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Modern advertising visual performance ontology feature

Author: NanChangQuan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-06 02:02:47 Read:
Abstract: images, graphics, visual manifestations as the main channel has become the dominant form of modern advertising communication. Modern advertising visual performance visualization, emotional appeals, sharpening, audience popularity and subsequent modern highlights the characteristics of its performance characteristics. This
Paper Keywords: modern advertising; visual performance; characteristics; postmodern
In the context of contemporary culture to gradually shift the visual culture. Modern ads take the images, graphics as the main channel of visual communication. Images, graphics and other visual forms of expression become the dominant form of visual performance of modern advertising communication occupies a central position in the performance of modern advertising. Either Television or plane. Or will the emerging electronic media or traditional print media. We can strongly feel that the ads have been bright colors, vivid visual image diffuse. Modern advertising by showing the obvious visual characteristics. Most strongly corroborated the era of visual communication.
Advertising is fundamentally an economic phenomenon, business practices. The aim is to achieve the target customers efficient communication. How to effectively understand the information content of the ads in the era of visual communication. Pass by issues of mutual concern spread the dominant form of modern advertising - visual performance - a rational inductive analysis for understanding advertising information, efficient communication to target customers, thus achieving the marketing objectives of advertising has become important The significance Throughout the visual performance of modern advertising. We will find its own have the following characteristics:
, The visualization
Modern advertising emphasis on visual performance of the most striking features of. Is itself non-visual things visually more emphasis on the theory of traditional advertising is the advertising language information. Advertising guru David Ogilvy once said: "Advertising is the text of the work of the early many classic advertising is known for text. But today's advertising performance has been quite different. Was the author of the advertising expert scenery is not. Language be simplified too sometimes without word or two. Shrinking into a vassal and annotation of images, graphic symbols, images, graphics, symbols act as the body of the information conveyed by a big show in front of the audience recalled in recent years a number of award-winning advertising. We can easily find images, graphics in which the significance. This visual forms of expression, the visual image of the code ideographic and plain. The traditional reading behavior has undergone a fundamental transformation. Read the body no longer subject to the restrictions on the level of their own language. Read the cultural enrichment of the main mental almost reduced to only need to have a general visual perception can be visualization reading become a mass of modern advertising, popular culture of a group of consumer behavior. Dissemination of results greatly improve the modern advertising as explore the vanguard of information dissemination in the attention economy. The pursuit of information dissemination fast, intuitive feature highlights.
It needs to be pointed out. The modern advertising visual performance is not only emphasized the visual to the exclusion of all other feelings: does not depend on the image of visual perception in the general sense. But instead relies on the image or visualization. Heidegger's "world image" is not intended to refer to an image on the world. It means that the World was conceived and grasp the image of the "picture of the world is not evolution from a medieval picture of the world as a modern picture of the world: it is better to say fundamentally the world into the image" has always been human eyes watch the world the. But in the past due to technical limitations. Humans can not be the world's total image reproduction. The visualization is limited to relatively simple and intuitive images image tracing: today increasingly advanced electronic and digital technology makes everything that exists on constantly enhanced technologies can be used to image presented to the whole world from a macro of the universe to the micro cell to become a visual object.
In the modern advertising. Not only observed with the naked eye things can be the perfect present. Even the brain activity, heart beat of drugs in the human body play a role in the mechanism of many naked eye can not see, or even non-existent things are complex technology into a visual picture: a still in the planning in the municipal engineering, residential real estate through electronic technology allows you can stroll and watch: the flowers bloom, the long process of the passage of time, the effect of long-term use of beauty cosmetics through the trick of magic in an instant show: dreams, illusion in reality illusory things in life can also computer graphics, digital image simulation.
In the modern advertising. Video has become an excellent path that we perceive things exist, visual symbols become the main way for people to describe, understand and grasp the world. People with visual symbols to seek information from, meaning and happiness. People not only in the visual symbols to increase your knowledge in visual symbols relax joyful mood. The advertising visual symbol for the consumer to create demand. Impact on people's thinking and behavior, and tell people what is beautiful and what is fashionable and what is hyun, what is the avant-garde. All desire, and all concepts are image interpretation As advertising guru Jameson said: "Advertising is the deepest desire introduced by the visual image to the consumer to go. The image shows the powerful tracing capability. Can be said that the performance of visual advertising. As long as you can think of. As you can see, there are visual.

Second, the distinctive emotional appeal
In the modern advertising. Visual images is not only a medium of information dissemination. Is a direct sensory media. It is this feature makes the visual image and the printed text is very different with respect to the printed text "linear" information dissemination. Visual images "at-a-glance" information dissemination characteristics so that the first thing people will be able to see it by the overall strong impact.
In the past a very long period of time. Due to various reasons. There is not much competition between the goods. Making advertising to induce consumers to seek from the perspective of conceptualization, rational. Such as tell them what kind of computer is a dual-core, and watch the most punctual. (Of course, Sense and Sensibility is relative. Rational advertising is still one of the important demands of modern advertising means, such as consumer durables advertising more) rational appeals determines the printed text in the ad competition advantage. But compared to the past regard. Especially under the influence of visual culture. Advertising roofing lamp, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce competition. The advertising visual performance is increasingly prominent. Emotional appeal ads get people's attention. Wyatt take consumers has become a sword. Great come from behind the trend.
For example: modern advertising by shaping an image of success and stylish image of the public "dream" and product linked. The use of modern video technology and anti-traditional "non-story", "non-things rational" montage. Organization novelty, strong impact visuals to attract the attention of the target consumer, to meet the visual sensory pleasure, to promote the generation of consumer behavior. These ads with its warm, soft, smooth and natural style image, embodied by value, freedom and romantic atmosphere and the mood of passion temptation for people to create a rendering back ignorant of the sense of a statement intended to do infinite. Let you be feeling. Make you fascinated. Around your emotions, so you reach the depth of the "fantasy", introduced to consumers scenes, things I blend and reason go hand in hand, "in the realm of art. It continues to impact on people's vision. Impact people's feelings, and generate goodwill toward it. Finally, from the emotional conquer it. In order to achieve the purpose of selling products or services.
The sharpening of the modern advertising emotional appeal in today's highly congested information. Advertising adapt to the times change. Close to have had too many advertising messages stimulation and fatigue, numbness consumers a strategy If the emotion of the freedom of artistic creation can be vague, esoteric. Others do not understand, can also be emotional appeal advertising hope that through a more intuitive and exposed, exaggerated emotional expression and catharsis. Reduce the rational dissemination of information, so that consumers accept advertising goods unthinking. Overall, in this era of "in image", "resolution", the visual performance and convey meaning has formed its own cultural logic. Advertising is no exception under the influence of this concept. The focus of the ad is no longer rational to convey product information. Focus to the emotional exchanges with consumers asked strong visual impact for appreciation is also a pleasure in the works of individuation. Gorgeous visual effects for consumers emotional catharsis. And this catharsis it is to communicate with consumers chips. Third, the popularity of the audience
Modern advertising as a business marketing tool. It is a culture of the community, as the background to the development of industrial society, globalization of modern media (especially electronic media) for medium mass production of contemporary cultural forms. In the consumer age or quasi-consumption era. By the ideology of consumption planning to guide the public. Contemporary cultural consumption patterns to take a market-oriented mode of operation which is different from the obvious class of high culture; also different from the local culture and mass culture, which has obvious spontaneity. It is the product of the full development of modern industry and the market economy. Is a large-scale public to participate in the contemporary social and cultural public space or public domain.
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