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Research on regional innovation system construction and operation of the system dynamics

Author: QuRan ZhangShaoJie From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-06 02:57:28 Read:
[Key words] regional innovation system   system dynamics; simulation of
[analysis Abstract] is studied in this paper, the definition and function of regional innovation system, the structure, operation mechanism and system characteristics.On this basis, introduces the system dynamics method, the dynamic simulation model for the establishment of regional innovation system, and for the case of Jilin Province, analyzes the construction and operation of regional innovation system in Jilin Province, and puts forward the suggestions on the construction of regional innovation system in Jilin province.
With the development of economic globalization and the coming of knowledge economy, science and technology has become the fundamental driving force for promoting economic development of a region, decides the competition ability and development potential of a region, innovation ability has become the key determinant of economic growth, innovation has become the focus for today's international competition.System of regional innovation in improving the regional innovation capacity, promote regional economic development, to enhance regional competitiveness, improving the national innovation system also plays a more and more important role.Quantitative model system is undoubtedly the structure characteristics and running mechanism of grasp of the regional innovation system, a system research on the relationship between regional innovation system and regional economic development of scientific analysis method.
The connotation of regional innovation system in L
Regional technology innovation system (RegionalInnovaitonSystem) refers to a certain geographical area consisting of participation in technology development and diffusion of enterprise, University and research institutions, and the formation of a market intermediary service organizations involved and appropriate participation by the government to create, storage and transfer of knowledge, skills and new product of the interaction between innovation network system.
Regional innovation system is in a certain geographical area, the new combination of factors of regional economic development of new or these elements into regional economic system, and create a new and more effective resource allocation mode, to realize the function of the system of new, make the economic resources within the region can be used more effectively, thereby improving regional innovation ability, promote the upgrading of the industrial structure, the formation of regional competitive advantage, promoting regional economic development.
Regional innovation system is of objectivity, integrity, self-organizing, openness and the level of.
(1) composition and structure factors of regional innovation system is an objective, there exist complex connection of mutual influence and interaction between the various elements of the system, the organizational rules and forms of the regional innovation system structure; its environment is also an objective.System, legal, policy, market, society and culture, education and international environment of objective environment variables influence the construction and operation of regional innovation system, regional innovation system operation will also have an impact on the external environment, the external environment change.
(2) the regional innovation system has integrity, not the simple addition of elements of the system of regional innovation system and accidental accumulation, but is the organic whole of each elements through nonlinear interaction.Through the mutual connection and interaction between the various elements of regional innovation system, the formation of network relationships, the system shows a single component features not available.(3) the regional innovation system has the characteristic of self organization and self organization ability, innovation behavior subjects in the system of environmental stimulation and constraint, constantly adjusting elements and structure, through the behavior of the system subject to give full play to their subjective initiative, spontaneous, continued to create the dynamics of innovation in the innovation system, in order to better the realization of the overall function of innovation system.(4) input, output relations between regional innovation system and environment, system boundary is open, open degree is the key to decide the regional innovation system can communicate with the environment.(5) as a social system, the regional innovation system is hierarchical, between system and elements is relative, the regional innovation system is a system with respect to its elements, and relative to the national innovation system is a subsystem of.Regional innovation system can be divided into several levels, namely subsystem.
Frame 2 of the regional innovation system
According to the behavior and the interaction between the innovation main body of the regional innovation system, and divides it into 5 subsystems.Interaction between subsystems in figure 1:

3 dynamic simulation of regional innovation system model
System dynamics by the United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Forester (JayW.Forrester) was founded in 1956, is a kind of based on feedback control theory, the quantitative method of complicated social and economical system with simulation technology.System dynamics provides a systematic framework, which can effectively reveal the dependence of perplexing in regional innovation system.
Dynamic simulation model of the 3.1 regional innovation system
According to the analysis of regional innovation system subsystem and its specific structure and function, the establishment of regional innovation system simulation model, its structure as shown in Figure 2, the variables involved in table 1:

The output of the 3.2 regional innovation system simulation model and response
Regional innovation system is studied with the aim of promoting innovation through promoting regional economic development, two aspects of evaluation of the running effect of the regional innovation system from its economic effect and social effect, for the prediction of needs, taking into account the effect of simulation model test, we choose 5 of the following variables as output of regional innovation system operation and response:
Gross domestic product (GDP) -- reflect the overall operation effect of regional economy, regional innovation system construction and innovation that to choose the policy of economic base;
Enterprise total pre-tax operating profit (taep) -- to examine influence fund growth, labor force growth and technical progress of the three factors of business income, regional enterprise earnings growth way reflect and contribution caused by innovation, which reflects the efficiency and innovation ability of the enterprise behavior in regional innovation system subsystem.
The benefit of government macro management (orbs) comprehensive index -- a measure of the work of the government in the aspects of efficiency, the efficiency and ability of government behavior system in regional innovation system.
The results of the R & D (eId) -- reflect the ability of enterprises and research institutions cooperation innovation and innovation achievements transformation, reflect the regional technology innovation resource integration and the use of force.
The total number of science and Technology Talents -- as an important regional innovation resources, science and technology personnel reflect the total regional cultivate, attract, use and keep developing ability and the ability of regional innovation talents potential.

Study on dynamics of empirical 4 regional innovation system
The results of dynamic simulation of 4.1 regional innovation system
Based on the regional innovation system in Jilin Province as the main research object of empirical analysis, analysis and prediction of the simulation data of 1995 ~ 2005, as figure 7:

The main problems existing in the 4.2 Jilin province regional innovation system construction
through the analysis on the simulation of regional innovation system in Jilin province and related indexes, the regional innovation system in Jilin province has the goal of construction is still in the initial stage.The problems are mainly in the following aspects:
(1) innovation system is not perfect, on the one hand from the innovation of investment system, Jilin province innovation investment still invest by the government primarily, the enterprise is unable to become the main body of innovation, on the other hand, the reform of institutions of science and technology is not fully completed; (2) innovation and uneven distribution of resources, Jilin province innovation resources in total more and more, but its distribution is extremely uneven, such as: the innovation of the human resources are mainly distributed in the colleges and scientific research institutions, as well as the government and its subordinate enterprises, the relative lack of human resources innovation of local enterprises; (3) the relative lack of technology innovation investment, fund raising channels of technology innovation is single, lack of a government on technology innovation fund support, towing and guiding role on the other hand the government to grant loans, is not enough; (4) cooperative system has not yet formed, the market mechanism as the main investment innovation in enterprises has not yet formed, and a far cry from innovation achievements industrialization needs, while a large number of R & D and R & D
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