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Further understanding of the functions of the Central Bank of positioning the grassroots

Author: ZhangShengYuan LiuSuoGui From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-07-05 04:12:56 Read:
Abstract: In this paper, through the description of the bank's workflow, its administrative functions to explore.
Keywords: Central Bank: the functions of positioning; grassroots

As the country's central bank, the People's Bank of China, the law has clearly defined its functions under the leadership of the State Council, the formulation and implementation of monetary policy to guard against and defuse financial risks and maintain financial stability, the implementation of macro-control. The functions of the central bank is generally expressed as three elements: monetary policy, financial stability and financial services. The County Branch commitments with the implementation of monetary policy, maintaining area financial stability, and the provision of financial services functions.
County Branch as the agency of the head office at the local level of awareness on the positioning of its own functions directly impact the performance of their duties effect County Branch of the performance of their duties the effect will be, directly or indirectly, to varying degrees of impact to the head office of macro-control aging. The purposes of the current situation, many of the county branch still indulge in the prominence of the eighties and nineties, the especially divided CBRC, what to do on their own work, and how to work talk without head sequence lost sentiment spread. New responsibilities given to the People's Bank of the face of the new situation, and can not find a good working methods and specific content, can not be a correct understanding and efficient performance of their duties, trapped in a paralyzed semi-paralyzed state, seriously affecting the county branch of the local government in the position in the eyes of the local financial institutions, the image in the local community. Also affect the overall image of the People's Bank as the central bank.
Over the last decade, the financial reform process in China is a process to weaken the power of the People's Bank, lottery, insurance, securities and futures industry, banking supervision has separated from the People's Bank, People's Bank of the rigid constraints of the financial institutions weakened, which objective reasons. Inadequate psychological preparation, psychological gap is hard enough on its own, with a total feeling nothing to do. This is a subjective reasons. In fact, the central bank itself is related to the development of economic and financial hub and center, more demanding after the reform of the central bank, the task is heavier, a lot of work done by the struggle in the first line of the grassroots County Branch. Complaining, we can not spend every day, but should give full play to the positive role it deserves, shortcut approach should be used to reshape the image of the grass-roots level the central bank, a correct understanding of the sub-branch functions where to find their places as soon as possible to enrich, improve, enhance County Branch The ability to perform their duties, is a priority.

Clear objectives, develop common cultural values, to form a team advantage

(A) shaping the framework, clearly a big target. County Branch must first locate the three main lines, earnestly perform their duties. First, the State Treasury, issue library monetary policy. Manager of treasury reflects the central bank is the bank of the government, this function has a pivotal position in the local government budget units; issue of the library reflects the central bank is the bank of issue, a wide range of financial institutions and the social impact of "zero inventory" branch library standardized management} monetary policy reflects the central bank bank bank sub-branches to strengthen the recovery business, set up a business, as a grass-roots County Branch To achieve effective docking of funds and projects, looking for funding for government projects, looking for projects for the funds of the bank, close attention to ensure the smooth flow of the monetary policy transmission mechanism links master blocked reason directly provide a reference for the higher line.
(B) rich framework, identify small targets. County Branch of the six projects must be specific positioning operation. First, anti-money laundering. Account Management, RMB management, four anti-fake currency management. Credit management, and the sixth is the formation of small loan companies, supervision and monitoring.
(C) of the Central Bank to be positioning for their own functions. Have a common central bank and cultural values ??to support for a central bank and proud that he has done all the work for themselves dry, rather than simply to contribute to the country, units of dedication. Is to tap the potential of every worker to maximize the mobilization of each of the enthusiasm of the cadres and workers, and give full play the biggest role of each of the cadres and workers to form a team advantage.
To change the concept, give full play to the role

County Branch of the People's Bank is the central bank of the nerve endings. The implementation of the monetary policy effect is inextricably linked with the role of the county branch, not very far away, can not operate. The transmission mechanism of monetary policy in China and the money supply and credit aggregates have a high degree of correlation. County Branch is the phenomenon of the economic and financial field contacts, the clearest understanding of local economic and financial situation, the most direct, Sheng true; circulation of jurisdiction currencies, most have a say in the overall status of the loan to invest in, and dosage; of jurisdiction credit funds and government investment projects to achieve effective docking, the most suitable to serve as a bridge, but also most of the government and financial institutions trust welcome. These are County Branch play the role of "window guidance" the most favorable conditions.
Economic and financial experts as the core channel changes to interest rates, exchange rates and capital markets continue to explore the monetary policy transmission mechanism under the conditions of financial liberalization, China's interest rates, exchange rates and capital markets are still not smooth enough, County Branch need to pay close attention to the local financial interest rate pricing of the organization, as well as investors trends impact on the stock market.
The head office of the State Council approved the new Sanding program. New "development and implementation of the macro-credit guidance policy functions, credit policy as part of a monetary policy focused on the flow of credit in accordance with the industrial policy or market principle provisions, County Branch in conjunction with the local pillar industries, loans to invest in dosage analysis to determine precisely the extent of the industrial policy. To determine the possibility of the credit capital investment lead to inflation, and concerned about the continuous analysis of the local price trends.
The reserve requirement is the head office of one of the frequent operation of monetary policy tools, release and recovery has an important role in the monetary liquidity, each deposit quasi-reserve ratio go up and down all need County Branch perform timely investigation and analysis of feedback. More strict supervision and inspection of local financial institutions deposits quasi various gold deposit. The base currency is highly explosive monetary policy tools, the base currency treasury funds belonging to the central bank funds, the manager is naturally good treasury management of monetary policy tools need good monetary policy and fiscal policy coordination is an important duty of the county branch. Third, clarify ideas, to anti-money laundering as the starting point to strive to maintain within its jurisdiction the Financial Stability

Finance is the core of modern economy, the central bank is the pivot of the modern financial twist. Maintaining financial stability is a sound and fast economic sustainable development and the protection of the stability in our society. The human head office official release of the "Financial Stability Report" in 2005, played a leading position to lay the central bank to safeguard the financial stability of the pattern of identifying, pulled from the protagonist of the maintenance of financial stability by the central bank to provoke prologue. Micro-operations specific to County Branch maintenance Xianei financial stability, to the anti-money laundering work as the starting point, led to the establishment of a mechanism of coordination of relevant departments within its jurisdiction at all levels to participate in the anti-money laundering work closely with local financial regulatory authorities and relevant government departments , to play the role of the relevant departments.
, Money laundering and criminal activities carried out by the banking, securities and futures, insurance is not only growing, but the main areas of the crime of money laundering activities. The People's Bank of China due to the shoulder of the stability of the entire financial sector functions rely on branches throughout the country on banking, securities and futures, insurance, and other areas of anti-money laundering supervision, to prevent the moral hazard of financial institutions. Has a natural advantage. Functional characteristics and the situation needs to decide County Branch should take the responsibility of following duties; organization and coordination functions, and actively implement the anti-money laundering laws and regulations and the provisions of the head office of the State Council and the people unified discovery, analysis, study of new anti-money laundering work, new trends, new anti-money laundering issues; coordination within its jurisdiction the financial regulatory authorities, the judiciary, the law enforcement departments. Coordinate the resolution of the interests of the relevant departments of the relationship, and the formation of a joint effort between the anti-money laundering department. Supervision and inspection functions, authorized under the laws and regulations and higher line, fulfill anti-money laundering functions of the entire financial system of banking, securities and period, insurance regulators. Supervise the financial system and the effective implementation of anti-money laundering obligations. Third the analysis guidance functions, the establishment of anti-money laundering information monitoring, analysis, reporting and feedback channels, operational guidance on anti-money laundering work of financial institutions, organize personnel training. The core of the anti-money laundering suspicious transactions to take full advantage of the payment clearing and settlement system, account management system, the credit system, citizenship identification verification system, to enhance the deterrent County Branch of People's Bank of anti-money laundering enforcement. The criminals usually by the founder of investment to small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs in urban and rural areas Industrial and other forms, to achieve the purpose of money laundering, these enterprises are often within the field of vision of the county branch.
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