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On the Internet marketing challenges traditional marketing

Author: WangHui ZhangJinZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-05 11:31:27 Read:
[Paper Keywords] network marketing traditional marketing Internet electronic
[Abstract] This paper focuses on the competitive advantage of network marketing? Ten aspects of network marketing focuses on how to challenge the traditional marketing. While stressing the network marketing in order to challenge the traditional marketing success depends on the support the establishment, development and improvement of the environment.
Network marketing is to adapt to the needs of the development of network technology and information network era of social change? Use of the network and advanced digital media technology for the commercial trade activities. The generation of network marketing is a challenge to traditional marketing? Set off a revolution in circulation. With the continuous development of enterprise networks and the financial industry to achieve a comprehensive, high-speed digitization, networking and electronic? Internet marketing this new thing will gradually replace the traditional marketing methods? Become a major business model of the century.
First, the concept of network marketing
Internet marketing is to make use of the Internet, computer technology, communications and digital interactive media to achieve marketing objectives of a promotional way. It has? Use of the Internet, computer communication and other technical means? Across time and space limitations? Enable enterprises to directly face the global, non-stop markets and reduce intermediate links and interactive, personalized promotional features. Internet marketing and traditional marketing methods in marketing idea, personalized products, marketing channels, consumer demand, mode of transmission, management, and other aspects are different.
Second, the network marketing challenges traditional marketing
The emergence and development of the network marketing? Marketing itself and its environment has undergone a fundamental change. With the development of the Internet? Internet marketing with traditional marketing challenges with its powerful competitive advantage? Broad prospects. Advantage of network marketing is mainly manifested in the following ten aspects?
1. The Internet to break the barriers of time and space? "Store" on the network can not only weather "business"? "Shop" does not have to be confined to the corner? But can provide low-cost global service. This makes global expansion is no longer the monopoly of multinational companies and some large companies? Number of small companies also have the opportunity to enter the global market. A large number of SMEs in without many marketers conditions? Can contact our customers worldwide? Open a very broad marketing for the enterprise.
Network marketing has advantages in reducing marketing costs. It is this part of brokers by excluding the original connection producers and consumers. Traditional marketing model? Brokers have always played the role of a bridge connection between production and consumption. In some marketing channels? Even in the presence of the layers of middlemen? Resulting in product prices far higher than the expected retail price by the manufacturer? And therefore damage the interests of consumers? Thus undermine the competitiveness of their products. On the Internet? Customers the cost of calls with the local area you can enjoy global communications services? Very low communication costs? This is a big advantage of network marketing. Compared with the traditional market transactions? Products in online trading is the price tag? But also a wide range of products to choose from? Trading is essentially transparent. Online marketing to achieve a "store" sales? Play a significant role in the lower marketing costs.
This makes the producers not only to determine the production forecast is based on past experience and data, as well as the current consumption trends due to network marketing, manufacturers and customers can trade online?? According to the actual demand for production. Companies can achieve substantial savings in material handling, warehouse and general management costs by reducing inventory?? Economic importance for companies to reduce operational risks.

Personalized service
To get scattered strange consumers is very difficult in the traditional marketing methods?? Internet can be said to come in handy when dealing with this issue. Network operators just need to "E-mail", "Freedom Forum and other services on your own website? Internet the application mailbox or to participate in the discussion under asked to enter personal information? These network information will be stored in the database ? also some further processing. Network marketers can take advantage of these attentional resources? To meet the special needs of different customers. Internet marketing strategy is based on this information drawn? Take full account of the personality of each potential consumers? Give enough attention and respect? Every consumer be fully satisfied.
The extension of the service
To provide more services and benefits will be composed of extension products in physical products?? It emphasizes the overall commodity bring the customer experience. In price elasticity gradually narrowed in the situation? Price war increasingly ineffective. Enterprises are starting to compete with the focus towards the provision of extension services? Maximum extent possible to meet the demands of consumers. Compared to traditional marketing methods? Internet marketing because the Internet has a low communication cost, all-weather services? Coupled with the support of a relational database? Services provide extended product has a strong advantage.
6 to leap
In traditional marketing strategy? Product??, The price??, Location??, And publicity?? Combination is the basic strategy of marketing content. Starting point of this theory is the profit? Did not put the needs of the customer up of equal importance to corporate profits, while network marketing is a consumer product satisfaction to adjust its marketing strategy? which is based on consumers??, to meet consumer demand cost?? easy for consumers to buy ??, easy to communicate with consumers?? as the core content "marketing strategy from product strategy to meet the demand strategy?-cost pricing to meet demand pricing? services to real-time communication from the passive acceptance? final consumption consumer demand meet and maximization of corporate profits? embody the principle of customer value as the core.
Interactive communication
Internet the advantages of traditional media? Can achieve two-way communication? Information package can save? Reprocessing? These unparalleled advantages in network marketing is interactive marketing? Enabling consumers turn by the passive acceptance of marketing as actively involved. Consumers can own goods? Feel by email passed to the manufacturer? Can also express their comments in electronic forums. Manufacturers can take full advantage of this information to improve our products and services? Give consumers more satisfied. Network of interactive marketing for customers to change from passive to active? Anytime, anywhere on products, services, put forward their own unique taste? Enable enterprises to shift from large-scale differences in marketing to personalized marketing. Mass of information services
Without the support of the mass of information? Internet marketing will lose direction? The information advantage enterprises to survive in the future competition in the market and based on the. In the traditional market transactions? Information was the higher value? Information scarcity? High cost of access to information. The information obtained in the network marketing costs very low? This is mainly because the Internet itself is an information transmission channel and having numerous databases? Information are very easy to generate and replicate? Low cost of delivery. Internet marketing is to find out from the flood of information required for their own use.
Promotional tools rich
During network marketing? Promotional tool of the rich is based on the many advantages of the network itself. These advantages make online marketing, both economic and in various forms. Such as? With low cost, global and all-weather characteristics of online advertising? Online sweepstakes? Promotional corporate culture and business philosophy to enhance consumer confidence? Use online chat rooms, or to set up a topic Forum held emotional exchange network public relations activities? online virtual communities, and so on.

10. The impact of advertising
The advantages of online advertising is reflected in the long duration, global spread and forms. It can not only be produced through vivid animation? Illustrations to reflect the overall image? Even according to the consumers personal preferences, tastes, buying habits and other variables to select the appropriate one-to-one advertising.
Third, the network marketing challenge the premise of the traditional marketing
Although the pace of development of network marketing is amazing? Development on a global scale is extremely uneven. Of Network Marketing has great potential? But if you want universal application is successful? Synchronized with foreign development? Also need to rely on the development of the following support environment?
Network information infrastructure
Internet marketing in order to get the application and popularization? We must first solve the construction of information infrastructure. To truly realize online trading? Have a very fast network speed and bandwidth? Must be provided in the hardware, software, support for high-speed networks. In China, due to the economic strength and technological management? Network infrastructure is still not advanced enough. On the other hand? Less Internet users, the low utilization factors affect? ??Banking, taxation and other departments networking is not yet fully realized? Hindered the further development of the network marketing? But also increase the intensity of the construction of the information infrastructure . Macro? Society as a whole? Want to build a market environment capable of supporting network marketing? The micro? Specific to each enterprise to achieve their own information? Such have the ability to access network marketing environment.
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