and technology, enhance regional innovation capability.Therefore, the present situation of Luoyang regional innovation ability analysis, find out the advantages and disadvantages of Luoyang, for the advantage of science and technology, enhance the economic development momentum and potential, it is of great significance to achieve innovation and development.
Current, Luoyang regional innovation capability
China Science and technology development strategy research group that: form the regional innovation ability is mainly composed of knowledge creation capability, knowledge acquisition ability, enterprise's technological innovation capability, innovation environment.This paper will analyze the status of regional innovation ability of Luoyang's several aspects of this.
1 knowledge creation capability
Knowledge creation process, is a process of scientific research institutions and realized by manpower and investment in research funding.Therefore, investment and scientific and technological achievements and technological base, an area of science and technology funds and personnel, reflect the areas of knowledge creation capability.
From science and technology resources, as shown in Table 1, Luoyang science and technology resources, second only to Zhengzhou in Henan province.Luoyang has three colleges and universities, does not have the resource advantage of higher education, its technical strength is mainly embodied in the large industrial enterprises and scientific research institutions.In 2006, all kinds of scientific research institutions have reached more than 600, of which the original Ministry and provincial scientific research institutions 14, 14 Municipal Research Institute, institution of enterprise technology development more than 70; with various professional and technical personnel 130000 people, among them, "house", 5, a senior professional and technical personnel 48000 people.The Institute Institute shaft resistance, drag, Institute of petrochemical engineering company, 014 centers, 14 subordinate Research Institute launched every year many of the high-tech achievements.These scientific and technological resources and results also reflects Luoyang's knowledge creation capability, and these research institutes are mostly belong to heavy industry, is the Luoyang economic and technology support.

From the science and technology funds, in recent years, Luoyang city hall to increase year by year on science and technology investment.But from the R& D funds accounted for the proportion of GDP, the situation is not ideal.As shown in Table 2, Luoyang R& D average investment accounted for the proportion of GDP is higher than that of Henan Province, but this proportion declined in recent years.At the same time, from the nationwide situation, Henan province includes the far lower than the national average level of Luoyang's science and technology funds, and the larger gap.According to the economic and development cooperation between the United Nations (OECD) standard, R& D investment intensity reached 2.596, area has the ability of science and technology competition, with reference to this standard, Luoyang to increase investment in science and technology has a long way to go.

From the analysis, we can see: (1) Luoyang knowledge creation capability in the province after Zhengzhou, ranked second.But from a national perspective, 2004 Henan province knowledge creation capacity ranks the 23, in the middle and lower levels.Therefore, Luoyang knowledge innovation ability compared with some of the more developed areas and the city, there are gaps.(2) Luoyang University strength is not strong, the capacity of knowledge creation is embodied in the scientific research institutions of the large-scale backbone enterprises and its results, these enterprises to chemical, mining machinery, heavy machinery manufacturing, non-ferrous metals and other traditional industries, but do not have the financial industry, electronic information technology and human resources advantages, and the Luoyang industrial structure is closely related to.(3) Luoyang's knowledge creation capacity mainly due to its rich resources of science and technology, insufficient investment of the funds for science and technology is a major aspect but restricting Luoyang knowledge creation capability.
The ability to obtain 2 knowledge
The ability of knowledge acquisition and knowledge flow, knowledge acquisition ability depends on a region in area departments and with other regional cooperation can knowledge well, can share knowledge, such as cooperation, technology transfer between regions is important for knowledge sharing mode.
Luoyang City, although the research institutes more, science and technology resources relatively abundant, but for a long time, the old system of science and technology, enterprises and research institutes and other area universities cooperation does not close, science and technology resources are not well integrated.In recent years, in the "rejuvenating the country through science and technology" strategy under the guidance, Luoyang began to attach great importance to high-tech industrialization.In 2006, the Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Jiangsu University, the Provincial Academy of Sciences and the Institute signed a comprehensive agreement on cooperation in science and technology, mutual cooperation in the construction of Luoyang key scientific research base, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.Therefore, the Luoyang Municipal Science and technology cooperation began to accelerate development, relying on its rich resources of science and technology, still has a larger space for development.
From technology transfer situation, Luoyang technical contract transaction amount second only to Zhengzhou, ranked second in the province of Zhengzhou, but with a larger gap (Table 3), and the purchase of technology are the basic domestic technology, the proportion of foreign technology is not.Report on China's science and technology innovation center, the introduction of a large number of foreign capital and other regions especially economic developed area has an important influence on the innovation ability of local area.Luoyang is located in the inland areas, since the economic opening degree is relatively low (Table 4).Compared with the developed area, the technical exchange and cooperation is in the low level.In 2005, Luoyang FDI GDP accounts for only, o.8496, far below the national average of 2.6996, foreign capital to regional development to promote the role.

As can be seen: (1) while Luoyang technology transfer, trade volume in Henan Province before, but with the Zhengzhou gap.Henan Province, the ability of knowledge acquisition in 2040 ranked twenty-fifth, in inferior position.Therefore, relative to the knowledge creation capability, ability of Luoyang to obtain knowledge, but relying on the rich innovation resources, the larger development space.(2) the ability of Luoyang to obtain low mainly in the lack of knowledge cooperation and opening degree is not high.Investigate its reason, one is Luoyang science and technology system reform lags behind, the old system of science and technology has restricted the scientific research institutes, universities and enterprises cooperation, hinder the flow of knowledge.On the other hand, because Luoyang is located in inland, innovation environment affected by the macroeconomic environment and the traditional ideas, systems and organizations, lack of connection, can not be effectively integrate regional resources, resulting in knowledge utilization efficiency, liquidity level is low, cooperation.
Technology innovation capacity of 3 Enterprises
From an innovation systems perspective, enterprises should be the main body of technical innovation.Business investment, on technology innovation process and output reflects the general enterprises technological innovation capability.
As shown in Table 5, Luoyang large and medium-sized backbone enterprises research inputs and outputs has advantages in Henan Province, the large and medium-sized industrial enterprises in Luoyang economic support, is also the subject of technological innovation.Therefore, the technology innovation ability of enterprises in Luoyang are mainly embodied in the Lotto, glass and other large industrial enterprises, and a number of small and medium-sized enterprises investment in scientific research, innovation ability is not strong.
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