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Some research on China's economic integration

Author: MengFanZhi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-05 12:30:05 Read:
Abstract: Recently, with the opposition increased noise hinder integration has intensified. Therefore, how to deal with objections is a problem in the current integration process. In the country, although no sound of strong opposition, but as long as firmly economic integration, this problem rainy day forward-thinking also of great significance. From the connotation of economic integration, this paper discusses issues related to China from both external and internal to deepen economic integration efforts.
Keywords: economic integration; connotation; measures

Economic integration connotation
Western economists on the economic integration of multiple angles definition: "economic integration is to make a set of coordinated action in two or more countries closer "(Sicher; Eckstein); economic integration is the most effective running obstacles to economic human factors be eliminated through mutual coordination and harmonization, to create the most appropriate international economic structure" (Tinbergen); economic integration of the flow of products and factors of production are not subject to the Government of any restrictions (BELEZA); economic integration is the production factor price equalization "(Kindleberger);" refers to all units in the special economic integration economic legislation and political base as a whole "of (Kamo Er); economic integration the economic complex social and economic systems of the same type of state formation" (Su Xinge).
To sum up, the economic integration should contain the following: (1) economic integration between two or more countries in the economic union. (2) economic integration of different extent and scope. (3) economic integration is evolving, it is a process, different levels of integration is just one stage in the entire integration process. (4) economic integration requires the joint regulation of the national economy. (5) economic integration of interested Member States to produce favorable results and generate new economic mechanism. (6) economic integration is an integrated system for possible joint impact on inter-state political.
Economic integration from a content point of view, trade integration, monetary integration, economic policy integration, economic integration plan.
Economic integration from the formal point of view, the developed countries, economic integration, economic integration of developing countries, the economic integration of Latin America, the Pacific Economic ring.
Economic integration from the point of view of the level of development, there are four types: (1) free trade zone. This is a type of the lowest level of economic integration. It involves only the field of exchange of goods. Integration among member countries to eliminate tariffs and quotas, but each maintain tariff barriers to the Member States other than the country's independence. Internal and external economic policies are independent, does not exceed the powers of the state. (2) Customs Union. In addition to the elimination of tariffs and trade quotas, but also provides a common tariff rates and foreign trade policy. Customs union with supranational regulation factors. (3) Common Market. This form contains both the contents of the customs union, and required capital, labor freely in the Community. (4) economic alliance. This is the economic integration developed form. Not only of goods, capital and labor mobility is free, and the domestic economic policies of the Member States, including monetary, fiscal policy and social policy are required to coordinate with each other. Therefore, supranational economic regulation beyond the field of commodity circulation and the production areas and the national economy as a whole.
China needs to deepen economic integration efforts from both external and internal
2.1 Externally, by all means, to speed up the economic integration in East Asia, mainly Sino-Japanese. The reason why the Asian economic integration a major cause of the slow pace of development in this region the lack of strong promoters, which makes regional competitiveness and regional integration of different synchronization. EU in the heart of Germany and France, the Americas there are the core of the United States and Canada, Asia lack of contribution to the regionalization of condensation nuclei. Economic strength, China and Japan in East Asia in the lead. Although the Japanese economy has been struggling in the sluggish mire of more than ten years, the Japanese national wealth are rapidly shrinking, but such shrinking real estate and the stock market value evaporated due to, for example, the 2000 land assets has shrunk by 76 trillion yen, The stock market value has shrunk by 88 trillion yen, which did not undermine the fundamentals of the economy of Japan. So far Japan's per capita GDP is still as high as $ 37,600, the second highest in the world, its manufacturing industry also emerged, such as LCD, optical technology products and a series of more than 20% of the industry growth in 2001, and in the ultra- precision technology industry is still a global leader. After 20 years of reform and opening up in China, currently ranked seventh in the world in terms of GDP. In addition, although ASEAN was established more than 30 years, but the overall strength of the ten members of this integration organization is relatively weak, industrial structure, and there is a lot of similarity, it now appears, this organization's economic strength also not too strong. It would appear that Asia, especially East Asian integration should act as the core to the date of the Central. However, due to Japan some of the forces of aggression in World War II history of the Asian countries has not been thoroughly repentant, which makes the Asian countries there is also very wary of Japan this very unfavorable integration in East Asia.
Now we need to nurture the core of Sino-Japanese two-pronged approach. First, relying on all walks of life in Japan, urged the government to the problem of aggression complete reappraisal as soon as possible into the process of economic integration in East Asia. However, I estimate that if there is no other external forces to promote this process will be very slow. Second, China and other East Asian countries should enhance its own power, to force Japan into submission. Specifically, on the one hand, China should strengthen cooperation with ASEAN. On the other hand, China and South Korea should strengthen the integration process. China and ASEAN, South Korea's economic integration to speed up the process, the parties income increased significantly, and will force Japan to join the East Asian economic integration.
2.2 Internally, China should promote internal economic integration, continue to strengthen its economic strength. To truly become a core member of the economic integration organization, economic strength is stronger than the non-core members. At present, the total amount of China and Japan there is still a considerable gap between the per capita economic indicators, not only worse than Japan, but also with the four Asian small compared to a lot less. Therefore, China should actively promote foreign economic integration process through the internal integration, and constantly enhance its strength. Specifically, it may proceed from the following two aspects.
First, actively promote the economic integration of the four places. China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan with a country, close to the culture, the same language, for historical reasons, has not been implemented substantial economic integration. Hong Kong and Macao have returned to the motherland, many trade barriers have been reduced. For Taiwan, the two sides should first "three links", and on this basis, the progressive realization of economic integration. Taiwan issue is tricky, through a variety of ways to make efforts to expand cross-strait trade, investment, and constantly enhance the bilateral economic relationship, on this basis, by non-governmental forces to the Taiwan authorities to put pressure, in order to advance four places economic integration. Second, the continent to achieve regional economic integration. Currently, the mainland's regional disparities, which is detrimental to the achievement of the integration of East Asia. From EU practice, some Member States are more poverty-stricken areas, the share of the budget to the share of these countries is relatively large, which caused the dissatisfaction of other Member States is not conducive to the rapid progress of the integration. Therefore, the narrowing of the difference between the domestic area, reducing local protectionism is necessary to achieve the integration of the continent first.
With the development of economic integration and globalization, its drawbacks become increasingly apparent, such as the "Matthew Effect", the poor get poorer, the rich getting richer, the gap between rich and poor countries is widening.
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